TRYING 13 GENIUS HACKS FOR LAZY PEOPLE — Easy Funny Cleaning Hacks And Tricks by 123 GO!

(playful music)
– Hey, guys, how you doing? My name is Robby, and today — (crashing)
Aw, man. we’re going to be trying genius hacks for lazy people. This was perfect for me because (dramatic music)
I feel like I’m pretty lazy. Let’s do this. (smacking) – Try attaching broom bristles to a remote-controlled car. Slide through some plastic zip ties. There you go. You can sweep up a mess in a fraction of the time with a regular broom. – Okay, guys. So here’s our car.
(engine speeding) Perfect. Here’s our broom and dustpan. (smacking) We don’t need that anymore. So now I have to somehow
zip tie this onto this. Okay, wish me luck. So I think the first move would be to, like — (Squeaking)
Oh, that keeps coming off. Oh, no! Okay, so I think, if I just do it like that, it should be good. Boopity-boop, there we — Come on, almost. (screaching) Maybe I need two of them. Yes. Oh, my goodness. Okay, there we go. I’m going to do a cross, actually. Boop, boop. (whirling) And — oops. Ha-ha! Yes! I think that I may have done it. Now I just need to tighten these. (ratcheting) (dramatic music)
Ah! Okay, there we go. Oh, no.
(dramatic music) I think I might have put
the broom a little too high because now it’s not making contact. See? (stalled buzzing) (defeated music)
How am I supposed to turn? Okay. Maybe I can trim these?
(chimes) That might be good.
(upbeat music) Just grab our scissors. Maybe just a little bit off the bottom. Here we go. (escalating xylophone music) (defeated music)
Nope, still have a lot left. Augh. Ah, man. What am I going to do? (upbeat music) I feel like I’m going to
have to take so much off. Maybe this was a bad idea. I’ll just keep going. (disoriented music) Yes, is this satisfying? (muffled boom) Is this good? (upbeat music) (escalating xylophone music) Oh, okay. I did it. Yes. Now, if only I had a little sweeper thing to sweep —
(smacking) Oh, man, it fell down. Okay, let’s see if it
will clean itself up. Okay, so you can’t really see it, but there’s a trash can down here. I’m going to attempt to sweep all of it into this trash can. Let’s do it. (smacking)
(whistling) Oh, my gosh. Let’s do it. Ready?
(drum roll) And here we go. (dramatic music) No. Oh, no. (upbeat music)
Okay, try it again. Maybe a little bit more careful with this. Here we go. Ready? And sweep it in. (crashing) Dang it! I’m really bad at this. You can do it, car. (upbeat music) (wheels squealing) (engine revving) No! Okay. Maybe this is a bad idea with my table. (popping) (smacking) (glass breaking) Okay. Maybe I should try it on the floor. (springs) Okay. So here’s our popcorn. Oh, no! (dramatic music)
I got it everywhere! What am I going to do? Well, I have solution for you. Here we go. Okay, car, I need you to sweep it into this dustpan. Let’s do it. Ready? Yes.
