UD Law: Human Rights Collaborative

– [Woman] Many of the challenges
that we face as a country are deeply linked to human rights. We need more and more young students engaged in those issues. – [Man] The Law School
has a Human Rights class in collaboration with
the University of Dayton Human Rights Center. – It’s a really excited
new program that UD offers and also really incredible experience to be able to finish my One L year and go directly to Mexico City to work in a legal aid clinic there. – One of the opportunities I
had was to actually continue The International Tribunal
of Conscience investigations. One of the things that was
really eye opening for me being able to go to another
country and see the process that they have there for
resolution of legal problems. – I got a summer associate
position at ABLE, which is Advocates for
Basic Legal Equality. I worked with agricultural
workers all across Ohio. I went to migrant camps. Through the work that
I was doing with ABLE, I was able to help get
some of those immigrants bond hearings where they might
have not had those before. – University of Dayton
has so many opportunities. It stems in part from
its merriness character and the character of the
university as a whole in really valuing service and valuing community engagement. – A lot of the exciting things
about the Human Rights Center and law school collaborative
is the synergy between what they do in terms of
advancing human rights and what the law school
does in terms of focusing on hard law and the legal
foundations of human rights. – [Woman] Getting a concentration
here in human rights opens up a niche for you
to be a better lawyer in whatever your practice area might be.

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