UN SUPER-HÉROS AVEUGLE ? (Master of the Grid + Bomb Party)

G : Hello everyone, you’re on Guzz LIIIIIIIIIIVE. And I am in the company of Porto, hi Porto. P : Yeah, hi, are you okay ?! G : Yeah, okay, And Jacobin! J : Hello ! It’s just love ! It’s awesome ! G : And we also have Tom Laurent (Gydias). Hi Tom LauREEEENT. *Gydias singing* G : YEEAAAAHEAAH And, Huuuuuh, We are on Master of the Grid, we’ll answer questions, it will be great fun, we will laugh a lot and we will much be wrong too. And we’ll be ridiculous. *best intro and music ever* Master of the Grid + BombParty ft. Gydias & Jacobin J : Hi! Hihihihi !! Yeah, that’s me! I’m in the middle! G : And besides, you’re almost the same skin as, umm, you in gta. (That’s true) But girl. J : You say that because I’m black, man! G : No! *laughs* 1st question: With which country France shares her greatest land border? J : Oh no, but Brazil! This is a trick question eh! G : I know. P : OH I HAVE EVEN NOT VOTE, I’M STUPID WAIT! *laughs* G : Ah yes! P : NO BUT WAIT, BUT YOU … WHAT?! G : And it was Brazil! Why ? Because, no, because it’s Guyana. Gy : Ah! P: AAH! G : And yes! HE HEHEHEHE ! And yes, guys! Huh! For our friends of Guyana hi, eh! It’s not like that we forgotten you. Should not believe it! J : No, not at all. Come on! the whole world! G : Oh, all the dunces in the background, there! F*ck ! G : Next question: In computing, what does the sign “HTML” mean? P: No, I don’t know, I’m no plumber me! G : The only thing that’s … Yes, plumber. I am computer plumber, hello. *laughs* P : Oh, I haven’t voted! G : No! *laughs* Gy : Yes! J : Yes, I was good I was good! P : Come on, i’m fed up ! Gy : You do not have the time but no kidding! G : Oh, he puts his hood, f*ck! It will soon jump because I remember, each participant have 3 lives, next question you’re f*cked. So it suits you perfectly this hood, Porto. Don’t you happen to be the descendant of Ezio Auditore? *Porto’s laugh skid* *beep* What works Jules Verne is the author of? P : Okay, I answered, I said, I had the time! J : Congratulations! Porto! P: Oh sh*t expected I reckon I was wrong. Gy : I reckon what was in many, right? AH f*ck! P : Well, no! G : Is there were many! Gy : Congratulations Nils ! Congratulions for the question, Nils! *snow noise* Mother of Nils : Ah bah, it’s good Nils ! Great for the camera! Awesome ! G : And there it jumps! And it snappy! And go! J : Porto, we see the water drop. G : Porto? J : Who bead on his forehead. G : Porto? Goodbye ! J : You tell me Gydias too, actually. Michael Scott : NOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!! G : BOOOM! P : Well Gydias, you’re dead with me! *laughs* Gy : Yeaaaahh. P : We enter ech other! *Disturbing moment* Gy : Excuse me? G : Congratulations gabi242. *laughs* J : Nah but when he sees a dead it makes him this. *laughs* G : I want to enter it! *laughs* J : Is it that you can be more than death? P : And I can be more than ridiculous then, it works huh. G : Yes, you can be Porto. OOOOOOOOOH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *beep* So who was the President of the French Republic in 1939? J : There’s no more answers, right? G : There’s no more answers. *laughs* And go! And who is this guy? J : Of course, everyone remembers… Albert Lebrun’s law…. …which passed… G : Goodbye Jacobin! *Goat who cry* What is the smallest capital in the world? We will respond like that. J : Well I said Melekeok because I have never heard of this thing. P : Me I put in the shit huh. G : Oh damn! What is that ? P : What? Professor Mapping (Jacobin) : So for those who don’t know Melekeok is the capital of Palau in the State of Melekeok. P : Ah yes! J: That P : I don’t know where it is. G : Yes do not like. J : You see the Pacific Ocean? G : Yeah. J : You take the first left and you’re at it. *laughs* G : Cool! F*ck ! Pshaw it will buuuuut But what are you doing this summer? Um… if you want we can go! *laughs* J : Well it’s gone. G : Where in the human body is the tarsus? This is where the tarsus? J : In the carp, it is the hand and the tarsus is the foot I know. G: Damn P : Well done man! G : Dude! J : no it is because I am a doctorate of biology G : On your free time? J : That’s it. To occupy myself. *laughs* F*ck I’m bored I’d better doctorate. *laughs* Oooooooh !!!! Congratulations! J : Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations. Gy : gg Guest 4804! G : gg. P : That’s it. J : She stumps instead of arms, but it’s cute. *laughs* P : Yeah, I do not care I’m gonna play with that. G : Yeeeaahhh. Very good. There he takes his Stormtrooper, and he plays with it. Ah no ! NO NO ! Do not have fun you like that with, okay? J : I’m not sure I want to see this. P : F*ck he still has 2 lives what. G : Yeah, he still has 2 huge tits *laughs* How are called cockroaches in “Oggy and the Cockroaches”? This is Joey Deedee and Marky. Here. P : Damn. Gy : What it is strong the Guzz. So we watch cartoons? G : Yes. I had a childhood, just imagine. Goodbye ! Gy : OH THE 1 VS 1! Jacobin! Jacobin! Come on, I do win yourself! You have to smoke it, okay? Oh ? Estimate the casualties of World War II in millions. J : Oh no! Gy : OHLALALALA !! G : The trick very bad ! J : 60 million to go! P : No 50. J : NO. G : Account them in your head. Account in your head. J : OOH! OH ! Eeeh! I did well to put 60. YES ! G : He won !! OUHOUH !! Jacobin! J : YES! Look ! I wave my stumps! Hop! Hop! Hop! G : Go all applauded with our stumps! J : So don’t look back but there’s a robot in the auditorium. *laughs* G : Oh my god ! J : And don’t look back too … Gy : NO NO NO NO. J : There are also Hitler. Gy : Right. G : Oh my god ! *laughs* P : Oh yes damn! *laughs* Gy : Walrus! I know ! I know! G : It’s easy! I know ze answer! I know ze answer! Which of these superheroes is blind? Superman. Gilbert Montagne is a bit of a superhero. J : So in the Lipdub of UMP, Gilbert Montagne drove a car. *laughs* G : Seriously? J : I’m serious. G : So, dear editor you’ll find me this extract and show it now. I want to see that. (On the Montage software) So, dear editor you’ll find me this extract and show it now. I want to see that. (In the screen to the editor) So, dear editor you’ll find me this extract and show it now. I want to see that. *scary music* *Woman singing*: And all the better if the earth is round. *Men singing*: We will not stop us *scary music* G : How is written the number 13 in binary? Did Adolf knows binary? We’ll see it right away. *laughs* Ah, but Yes! And well ! As you see Gy : Is the robot knows in binary? *fart* Gy : AAAAAAAAAAH! *laughs* G : Oh the noob ! What a crappy robot! G (with German accent) : The French national holiday on 14 July each year. But what it is? P : It’s the festival of the Federation. G : Congratulations! It’s exactly that. P : That’s it. G : It’s not the taking of the Bastille. Gy : Ah, but there may be several answers? G : No. There is only one answer and that is the festival of the Federation. *Guzz.exe has stopped working* How many syllables is made the word “decasyllabic”? J : Ah Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler. G : No he’s good in French, he’s quite good in French. Gy (with German accent) : decasyllabic? G : decasyllabic? *cheerful music* Gy : fuck. *laughs* G : Oh no. *laughs* Oh no ! *laughs* Nooo! *laughs* J : Great G : To explain, we’re on