UK Student Forms Friendship That Turns into Brotherhood

I’m Josh and he’s Brack and Josh is the newest member of Farmhouse Fraternity. Josh and I started hanging out because I got a job working with adults with special needs and the more we hung out the more it turned into a friendship and a brotherhood. I would say he’s my best friend. He’s been with us every step of the way and would come to like volunteer things and like meet the guys and and it was just cool seeing him like make his own connections with the guys. So, then he ended up doing “Kentucky’s Got Talent” with me last semester. After that our president, Ben Bohannon, he was like, “what do you think if we just initiated him?” I was like, “yeah that would be awesome” We ended up having a little ceremony and it was pretty special. Was it cool seeing so many people here for you? Yeah, a lot of people love you here. They didn’t have to open up the house to him. They didn’t have to to be like “hey, let’s initiate him, but I think that they kind of saw like the importance of it and they knew that it would really mean something to to me and him and that it could really have an impact on the chapter and UK and really the entire community. I don’t know. I feel like especially in Greek life and all throughout college like they put an emphasis on philanthropy and giving back but he really showed me, like, why and that it’s not about the trophies or like the titles and stuff, but it’s about, like, what you get out of it when you aren’t planning on getting anything out of it and just the way that it kind of changes your heart and changes your perspective. It’s taught me a lot about who I am, too – just maybe I’m here to help people like Josh and help people who don’t always have the voice that they need and brings the best out of me and I like to thank it brings the best out of him, too. So that’s pretty cool. Are we friends? We’re friends. Yeah.

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