Two Best Sisters Replay – Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

[Music] C: Oooh fuck L: Hahaa L: Yeah you’re a real combat specialist C: Your mom is a fucking combat specialist L: What? C: With my dick C: It was a real furious battle man! C: You should have seen it! Last for days L: Ooh C: Thunder lightning… L: Ooh C: Uhh C: There’s a totally sweet achievement you can get by jumping off like, L: I love achievements! C: Like that fucking giant red thing C: First you gotta climb that whole fucking thing L: Alright L: Is this the way to go or…? C: Yeah, yeah this- this is fine L: Ho- how many achievement points is this worth? C: I think it’s like… fifty? L: Ff- okay alright let’s go, let’s go C: Can’t believe you’re such a fuckin’ achievement whore… L: Whatever… C: ‘Kay you see that huge ass wall there? L: ‘Kay C: Gotta go way around and then come all over the way back over and then climb all the way up top L: ‘Kay, I guess… C: You’re- you;re never gonna do it [Inaudible] L: Yeah! C: Oh good fucking job.. L: I’m okay
C: Good fucking job L: It’s alright… C: No “okay” L: It’s fine
C: You’re stupid L: Alright see I’m climbing on stuff… C: You are the worst sneaky ninja L: I- no one- no one knows I’m here! L: I am, completely…I’m Mister Incognito C: [Sigh] C: You don’t even know what incognito means! L: It means no one can see me with their eyeballs C: ‘Kay, you see this? L: Okaay
C: Do you see this? C: Okay so you’re gonna have to go all the way over to like, the left side over that L: Alright C: And then work your way all the way across the.. top C: You see where I’m pointing you? L: Yeah… C: Okay and then climb on to that thing L: Okaay C:You’re almost there, it’s taking- L: [Sigh] C: It’s taking like a whole fucking day to get up here but you’re almost there L: Okay so I have to go over this gigantic, spire thingy? C: Yeap! You’re almost there brah L: Jesus… C: I didn’t think you’ve had it in you C: What with you being an incompetent sack of shit L: Well, you know thanks, but, you know at least you’re helping me get this sweet ass achievement C: Yes it’s pretty great I don’t- I don’t remember what it’s called but it’s- but it’s oh COOL L: Wow holy crap Okay, wow C: Uhhhh You don’t have to aim anywhere you just have to hit the floor without like, dying L: Okay You use a parachute right? C: Yeah you use the parachute, you like, jump straight off L: And then you press X C: You- yeah, you jump straight off and then you hit X And then right when you’re starting to kinda lose some momentum You hit B really hard! C: In order to just like, fucking gun it and see if you’re getting more distance
L: Okay L: Alright
C: You got it? L: Okay okay C: Right, come on, do it man, do it! L: Alright, here we GO L: Ahh wow, okay C: Totally nailling it
L: Alright C: Totally doin’ it L: I’m just focusing on the ground right now… C: Dude you’re kinda loosin’ it, hit B, hit B! L: Okay okay okay! L: Wha- what the fUCK? C: [Laugh] L: Wha- what?!
C: [Laugh] C: You’re so fucking gullible Jesus L: What?!
C: [Laugh] C: [Satanic Laugh] C: Ah you stupid ass [Music]


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