Discord and is a bot that happens. Kid Voice : Hello! I’ll show you how I fart. *laughs* G : Who made soundboards! Gy : So that was true, it was true! G : So, so no, it was fake, Louis Pasteur was not a doctor. Gy : He was what? He was a surgeon is not a doctor. G : Adolf’s gone! Adolf! *sad music* Gy : AH I ENJOY(JE)! G: I’m chatting in Chat Discord the name of the show It works ? J : Ok. Gy : Ah yes. J : Ok. G : It will be that the name, okay? *laughs* P : Olala. G : Ok Come on! Gydias you begin. *b*tch* Ah! Congratulations ! Clean ! Bravo. I’m really proud of this comunity. Siphylis. *laughs* HIV positive. *laughs* *laughs* Yeah! Atmosphere! J : We are in the right mood I.S.I.S *laughs* Gy : I thought about. *laughs* P : Well dispatch. Gy: “Dispatch” like that? *laughs* P : Oh, idiot! G : What a idiot! *laughs* What a idiot! It will explode on me. J : Hurry. Intellectual. G : Yes, I took the time. Gy : FUCKING SHIT !! G : Goodbye Gydias! Goodbye. Come on! Gy : Oh that’s two time I take stupid bombs, there! Guy who yelled : Incredible! It’s too much! *laughs* J: Ah whore. G: It will explode on you, it will explode on you. J: Oh damn fungus. G: Fungus. * Laughs * G: Oh shit! P: “Shit.” J: “shit”. P: “Shit.” Gy “piss off” too. P: Nan “shit”. I said “shit” asshole! J: gourd. G: OOOH OUHOUHOUHOHOHOH! Gy : Nah but Eagle (person from being eliminated) … … he got caught like a big shit! *thug music* J : Golio! P : “Mongol” “Mongol” “Mongol”! G : Yes but “Mongol,” I should have mark, I’m stupid. J: Ah bah go “Mongol”. * Laughs * G : Oh, the bastard! Make money. Jean-Luc Mélenchon : Jacobin must return the money. Make money. Make money. Make money. Make money. J : Fion. Oh I’m gonna fucking fart. Gy : euuuh hedgehog. G : NOOO! *laughs* Gy : Rio de Janeiro! G : Rice pudding! Gy : We sodomy so Jacobin! J : Oh fuck. Euuuh. Kepi. G : The kette. P : Assassin. Gy : From the police. Sex. G : NO! NO ! NO ! NO ! NO ! P : Like a shit. G : NOOOOOOOO !!!! J : You can fall down! Gy : He won! G : You know what I tell Jacobin? J : I know you what I tell you, no no. *cheerful music* G : SHIT ASSHOLE! Why he got it and not me fucking! Come on, we actually another. P : Put something that is seeing, you know, kind you put capital with the … … paragraphs and stuff like that … you see… whole sentences GYDIAS (Bot) : OLALAAAA, SHUT THE FUCK UP! *laughs* G: Are you okay, Porto? J : Uh uh. Sorry. *N**ga* G : NOOO! P : Ohhh motherfucker! G : “Shagass”. *laughs* G : “Stupid shagass”. J : Go go quickly answer whore. G : “Seed”. J : Really?! Uh .. Oh fuck ! Motherfucker! G : And it remains more than Porto. P : Fig … P : Okay. *blowing* G : “Sneeze” good! J : A “life.” G : “Hurry.” P : Yeah simply. G : Yeah. Whore. You’re in the top 3 you’re in the top 3, man! J : Fuck. “Pernuel”. G : “Pernuel”? It exists ? J : Yep. G : Why are you laughing? J : Well the “Père Nuel=Père Noël” (Santa Claus) G : Ah, stupid guy ! Gy : fuck but that’s stupid! *laughs* The Père Nuel *laughs* G : Finally! It’s obvious ! J : “Cetacea”. Oh, more than two! Porto Go! G : Oh lalalalalala Oh, he will do his … he will make her a bitch, he will leave … (a few seconds) G : “Cetacea”. J : “Direction”. “Goods”, yeah that’s good. *outstanding music* P : YES! Who’s the boss? Who’s the boss? J : Boumboumboum. Gy : Ohlala Porto! J : What’s that noise? *noise box to moo* *laughs* *noise box to moo* What is that thing ? Anguish! *noise box to moo that is abused* *laughs* G : No it was not bad, thank you all, bye! OUTAH! P : Goodbye, will you steer! *laughs* * Outro music * Thanks for watching! (English Subtitles created by Minecarte64 and luc)


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