(tires sqealing) Yes! (engine revving) No! Ah! Oh, no! It’s not working. The butter is making the wheels slip. Why’d I get buttered popcorn? This was a terrible idea. You can do it. Real slowly. (squealing) No! Okay. You can do it, car. Here we go. (somber music) (dramatic music) You can do it. I got a little bit into there. See, it worked it a little bit. I got a small amount. Let’s see if I can — Yes. Come on. Just get it in there. You can do it. (dramatic music)
(squealing) Maybe if I had a better
remote-controlled car. (squealing) No! You’re doing it wrong. Well, guys, I’m going to go ahead and say that this one doesn’t really work. I think I’ve actually made a bigger mess than when I started, so… I wouldn’t recommend this one. Thumbs down. (techno music)
– This hack can prevent you from having some seriously nasty falls. Simply loop through some
stretchy bungee rope like this on either side of the vacuum. Once they’re secure, stick your arms through and wear the think like a real backpack. Now you won’t have to leave behind any hazardous tubes as you go. (crashing) So here’s our vacuum. It’s a little dark in here, so let me just lighten things up a little bit. (magical music)
Perfect. Okay. So, as you can see, vacumm, a little bit big. But that’s fine. The bigger the better. That’s what they always say, right? (crashing) No. Everything’s falling. There’s our rope. This is it. This is the only rope we’re going to get. Now I just have to somehow make this thing into a backpack. I know I’m going to feel
this in the morning. Where the heck are my scissors? Where the heck are my scissors? Tori Dobransky! – I threw them over there. – You threw my scissors into my room? That is so — Tori, don’t throw scissors. That’s dangerous, missy. Come back here. Don’t be throwing scissors. That’s so dangerous. Why would she ever do that? Okay. We got our scissors. We got our rope. What else — What else could you need? So… Where the heck am I going to attach myself to this thing? Maybe, like, on the side right here? So let’s go and maybe
attach it to this wheel. A simple — Two half hitches, just like I learned in Boy Scouts. Yes, there we go. Perfect. Then we go up, and maybe tie it to
this handle right here. There we go. Tie it to the handle. Yes. And we just do the same to the other side. (whipping) Maybe I’ll, like, make a stopping point for my back so my shoulders won’t, like, go all the way up here. I’m not sure how well
this is going to work. Whew, okay. Now time to try this thing on. But first, I need to plug it in. And I totally messed up because the wire is underneath it, so I have to untie this now. (melancholy music) I’m such a smart guy. Okay. I fixed my little problem. Plugged this bad boy in. Now, let’s finally try this guy on. (dramatic music) I’m just hoping that I don’t throw out my back. Oh, okay. (vacuum turning on)
Oh, my god! Okay. I wasn’t ready for that. So we just get into it like this. Yes! We’re good! Okay, now I need the hose. Perfect. Now I need to turn it on. The button’s right there. Okay, maybe I can do this. (vacuum motor runs) Perfect! Yes! I’m the ultimate cleaning machine. (techno music) Yes! I feel powerful. Stop! Okay. I need to turn it off. (vacuum motor winds down) (whistling)
(smacking) Well, guys, I guess I’m
going to have to say that this one works. This one’s the ultimate life hack. – Simply drape the plastic bag over the upside-down-table legs. This way, you can prolong your chores taking out the trash just a little bit longer. (crashing) (calypso music)
Here’s out stool. (smacking) There’s our trash bag. Okay, we’ve just got to
flip this bad boy over. I feel like this is actually the perfect shape for a trash can. (flapping) Put that in there. Wow. That actually worked very well. Now I just need to find some trash to put in it. I have the perfect idea. (chimes) Here we go. I just need to fit inside of here. Then it’s the ultimate trash can. Well, it’s good enough. Well, guys, I guess I’m
going to have to say that this one works. (chimes) Augh!
(crashing) – While it may not be the safest idea, you can keep the bag from filling with air by putting it on your head first. Just another great life hack to help you take it
easy throughout the day. – Okay, guys. So this one is definitely not safe, and I definitely recommend not doing this one. And that’s exactly why I’m going to get a spotter. Tori Dobransky! Come here. I want to show you a really special life hack. Okay, Tori, so this is the easiest way to put a bag inside a trash can. You ready? – Yes. Yes, yes. Why didn’t we think of that before? I am so shocked. – Did you like it? – That was great, Robby. – I mostly just wanted to have you here, that way I didn’t suffocate myself. I didn’t want to suffocate myself. – I think your technique could be worked on because you did miss these little Gatorade handles that you glued onto it. – But other than that, I think I’m going to go ahead and say that this one works. – You just hit one of your lights. – You’ve been life hacked. (giggles) Thanks, Tori. Safety first! (smacking)
