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– (Donkey) In the morning…
– (both) I’m making waffles! – How could Shrek reject
Donkey’s friendship in the first film and miss out on this? – (as Gingy) Not the gumdrop buttons! ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) Alright guys, so it’s been nearly two decades since
the first Shrek film premiered, but we still aren’t ogre it.
– Aw! I’m over that pun, dude!
That was rough! – Wow, oh my God!
– What, no it hasn’t been that long. I didn’t think Shrek came out
when I was four! – I love that movie.
– Oh, I loved Shrek growing up, oh my God!
– Shrek 2 is a masterpiece. – The best sequel.
– It’s a masterpiece for our generation. – (FBE) So we’re gonna show you guys
a couple of scenes from the Shrek franchise,
and then we’re gonna present you with a professional chef’s recreation
of the amazing meal you just saw on screen.
– Ooh, that’s exciting! – I’m always a sucker for free food. – Now I’m trying to think of
all the Shrek food. – Right, I’m like what is in it
that’s appeal, ’cause I think of Shrek,
I think of a swamp, and that doesn’t make me
want to eat food. – Just the first thing I thought of
was Shrek just taking the ear wax out of his ear.
Oh wait, okay, nevermind, he used that as a candle.
Nevermind, we’re good. – (FBE) Of course we can’t
just be nice and give you Shrek foods. So this is actually
a Try Not To Eat competition. – Oh, ooh.
– Oh, okay. – (FBE) If you get through
all four dishes without eating anything,
we’ll present you with the final winning food
to enjoy. If you do feel the need
to sample anything, you’ll have to complete
a punishment per food at the end. – Ugh.
– See, the punishment food in this situation
can actually be really bad. – Really gross, you could have earwax! – Are we gonna get bowls of water to
– Oh, yeah, yeah! Dip our hands in,
maybe might choke on a spoon and then cough it out.
– (as Shrek) Donkey! – (as Shrek) Donkey, Donkey!
– I’m ready, I’m so excited. – (Farquaad) Run, run, run
as fast as you can. – (screams) Yes!
– A gingerbread man! – Oh no.
– How! – It’s gonna be Gingy?
– Dare you? – Gingerbread?
– I love gingerbread! – (Farquaad) I’m the Gingerbread Man!
– Oh. – I hate this scene,
gave me like nightmares. – (as Gingy) Not the gumdrop buttons!
– (as Gingy) Not the gumdrop buttons! – (FBE) Run, run, run
as fast as you can, you can’t eat him,
he’s the Gingerbread Man. Our amazing chef has recreated Gingy
right down to the gumdrop buttons! – And his legs are broken off too!
– Gingy! – How could you?
(as Gingy) Not the gumdrop buttons! – That’s so mean,
but it smells really good. – I’m gonna hold out on this one,
because I feel like it’s gonna get harder,
and I’m just thinking about him on the table
like “give me my legs back!” – Just ’cause like, he’s looking at me
and I can’t do it. – Mm-hmm, he looks like he’s in pain.
– The gumdrop buttons! – I can resist for Gingy.
I’m not gonna hurt him. – Yeah.
– You don’t hear them screaming? Am I the only one that hears
them screaming? – I mean, yeah, the character’s
just too precious. I don’t wanna kill him. – I wanna eat it so bad,
because gingerbread just smells so good.
But I can’t. I’m gonna say no,
’cause it’s a friend. – I’m gonna do it.
– Damn it, damn it! (buzzer rings) I can’t believe you’re
eating his foot. Actually, this looks disgusting
that Brandon is eating a friend right now.
– I’m gonna go ahead and eat it. – Okay, well, if we’re gonna eat one,
we might as well eat them all. That’s always my…
– I don’t care. (buzzer rings) – Thinking.
– It is so good. (buzzer rings) – I’m eating his leg!
– I was, I already… – I’m Lord Farquaad.
(buzzer rings) Oh yeah, it’s not like
one of those hard ones. – I’m gonna take a button.
– Oh, not the gumdrop buttons! We’re literally monsters.
– I have no problem being one. – Oh, I love it.
– Oh! I love this scene.
– Time to eat some earwax, baby! – Oh wait, no, we’re gonna eat,
is it the slug? – Slug and pumpkin
and something else. Doesn’t look too appetizing. – I’ve always really liked this scene.
There’s something really… – Warm.
– Like satisfying about it. You know?
– Yeah. – He’s content, aw.
– Okay, I remember this scene. This is a sad scene.
