Try Not To Laugh Challenge #5

Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier And welcome back to another Try Not To Laugh Challenge. Now I know in the past, I’ve done very poorly at this… But this time, I’ve taking measures to make sure that I don’t ever, EVER laugh… Or yet again, feel joy inside of my soul. So with that being said, I’m ready to get started on this. What have you got for me?… In this day and age, where JOY IS NON-EXISTENT INSIDE MY BODY! VIDEO: Some… VIDEO: …*aggressive cow door slam*BODY ONCE TOLD ME THE WORLD IS GONNA R… Mark: *Silently Chuckles* VIDEO: Some… VIDEO: …BODY ONCE TOLD ME THE WORLD IS GONNA- Mark: *red faced suppressed laughter* *Little cough* *Flexes weirdly* Ohhh…boy… OHH BOY! We’re off to a good start aren’t we? *sighs while facepalming* PATRICK STEWERT: *shouting* YOU MOTHERFUCKERS ARE GONNA KILL ALL MY LILIES!!! Spongebob: Hi Squidward! Wanna play? VIDEO: *gunshots and poor Spongebob screaming* Mark: *Silently giggling at Spongebob’s murder* *throat noise* Hmm…Not funny! NOT Funny! VIDEO: *aggressively and bass booted* HI!! VIDEO: The easy way to say… VIDEO: “Yeeeeee…” (lady wtf is wrong with you) VIDEO: Is to say… VIDEO: “Yeeeeee…” (no seriously this is creeping me out) *Snicker* *Silent Snicker* VIDEO: YOY VIDEO: *The soundwave of 440 Hz to 1000 Hz sine waves* Mark: *Short laugh* *fan fan fan* Oh no, no… It’s too early for this… VIDEO: (Bird) AHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH! *Mark trying to not laugh* AAHHHHH! AAAAH! *Deep Inhale* *Video repeats*
(Bird) AAAA– Mark: *pauses* Nooo, not funny! I do that my own too! I scream into random objects that I find on the street… (very non-weird, mark) People don’t think I’m funny…(THEY SHOULDN’T) VIDEO: AAH! AHH! AAAH! AHH! VIDEO: AAAAAAHHHH!!! Mark: I can do that too you know… (Bird) Hi!
(Someone in video) YOU’RE INSANE!! *Casual Snort* *Barely Audible Laughter* Nope… Video: Can you say, “Hello” ? Mark: Hello. Bird: Lemme Smash (No Dan go find Becky) *Dave Rodgers – Deja Vu plays* (Not any music, this is Eurobeat)
Song: Right into your mind… Song: DEJA VU! IVE JUST BEEN IN THIS PLACE BEFORE HIGHER ON THE STREETS A- *gives middle finger* (LOL weird kid) –Horribly wrong with the truck behind us… Song: DEJA VU! I JUST BEEN TO THIS PLACE BEFORE HIGHER ON THE STREET (I don’t get this meme…..) AND I KNOW IT’S MY TIME TO GO *Song repeats*
Mark: That’s not funny at all Why am I laughing at that, that’s not funny! *Song Repeats again*
Video: VROOOOOMMMMM! Mark: This goddamn song! Stop playing this goddamn song. It’s not funny. Don’t do it. Song: DEJA VU! I- God fucking damn it! Song: DEJA VU! (Gerbil Craziness) STOP! There’s no need for this! (Yes there is Mark, this is for youtube views) (In-Game Dialogue) Maxon’s ordered you to execute me, I’ll be damned if I’m going to stand in your way.
*Protectron begins smacking Player* *Punch x1* *Punch x2* *Punch x3* *Punch x4* *Punch x5* *Punch x6* *Punch x7* *COMBO BREAKER!* *Single Punch* *Repeated Punching Begins Again* *Still punching*
Player: No. I won’t do it, Danse. (how tf is she speaking) *Still going, guys.*
Danse: I can’t believe you’d risk your life just to keep me alive *Still Repeatedly Punching* Danse: Why would you do that for me? *Breathes In* Ahhhh, nope, nope, no, no, no, no, no, not funny Broadcaster: crazy atmosphere in this crowd they’ve already come here for one thing. That is to COME COME That is to watch what is about to happen be- behind me in just about a minutes time Will it be spectacular? YES! (SUURRRREEE news dude with a pedophile face) *Next video*
Hi, I’m Jack Cameron *Refrigerator comes out of nowhere and hits the ground with a hard thump* (It’s NOT SUPPOSED TO BREAK you motherfuckers back at the control center) Need a new refrigerator? Song: Go! (I wanna dance) Go! (I wanna dance) Go! Go! Go! Go! *”Dancing” by Vicky Vale* (Who’s Vicky Vale?) *still epic music*
*Mark giggling* Mark: *Short Breath* *Song Continues* *Mark slapping leg in an attempt not to laugh* *Quiet Chuckling* *Breathes In* *aWkWaRd SiLeNcE* *Breathes Out* Okay. Spongebob: Old people are the greatest! They’re full of wisdom and experience! Naked Geezer: Bitch! Whooo (So much for that spongebob) *splash* *Laughing* *Laughter* *person in video starts laughing* and I’m…and I’m all out of ass! *keeps laughing* *Extreme laughter* Person in Video: *Through Laughter* Fuckin’ Dick Kickem *Breathes In* (Video) News Reporter: The post on 4chan uses a profile picture of what appears to be the Grinch (LOL seriously news people DONT YOU LOOK AT MEMES) in a mask holding a gun. *Mark Snorts* Mark: *Silent Laughter* Mark: Yeah, Pepe the Grinch. Will: HUH!? HUH!? HUH!? HUH!? Will: *Slightly Distorted* wE wAs ROBBED! Girl: Will, dad is going to kill you! Will: Me? Wh-Wha? *Teleportation Sound* Omae wa mou shindeiru
(You are already dead.) Nani?