Okay. So today I’m going to be trying something called magnet fishing. I saw this on YouTube, and it looked like it
would be a lot of fun. This isn’t a 5-Minute Crafts or Troom Troom thing. I’m just going to do this. So, basically, what magnet fishing is you get a super-strong
magnet and some rope. You attach them together, and then you kind of go fishing on the bottom of, like, underneath the pier, and then you find all sorts of cool stuff. So that’s what we’re
going to be doing today. But I got a really strong magnet. Let me show you how strong this magnet is. (clunking) I might need to attach this to the rope, actually. I can’t pull it off. (dramatic music) Here we go. Okay, ready? (snapping) Ow. (yelling) It’s, like, literally holding me. Like, look at this. Anyway, let’s go try this. After I get it off. Okay. So we can actually see to the bottom of the lake right now, and it doesn’t look like there’s anything down there, but I guess we’ll try this anyway. Do a couple of throws. See if I find anything. If there’s anything metal down there, this thing is definitely going to pick it up. Yeah, I’m not really
seeing anything down there. We’re going to go ahead
and try another pier. Oh, my gosh! I think I’ve got something. It’s a pumpkin? What’s all this fruit doing out here? How weird. Okay. We went to a different pier. This one’s a little bit deeper. We can’t quite see the bottom. There’s a lot of fish swimming around. Pretty cool. I’m going to go ahead
and tie this to my belt so, if I do drop it, it’ll be okay. There we go. Yeah. You guys ready? And Boopity boop. I feel like this might take a little bit. I hope I find something. – Two hours later. (suspense music) – Nothing. Okay. So I think what I’m going to do is I’m just going to start throwing it out there and then pulling it in, and maybe something will happen. Here we go. (whistling) Something’s out there. I can feel it in my bones. (whistling) (dramatic music) Oh, we got something, Aaron, first find. You ready? It’s like — looks like it’s part of the pier. Okay. Metal stick. I’d say it’s been pretty successful today. At least we’ve had luck here. Maybe I should keep trying this. (whistling) (clunking) (slide whistle music) Got some more stuff. (whistling in succession) I think it’s like a pipe or something. It looks like a toilet-paper tube, a very heavy toilet-paper tube. (dramatic music)
I can make something out of this! I’m going to keep this for later. I think I’m going to try going back on the pier and just throwing it out as far as I can. (whistling launch) Oh, oh… (dramatic music) It’s pulling something. What am I pulling? (anticlimactic music) Oh, dang it. There’s a metal line down there. Dang it. There’s one more pier that I want to try. (upbeat music) – See that fish head? – Yeah, dude. Think it’s magnetic? (whistling launch) Oh. Got something. (jingling) Got some bells. Maybe put these on Benji so I know where he is. (smacking) Well, guys, we’ve been out here for like two hours. We didn’t get anything cool really. I did get that one metal pipe, but that’s kind of it. (laughing from throat) I’m sorry this was so anticlimactic. I thought it was going to be cooler. Anyway, I guess, let’s go do the next craft. (bright music)
– Before you use your plate, cover it with a layer of plastic wrap. Then go ahead and pour
whatever food you want to eat right on top of it. Chow down on that grub without ever getting a speck of dirt onto your dish. And when you’re done, simply throw away the plastic, and you’re good to go. – Okay. So here’s our plate. Here’s our ClingWrap. How do I get this out of here? (dramatic music) Come on, open! (popping) Oh, did I just break it? (anticlimactic music)
Oh, man. I feel like I’m going
to cut myself on this. Okay. Be really careful when
you open these things because they’re kind of scary. Okay. Then we’ll just put this over our plate. Rip! Come on! Oh, my goodness. Okay. Looks pretty good. Okay. Now, here’s our apple. Let’s go ahead and slice
that up real quick. Oh, no. I think I might slice
the plastic by accident. That might be a downside to this. You can’t really cut things because then you’ll cut
through the plastic. (rapid whipping) Okay. And if I did this correctly, it should just…
(smacking) Perfect. Now I’m going to get some peanut butter. This is my lunch, by the way, guys. I eat this a lot. Peanut butter and apples, one of my favorite meals. Good stuff. (splatting) Okay. Yeah, this peanut butter looks — it looks great. Now I’ve just got to eat all my food off this plate and see if it works. (crunching) Yep, that’s a darn-good, peanut-butter apple. Okay. Now to eat the rest of them. (bouncy music) Oh, man. What a mess I’ve made here. It’s a good thing I used this ClingWrap. Okay. Let’s see if it works. Ready? Drum roll, please, and our plate is clean! (cheering) Well, guys, I guess we can say this one works. Okay, guys, thanks so much
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