Um, Eddie Griffin Can’t Seem To Understand White People | The Comedy Get Down

– ♪ – AUDIENCE: [cheering] – I’m talking about you
white people because I can. – AUDIENCE: [laughter] – Y’all know those [bleep] guys. You do shit that no other
culture on earth would do. Y’all seen the animal channel, going to the mountains
in a desert, and try to catch a scorpion. Tss! – AUDIENCE: [laughter] – [bleep] don’t [bleep] with nothing that got
more legs than us. [bleep] like floor on fire. – AUDIENCE: [laughter] – What was it? I don’t know.
It had too many legs. Y’all seen this shit on YouTube
about four or five months ago? White family went
to Africa on safari, and they got chewed
up by a pack of lions. I was laughing my
mother [bleep] ass off. It’s not that I’m not
compassionate about you Caucasians. It’s just that the shit
is stupid to me. [bleep] have been in Africa since before
it was called Africa. Not one chewed up
by a pack of lions. Here come that crazy white man. Look, Daddy.
He’s a beaut. Come on, let’s go closer. The African guy like, I don’t
think you want to go any closer. – AUDIENCE: [laughter] – You know that crazy white
man think he know everything. I read a book! They won’t bite you when
they’re already feeding. They’re already feeding. Here, Umbuntu, take my camera.
I want a picture of it. Okay. Over here. [chomping sounds] – AUDIENCE: [laughter] – I get a free camera
like this every week! – AUDIENCE: [laughter] – Leave shit alone,
white people. Y’all trying to [bleep]
with Mother Nature. You’re gettin’ your ass whooped. You’re not going
to beat a planet. Every year, tornados [bleep]
up y’all trailer parks. Are we sensing a pattern here? That’s God’s way of saying
get this shit off my property! This ain’t no real house. Stop putting the fake grass
in front of this shit. – AUDIENCE: [laughter] – And how does your mobile home
get [bleep] up by a tornado? The first word in this
is phrase is mobile. If you see the tornado, drive your house away
from the mother [bleep]. – AUDIENCE: [applause] – You ain’t never heard of a
tornado [bleep] up the projects. That’s God’s way of saying
leave them [bleep] alone. They got enough problems.


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