UN Official Says US Responsible For Global Destruction Of Human Rights

Yesterday at a women deliver conference in
Vancouver, Canada, Kate Gilmore, who is the, uh, UN deputy high commissioner for Human
Rights said to the audience there that it is because of what the United States is doing,
that human rights are eroding all around the globe. And she went on to clarify a little bit more
things that most of us wouldn’t have really even thought about. You know, it’s not just about the fact that
we launched these unwinnable wars based on lies that we kill civilians in war zones. That we have Republican members of Congress
bragging about the fact that, hell yeah, I killed civilians, probably women and children
to Representative Duncan Hunter said last week. It’s not just that, it’s not just the obvious
once. It’s not just locking children in cages and
separating them from their families or as new reports show us, leaving them in hot vans
overnight. That is a huge part of it, but it’s not the
only part of it. Uh, Ms. Gilmore went on to talk about the
fact that our repeal and rollback of environmental protections is a human rights issue. And when other countries look at the United
States and see that we’re allowing coal companies to put more pollution into the air, or we’re
allowing oil companies to go and do more unsafe offshore oil drilling. When we’re allowing these pipeline companies
to come through and put pipelines through these sacred lands, you know, pipelines that
we know are going to break and spill because they always do. That sets the tone for the rest of the world
because folks, believe it or not, the US, as Ms. Gilmore was pointing out, they’re still
seen as a global leader. And as the US goes, so goes most of the rest
of the planet. Now, there’s enough countries right now that
have enough good sense to look at us and say, wow, you guys are really asked backwards on
this. Best of luck to you in the future. But there are still plenty of other countries
in the world who look at us and say, oh, it’s cool if we do that now. Sweet, let’s get on it. And that’s what she was trying to point out. And one of the biggest issues she talked about
aside from the environmental issues or the abortion bans that the United States is putting
in place and the fact that the federal government is no longer going to fund any kind of family
planning efforts in other countries, which we had typically been funding for years. So not only are we restricting access to safe
abortions here in the United States, we’re doing it across the globe and that is a massive
humanitarian crisis that we are creating because the men in this country want to control women’s
bodies, not just here in the United States, but all over the planet. And it has a ripple effect. And that’s what she’s trying to tell us. I agree with Ms Gilmore’s assessment here. The US used to be a leader in human rights
issues. We weren’t a leader for very long. It took us a long time to get to that point. And then it was very shortly after that we
began torturing people overseas, you know, extraditing them to these CIA black sites,
walling up our border, locking people in cages, killing civilians with drones in the Middle
East. Telling women they can’t make decisions about
their own bodies. We were a global leader in human rights for
a very short period of time, and at this point it doesn’t look like we’re ever going to get
back to being a global leader again.

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