TSL Plays: MAFIA 2.0

Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of TSL plays and today we’re gonna play Mafia again! Here are the rules. You guys will look at your cards, and find out your roles alright? Okay, let’s do it! 1, 2, 3! Now, everybody, it is night time. Wah, so in character. The mafia again, has decided to come out and play. Now mafia, please wake up and reveal to us who do you think you want to kill. Mafia, you have to decide on one person to kill. This is one indecisive mafia. Now the nurse, was doing her nightly runs and then she decided to save someone. Alright. Nurse, nurse, please wake up. Now, nurse you need to decide on who you want to save. Ahh… Now, detective, detective. He is out on his runs also. And decided he wants to suspect someone as a mafia. Ah, detective. Very nice. Okay, everybody can wake up now. It’s the daytime. Daytime has come! Someone died. Someone was in bed. Oh! But but… When you open the covers, the person was strangled to death. Oh no… Our dear friend, is died. Is died! Okay do you want to guess who the person… I think it’s me because my neck long! No. This person died alone in bed. Alone? It’s me! But it is Chris. Oh no! It’s okay… I’m sorry Chris. Maybe you can reveal who you are. I’m a civilian. Oh no! Xenia’s awfully quiet. Oh! I’m always quiet. Look at her eyes… Are you lying? Aiya, that one. Who would want to kill poor old Chris? Everyone. You guys need to figure out who the mafia is. Eh, just now I felt Jon move when he said mafia wake up. The mafia please wake up… Please wake up and reveal to us… It was a significant move. It was like… Oh no… He like that ah? No! Wait, wait, wait! I have a theory! I have a theory! What if Jon kill Chris right, so that he’s dead and then he wouldnt be able to feel Jon moving. Oh wow. We have to come to a conclusion. It’s really not me. Julian, what do you think? We let you talk! Screen time, screen time. Let’s go! I think it’s Jon. Why? Cause you’re the first one to blame people directly. Huh? Who did I blame? Me! Who would want to kill poor old Chris? Everyone. Xenia’s awfully quiet. Just now I felt Jon move… I didn’t! I didn’t say anything! No, he didn’t say anything leh! Walao! Baseless accusations! Let’s just vote Julian cause I don’t want to let him play. Oh my God! Eh, you anyhow accuse me you know? Why are you so defensive Jon? Just now right, I never talk at all, then they suspect me. Now when I talk they also suspect me. There’s no escaping this face. Now, I’ll go around and ask you. Do you want to vote for Chuan? No, he quite innocent. Do you want to vote for Xenia, as a suspect? Really not me! Nobody voted for you! Who wants to vote for Jon as a suspect? Okay. Oh my God! I’m sorry! I don’t know. I guess everyone has decided… He can make a statement lah. Jon, would you like to say anything? I can confirm it’s not me. Confirm. Everybody also say that lah. You’re gonna die leh. You need to help yourself. Uh… Uh… Just open lah! Just kill me lah! I cannot take this stress. Ah! Jon! Ya, ya, ya. So I guess they put a noose around your neck. And you’re dead. Please reveal to everyone who you are! Oh my God! Oh! Why you never say that you’re a detective? You can say it! Can say meh? Yes! But if I say you all will believe meh? Ya! You sure? He was a very bad detective. Ya! Alright, survivors close your eyes. The mafia decides to strike again. Please open your eyes mafia and decide who you want to murder. Chris why you laughing? Ah… Ra also laughing! I laugh cause Chris laugh. Alright. Alright, mafias please close your eyes. Alright, now the nurse. The nurse, please open your eyes and decide who you want to save. Me, save me, save me please! I don’t want to die! Okay mafia, calm down. How am I the mafia? Me, me, me, me, me! Aha, the nurse has decided to save someone. Now, the detective is dead. So, can’t help anybody. So everybody wakes up! Guess what? Someone did get killed. And this person, is a lady. No! Wah, why you so like… Wait, wait , wait! Before you reveal, before I die, I feel like it’s Ra! It’s not me! Listen! This lady was kicked in the butt. Confirm is me. And she fell on her face. And eventually she died from loss of blood. Eh, now you very creative ah? Ya! The person is… Our dear friend, Q. Oh! I… I think it’s Ra by the way. I should have saved myself. Nurse. Oh no! It’s legit not me. I should have saved myself! Jon, Chris and Q are dead. Now, we have 4 people who are survivors. Now you guys have to decide who you think is the mafia. My fellow peasants, my fellow peasants! It’s either Julian or I don’t know. But Ra is the one. Cause like, she kept laughing. Wait wait wait. Woah! Calm down. And she cough until she… As in she laugh until she cough leh. Are we supposed to be closing our eyes now? Guys, pause awhile! Julian closed his eyes and fell asleep. No, I thought you said close… No, I said wake up! Decide on who you want to kill! I feel like Xenia immediately know she die. Ya, I really thought you all will kill me. I think I’m in between the murderers. Spoken like a mafia. I think I very scared! Really! Okay, shall we take a vote? Yes. Does anybody think Chuan is a suspect? Nobody, okay. No, I think he is a suspect. But like a less harmful one. So I deal with you later. Who thinks Xenia is the suspect? Oh my God! Wa piang oi! I feel like it’s a cover sia. My fellow peasants! Just for the sake of it, does anybody want to vote Ra? Me! Me, me! Does anybody want to vote for Julian? I am a civilian. Julian is innocent. Dude, please! Let me make my statement! Each of you will have some time to make a case. Okay, my dear civilians, so many innocent lives have died. And, you don’t want another one. Because there are two mafias… Are you running for president? Stay with me, my fellow civilians. Stay with me! Just die. Don’t give up! Just die already! Okay Ra, do you want to make a case? It ain’t me. Boo! There’s a slight hint that it may be you. But I think it’s more possible that it’s Xenia. Wa piang eh. Okay, since I’m going to die already right? I’m going to say one last sentence. Between the three of you all, the civilian, I’m going to kill you later. Because I am a freaking civilian. Oh! I know who already! Lose already! I know already. The mafias have decided to kill all of you! Who is the other civilian? Ra! Me! You see I’m not … You are the civilian? Ya! Yes! Yay! Their acting game damn strong. Ya! When the mafia turn right, “Don’t kill me”. Cause they always think I don’t understand the game. This time I did! I use that on my advantage! On my advantage! Eh, this round is really the detective’s fault lah. You know actually right, the detective right, he actually got the first guess correct. Huh then? Oh my God! Chuan, chuan! No, I’m just a paranoid civilian. Your underwear is showing! Red underwear!


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