Hey guys This is my first video So today I’m going to do an unboxing This one was given to me by my girlfriend It’s been a long time, I really wanted this. And thankfully, my girlfriend bought me one so, can’t wait to play with this So this is the Cards Against Humanity But this one, its only an imitation Actually I wanted to be an original one Maybe next time, I’ll buy one But for now, I just really want to this Base on what I saw, what I watched on Youtube It seems its a really good game, you’ll enjoy it especially when you’re drinking so let’s unbox this This, and let’s see what’s inside Okay, so here, let’s unbox this There, Here, the original one there is a hologram like thing (sticker) That is one of the indicators if its original or not There we go! Okay, so the rules.. you can just pause if you want to read So that it, and then the cards There’s a lot, there are a lot of black cards So you’ll really have a lot of options or rather combinations (pertaining to the answers) I have not seen the original yet But I don’t think that the original one will dirt on them And the quality of the card it’s like…. I believe the original doesn’t really look like a card It’s more like plastic So, you really would not think that this is an original It does not indicate how many cards are in here But guesstimate, I think this is around 500 pieces (White card) 500 or more This one, maybe 100 pieces (Black card) Okay so there, that’s our unboxing This is just an additional item on my card game collection So, Like, comment and subscribe Instagram will be linked below Have a good day guys! Bye!

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