Undertale Comic: Compassion

You can bet in a heartbeat that I make quality videos *snow crunching* * knocking noises * Knock,knock Where have you been? Heh knock,knock Who is there? snow, snow who Snow use you wouldn’t believe me, even if I told you *laughs* Still mad? I.. thought you were dead. heh jeez lady thanks for the vote of confidence It has been a week. Yeah guess I can’t blame ya You seriously wouldn’t believe the week I had though So tell me about yours instead A human fell into the ruins *shocked noise* What!? A human child They have befriended the flower and have slowly been making their way through the traps and puzzles of the ruins The flower They have been showing MERCY To each and every monster What? that doesn’t sound like what It doesn’t sound like what Asgore says a human would do? Yeah that Asgore is wrong! You can’t say that out loud OMG Heh.. you’re something else lady You really are his ex huh? Why? Because I speak the truth about him?? Well, yeah no one else would dare say that Not about the king It was not always that way Yeah, well that may be true but that was a long Long Long Long Long Long time ago Are you calling me old? Who, me?? Never You are a cheeky ass aren’t you I’m a skeleton I don’t have an ass Oh. Well that is just disappointing Wh? *laughter* Pfft– I’m sorry ( a little) Heh I couldn’t resist SORRY I CAN’T HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF MY SHATTERED PRIDE Oh please don’t be such a baby bones You don’t even know what that means Of course I do. You are not the first skeleton this old lady have ever met. You’re not old. Thank you And I’m not a baby bones Of course not Sans Yeah If the human ever comes through this door Could you please, please promise me something? Please just don’t I I promise

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