Ugly God Does A Zen-Inspired ASMR, Talks Overcoming Depression and New Album | Mind Massage | Fuse

This is Ugly God, you feel me, and you’re watching “Mind Massage.” (clapperboard snaps) Shh! I feel like everything, or evolution, or just adapting always comes with change, you feel me? I went through some things, I went through my bumps and bruises. Everybody has their own bumps and bruises. I fell into like a year-and-a-half long depression which was super…..ass. I went through some shit, some real personal shit I’m about the fucking open this up These one of them LA rich n*gga first aid kits ’cause the ones that just pop the fuck open not this extra shit (crackling) I’m looking for the band aids that I want to put one on my face like I’m Nelly n*gga. (crackling) (ripping band aid open) Got to put it on the right side, you feel me? So you know where I’m coming Let me see it, fuck! Did I fuck it up? Bumps and bruises n*gga Fuck! (flicks lighter) I’m real big on energy and you know it takes some energy, it’s everything it affects everything, you know? So good energy (singing bowl sounds) When I was going through what I was going through I started leaning more towards spirituality and I’m a real spiritual person like energy, anything just spiritual A word I kept seeing pop up was introspective you know? I dove into it and it just a good definition like overall for what I was going through (Singing bowl sounds) You know as a direct result for me introspective is um I take care of myself more, I make sure I get enough sleep, I eat differently, I work out, I drink a lot of water, I cut soda, I don’t eat to much candy and overall making me a healthier person physically and mentally (singing bowl sounds) I don’t even need to go around that one, that was just beautiful (singing bowl sounds) It’s like a doorbell or something For one to even go through change or evolution or just overall being a better person anything that could potentially be, you know, a distraction or you know, be in the way whether it be people, video games, social media, mine personally was social media. You cut that out and just work on you, really. I had to grow as a person, I was looking back at my interviews and just overall there’s a lot of stuff that I said or like acted like, being young that I really wouldn’t do anymore so I didn’t want to put out that same energy (singing bowl sounds) It’s like what keeps me humble and level is always realizing at the end of the day, I’m still human me going through what I went through really brought me back down to earth. There’s, you know, hella people that go through the same shit or might go through similar shit, I don’t care too much about people talking shit about me but I do care bout how people perceive me because I do care about my image at the end of the day. (flicks lighter) So um …. a way I do stay humble, I do ask my fans and supporters, not really fans but I say supporters I ask them what was their least favorite song in the album ’cause it was different body of work I put out way different than my older stuff. I wanted to see if there was a universal answer or like if there wasn’t a certain song that like the majority wasn’t fucking with. The fact that I’m asking myself, I know sometimes it comes off as a gimmick but people know that I’m being genuine and I’m a genuine goofy ass n*gga like playing Pokemon and stuff, me playing Mario. I wouldn’t say it wasn’t cool before me doing it. I made a nerdy n*gga feel like, you know we in this bitch, you know? (laughs) (hits hammer against iron) We gonna do the highest pitch, fuck it. (hits hammer against iron) I fuck with that one I’ve got an idea, if I had to make a song these they’ll be my hot hands, this is going to be my bass right here, where the snare at? Oh this is going to be my snare (flicks lighter) Ooh! (makes a beat) On this interview, who the fuck is you yeah, I’m with my crew, I do what I do N*gga you ain’t ready for that shit, n*gga I’m talking about n*gga with straight bars n*gga, fuck what they talking about, n*gga straight bars, lyrical zen n*gga My music really is three types of things but it’s levels to this shit so I’m explaining the levels to this shit. First I realize this is my job, like my job is to make fucking music, all the other bullshit is having fun and doing whatever the fuck. The business side you know that’s not my thing. Making music is what the fuck I do, it becomes a rhythm. It’s like waking up everyday, it becomes a rhythm to work everyday, it becomes systematic whenever you make it a rhythm your work becomes easier for you an then when it becomes easier for you, you have fun, it’s a hobby. (flicks lighter) I just fucking love this fucking smell so fucking much, bruh. I need some more for the crib, yeah, I’m taking this with me, what the fuck are y’all talking about? I have the bumps and bruises, which is you know parts I that got released after, you know, finally coming out and being comfortable with dropping music or dropping, you know, comfortable with being back on the internet and showing my face I’m already working on my next project, I was working on my next project while I was working on ‘Bumps & Brusises’, some songs, you know, they best fit the bumps and bruises you know so we gotta put them in a stash. This is Ugly God, I’d probably never do this weird ass shit again, whispering, it’s just not my thing, I’m not allowed to think about this whispering shit, it’s not my thing, you feel me so, peace out. Hope you liked the video. Shhh! (Singing bowl sounds) (electronic sounds)


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