– Donkey, aw. (laughs) – He just wanted to
make you some waffles. – And in the morning,
I’m not making waffles. – (FBE) This pumpkin stew
was inspired by the decadent dinner Shrek prepares
for himself to eat alone. – Oh wow!
– Of course, we replaced Shreks’ bugs and rat meat
with some delicious roasted red peppers, juicy steak
and vegetables. – Hmm, I’ll take the bugs.
– Wow, wow. – I’m just gonna think about
his earwax moment. – It smells good,
but I think it’s just like, yeah the pumpkin’s throwing me off.
– (FBE) Both resisting? – (both) Yeah. – I tried the first one,
so I might as well try this one. (buzzer rings) – I’m like hardcore
staring at her eating. Trying to live vicariously
through you. – It’s really good.
– I’ll take your word for it. – I’m going to pass.
– Yo, this smells really good. – No, that looks bomb.
– It smells… – You should try it. – I really want that
winning meal though. – Like my mouth is watering
right now. – Okay, I gotta pass before [bleep]
change my mind. – I want it, I want it, I want it. Did you see that steam?
– Yeah. (buzzer rings) – Oh my God!
It’s so warm! – It smells nice,
but it’s not looking super appetizing right now.
– Trust me! It’s really good.
– Yeah, I’m, I’m gonna skip on this one. – We’re already lost, bro.
– Ah, that’s so true. – We already lost.
– Might as well go big or go home. – And look, it’s steaming.
Oh look at that, it’s steaming! – I hate how you do this in pairs.
This is awful. We’re a terrible influence
on each other. (laughs) Fine, I’ll eat it, God! (buzzer rings)
He’s like oh no, it sucks. – No, it’s actually,
this is really good. – Really good?
– Yeah. (buzzer rings)
Wow, that was unexpected. I am pleased.
– Oh yeah! Dude, I could live like Shrek. – (woman) So have you had any cravings
since you’ve been pregnant? – No.
– Ooh! – Aw, cake, no. – Cake, cake?
– Shrek 3? What Shrek is this, Shrek 3? – (woman) It’s present time! – That would get,
she looked so annoyed. She’s like why does it
have to happen every time? – (FBE) When the other
Far Far Away princessess found out that Fiona
was pregnant in Shrek 3, they threw her a royal baby shower
to celebrate, complete with a stunning
pink and blue cake. – Ugh, this is so cute! But I like, I feel like
the last dish is gonna be so good. – The thing that’s hard,
is it pains me, I’m gonna have to pass. – I wanna pass, I wanna hold out.
I’m gonna be a good person. – I worked in a candy store
for like a year and a half. So sweets, I can pass on
no problem now. And I was never a huge fan
of fondant to begin with. I can resist this one, yeah.
– I think I’m gonna pass too. – That looks delicious!
– It does. Look, even like the consistency
looks really good. – Look, it matches your nails! Oh my God!
– It does! – You have to eat it. – You can’t eat the winning meal
if you eat something now, right? Okay, I’m gonna pass.
– I’m passing. – I’m not a super big fan of cake,
so I can, I can skip this. – Ooh, there’s like
different colored icing inside. I see some like blue and pink. It smells really sweet.
– It smells so sweet. – I know the punishment accumulates,
so I’m like I’ve had one already, but I’ve also already lost,
so what’s really stopping me? – Mm-hmm.
– From… (yells) I’m gonna wait.
– This is so cute! – I’m gonna eat it, this is cute. (buzzer rings) I’m okay, it’s like
Easy Bake Oven cake on crack. (buzzer rings) – Mmm, it’s really good.
– That was good. – A lot of the time
I don’t like fondant, but it’s really good on this cake. – (Donkey) This is gonna be fun! We can stay up late,
swapping manly stories, and in the morning…
– (both) I’m making waffles! – Waffles!?
– (Donkey) And in the morning… – (both) We’re making waffles!
– Yes, I knew it! – (Donkey) Yeah, waffles!
– Look at those. – (Donkey) I thought the waffle fairy
was just a bed time story! – I love waffles, I love Donkey.
– (Donkey) Deliciousness! – This looks so good! – (Shrek) There’s a stack of
freshly made waffles in the middle of the forest. Don’t you find that
a wee bit suspicious? – I love a good waffle. – That is the epitome of Shrek food
is waffles. – Those looked like some
good waffles too. – They did. – Those looked like
some Belgian style waffles. – Yeah, that isn’t no Eggo. – (FBE) So these are the incredible,
decadent waffles Donkey would have whipped up
for Shrek in the morning if he hasn’t
rejected their friendship. – Ooh, these look good. – (FBE) However, we do see these
buttery, fluffy breakfast item in Shrek 4. – Why does it smell so good?
