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Thesmartlocal.com I want to talk about period stuff. Oh my god.
Okay. Like you know, ladies. Menstrual cramps, menstruation. I’ll prefer to be excluded from this conversation. No, you can’t. Hi guys! Welcome to an episode of TSL Plays, and today, we’re going to play Word Sneak! What is Word Sneak? I also don’t know. But here’s how to play it. Bloop. Each player gets a list of words that they have to sneak into a conversation. If they managed to sneak the word into the conversation, they earn one point. The other players can guess the words. If they guess correctly, they earn one point If they guess incorrectly, the player who snuck the word in earns another point. The player with the most points at the end wins Wait, wait, wait. Let’s talk about something that just happened. Ya, okay.
Chuan just got a cake. Oh ya ya, that’s right, that’s right.
Oh yes! I did just get a cake.
Tell us about that cake. But it’s not your birthday, right? No, it’s not. It’s not my birthday. What kind of cake was it though? That’s the most important.
It’s a Milo chocolate cake. Oh, that sounds good. Milo chocolate cake. Got to be fudgy, got to be moist. Got to be brown.
Oh no, I mean it was like a cheesecake. Oh. Ugh. Or let’s talk about things that happened in the office recently. Okay, let’s just change the topic.
Sure. It’s like an 180 degrees change.
You know like– A few days ago, there were a lot of moths and ants. Did you notice? Because it was raining a lot.
Oh. Yes. Please don’t ever talk to me about moths. Ya, man. The other day, I came late to work because there was this moth, it was as big as Xenia’s face. Oh my god.
Not as big, but you’re the person that’s closest to me. It’s okay. It was literally this big eh. Then, I just ran into my room, locked myself inside, and was like, “Mom! Mom!” “Mom! Mom!” Hey! Want to play ‘Hide and clap’? And then I messaged Chris. “Sorry, I’m going to be late today because got moth outside my house.” Huh? You never kill it meh? With insect repellent or ..? I can’t even face my own fear, yet you want me to kill it? I don’t know.
No, but– So moths, they are your biggest fear? Kind of.
But they don’t even bite. They’re not even very big.
Dude. They’re so scary. Oh. Oh my god! Ally put (the card) down?
I’ve put down! Oh my god! The three of us are just in this– We’re just actually having a conversation. Ya! Should we go back to the moths? I was just thinking that if it’s your biggest fear, maybe we can do one episode, like we put you in a room and handcuff you inside,
Look, 300– then there is just 500 moths.
345 days out of 365 days right, I’m just worrying about moths. Legit. Okay, I’m putting down my card. I know your word!
Why so specific! No!
Why so specific! I know your word! I want to guess!
No! What!
Guess it. I want to guess! Handcuff. She said ‘handcuff’. I didn’t even hear her say ‘handcuff’. Oh my god, Ra got her second card down. What? I told you. It’s confirm the 365. You guess ah, you guess! Okay, I’ll guess since I cannot win already. 360. Nope!
5 days! Anyway, I was thinking about the Milo thing just now? Ya. Reminds me of childhood. Childhood?
Oh my god. It really remind me of childhood. What about childhood does it remind you of? Childhood, huh. I mean the kind of food that we had, the kind of shows that we watched. Yeah. We watched shows meh? Cartoons la! Like Popeyes, Barney the Dinosaur. Wow! He can say anything! Do you all remember that show? That one cartoon. Tell me about it. No, the– about– There’s animals.
Which one? And then there’s a pig, there’s a giraffe, and there’s a rhinoceros. What? What? What?
I don’t know! I’m putting one (card) down! It’s that one where they like use animals to teach you things.
Is it ‘childhood’? Okay, wait wait wait! I’ll catch Chris. Childhood. Can I guess for– Sorry. PD: No. Chris, you’ll get one point. I want to guess Chuan’s one. Rhinoceros! Ya! He said ‘rhinoceros’?
Yes. PD: No. Chuan gets one point.
Oh damn it. Is it ‘Milo’? PD: No, Chris gets another one point. Oh damn! I don’t have to do anything else! Feel she’s leading guess who? I’m talking about. Yeah Okay Man stroke Rams menstruation. Oh No, you can Let’s do it then we can choose from one ministry when he’s children Okay, I choose ministration Oh But like like you don’t like eat food, you know And how he’ll defect because I’m very for that. Can you like stop you? I thought that you’re gonna be like snakes when you know that I’m just waiting for you to be Okay is helping my guard down Hey, well you see ya Yes something to eat come with me I mean Yeah, okay just like you you have a healthy food right right so nobody healthy folks really kind of Nobody after that. Yeah You have Nobody like a senior Those healthy would Just be niche a lot. No, he’s not gonna be the first one that she said she said spinach birth I Guess ever cut open tell it to the camera. I guess I’ll cuddle why not bum keeping cool like this One he’s one of Lenin MA she just Is are your thoughts please. Okay. I’m guessing mas, huh? I guess Neptune We now return to your regular programming It’s great Well my act is why do you buy a sweater? Like it’s not like it’s very wintry in Singapore. It’s so nice Have you seen it? Is that company? I feel like every time we ask Chris a question, right? He’s so imagining he forgot his in this week I guess watch on the wintry Nikki You guys ever watch like how Madison like doesn’t move all that does is probably sting and everything. Yeah It’s like this next level is like when Jason Derulo’s Yeah, it’s quite it’s quite something off and I mean well it’s all my people for my season yeah, okay this one is Queen What Michael Jordan King trees I’m not trying to pressure you, but every single one is coming off your mouth No, I know I guess crease of me. Tell me Once again smug please Tell this I just I just Won can I just hope he did oh Why don’t you give us a real complicated? Yeah, baby. Go feel them your guests Okay, this is a Chinese thing. You don’t see coffee. You don’t you don’t cry You understand I know It’s about me now me Alright guys. Thanks for watching this episode of DSL Please if you enjoyed this video, remember to Like share and subscribe and check out even more over other videos over there. Bye


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