(What?) *Scratching Sound* *Explosion!* Alex Jones: Scanning! ZZZZZZZZZZZ Controls! ZZZZZZZZZZZ Manipulate scientific data Schhhhww! Take over! Blast! Control! World government! Schhhheww! Shutdown infrastructure! Schpeewwww! Ship everything to China! SHCHWAWOBAKURWAOW Look at this person. *static* *Laughing from Mark* *More Laughter* *Through Laughter* Why was that funny? Why was that funny to me? God, I’ve been- I’ve been doing great!
(Are we watching the same video, Mark…?) God, I’ve been doing fucking fantastic!
(You’ve lost so many times!) Why was THAT the thing that got me? Spy: He could be in this very room! He could be you! He could be me! He could even be… JOHN CENA!! *Theme Song Plays* Spy: Hello? Demoman: Hey what’s up? Spy: I need your help can you come here? Demoman: Ugh, I can’t I’m buying clothes… Spy: Alright, well hurry up and come over here! Demoman: I can’t find them. Spy: What do you mean you can’t find them? Demoman: I can’t find them there’s only soup. Spy: What do you mean “there’s only soup”?! Demoman: It means there’s only soup. Spy: Well then get out of a soup aisle! Demoman: Alright you don’t have to shout at me! *Simk Smaek* Demoman: There’s more soup! Spy: What do you mean there’s more soup?! Demoman: There’s just more soup! Spy: Go into the next aisle! Demoman: There’s still soup! Spy: Where are you right now!?! Demoman: I’M AT SOUP! Spy: WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE AT SOUP?!?! *Mark restraining laughter*
Demoman: I MEAN I’M AT SOUP!!! Spy: WHAT STORE ARE YOU IN?!?!? *Mark you’re laughing…*
Demoman: I’M AT THE SOUP STORE! *Mark you’re still laughing*
Spy: WHY ARE YOU BUYING CLOTHES AT THE SOUP STORE?!?!?! *Mark hiding his laughter with his hand*
Demoman: FUCK YOU! *Giggles* *laughing* Mr. Moseby: Why don’t we just relax?! Turn on the radio! Mr. Moseby: Would you like AM?! Or FM?! *Mark laughing* *inhale* *laughing continues* *dog growling* *more dug growl* *loud doggo growl* HRRLALALALAEAA *Giggleplier* HRLAAALAALAA *Mark tries to hold in his laughter* Video:LALLALALALA! HALALALALALALALALALEEE LLLAAAALAAA *laughter* LAALALAAAAA *Continuous laughter* Oh, yeah, I know this one. I’ve seen this one before. *SLAP* (Girl) “I’m going to die!” *BOOM* (Markimoo dying of laughter) *Mark laughing* It’s a fucking classic! My God, I love that one. (Video) I appear to have invented a knife-wielding tentacle. Uh… If anyone would like to volunteer to come and turn it off, that’d be just FINE by me.
*Mark laughs* *Mark laughs* Well, fuck, alright. *sound of gunshots*
*Mark giggles* *return fire* *More laughing from Mark* That was it? (Video) This guy moaned at least this loud… *Donna Burke – Sins Of The Father plays* OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOO *Laughter as “moaning” continues* *laughter continues* I don’t know what that- – Uh- Why was that guy moaning as an EXAMPLE? Of all the things that you should do in a- in a storytelling fashion you don’t recite the moan… *Alex ranting* I’M A PIONEER I’M AN EXPLORER I’M A HUMAN AND I’M CUMMIN (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I’M ANIMATED MY HEART’S BIG I LIKE TO ***EAT*** I LIKE TO FIGHT I LIKE TO F*bleep* I LIKE TO HAVE CHILDREN I GOT A LIFEFORCE IT’S GOT HOT CUM GOING THROUGH IT FAST *Mark laughs*
(Video) I LIKE TO EAT ***CHILDREN*** I’M A THROWBACK *Mark continues laughing*
I’M A HUMAN… AND I’M *different voice* cummin. *LAUGHTALITY* *Japanese* *”Before My Body is Dry” from “Kill La Kill”* Mark: The fuck…? *Music Continues* Yeah! Heuyah! YEAAH!!! *Music stops* Wait, no, don’t go away! That guy’s a goddamn hero! That guy gave more inspiration than I could ever HOPE to give! …Like the best ending I could have possibly asked *laughter* for in this video I guess that’s it then, so you gotta do as he tells you! Never give up! No matter what, just try a little harder! TRY to not laugh next time, because if you did in this one, my Gyawd… I can’t believe you. But there’s always next time! So I guess I’ll end this one here. And, uh, thank you everybody so much for watching! Let me know what you thought of this one down in the comments below. I love doing these. It’s a lot of work to sift through the bad ones to get to the funny, but it’s always worth it in the end. So I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you want to see more of this, and thanks again for watching. And as always, I will see YOU in the next video. Buh-bye! *Black screen as you click one of these end cards because… Please*


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