– Look at the butter! You see the syrup is just dripping?
This smells so good. – Yeah, it’s not like a thin waffle,
it’s like a thick waffle. – Yeah.
– We’re almost there. – So should we hold out?
– Yeah, we should hold out. – Okay, okay. – I’m gonna pass, just because
I don’t know what’s ahead. – I’m gonna pass because
I made it this far. I really wanna check out
that winning meal. – I have never seen
waffles match the commercial. These waffles, you smell that? – I’m watching the syrup
just drip off of them. I didn’t hear anything you said.
Let’s just go. – Yeah, yeah. So I don’t know if you knew.
We’re giving in. – Oh, there’s so much butter on this.
– That’s a satisfying sound. That’s a satisfying sound.
(buzzer rings) – Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. – How could Shrek reject
Donkey’s friendship in the first film, and miss out on this?
(buzzer rings) – Mmm, they have that nice
crisp to ’em, but they’re still so fluffy.
(buzzer rings) – I honestly don’t know
how you would deny free waffles. – 100%!
(buzzer rings) – This would be super good
if there was ice cream. (buzzer rings) I forgot this was
a Try Not To Eat challenge, ’cause we’ve been eating everything. – (FBE) Are you guys ready to see
what the winning food is? – Yes!
– Yeah. Like, it better be worth it,
if I passed on cake and waffles. – Yeah. – (FBE) Of course, since you’ve
already eaten some of the foods, you won’t get to sample this one, but we’re gonna make you
look at it anyway, you ready? – Fun fun! ♪ (triumphant music) ♪ – Yeah, oh my God!
– Ooh, it’s a feast! – Oh, I remember this.
– Me too. – This whole thing
goes to [bleep] though. – (Lillian) Everybody dig in!
– (Donkey) Don’t mind if I do Lillian. – (Harold) So I suppose
any grandchildren… – Is it lobster? – (Harold) Would be…
– (Shrek) Ogres. – It’s not lobster. – (Lillian) Not that there’s anything
wrong with that, right Harold? – (Harold) No, of course not!
– Ooh, lobster is great. – Yeah, I totally remember this. – Lobster’s my favorite food.
If it’s lob, oh, a turkey? – (Shrek) Ones who’ve been
locked away in a tower. – It could be any one of these meals. – Wow.
– This is actually one of my favorite scenes ever.
– Yeah. – Of Shrek 2. – (Lillian) …to have the family
together for dinner. – That’s a big ol’ feast right there. – It is, it’s like what do we get? ‘Cause, do we get all of it? – (FBE) We’ve recreated
the decadent feast the king and queen share
with Shrek and Fiona, including… – Two queens about to
go the [bleep] in on a meal, honey. – (FBE) Including a turkey leg,
lobster, ham, veggies, and some freshly baked bread. – This thing is cute.
I like lobsters. – (screams) It’s my favorite food! – That’s a pretty decent sized lobster. – Why, I did,
I forgot that scene! There’s so many foods in Shrek! – I can admit that I [bleep] up. I [bleep] up a little bit,
but I think the apology means clean slate,
and means I can eat this. – (FBE) Nope!
– (both) Cheers! – (FBE) So was this worth waiting for? – Oh yeah.
– Absolutely. – Mm-hmm. (mumbles)
I love lobster, oh my God! – You need to try these potatoes,
this is fire. – Oh my God.
– This smells so bomb. – Maybe try like
a piece of everything. – Oh yeah, this is like…
– Oh that’s like good ham. – This is like what
Thanksgiving should be. We’re winners. (laughs)
This is what winning feels like. – I feel good.
– I feel good. – I’m just nervous about
this punishment though. (laughs) – (FBE) Funny you should mention that. It is time for your punishment.
– Yeah, yeah. – (FBE) Of course, ogres have layers,
just like cake, and onions. – We’re gonna have to eat a raw onion?
– Why didn’t we see this coming? – (FBE) You have to take
one bite for every food you ate today. – Oh, wait!
– Oh [bleep]! – (FBE) That’s three bites.
– You’re gonna finish that whole onion
if you do it that way. – (both) Cheers.
– To ogres. (onions crunching) Oh, this is spicy. – I mean, I’ve eaten raw onion
on stuff before, like whatever.
– It’s not bad. It’s not bugs.
– I was about to say. – As long as it’s not bugs.
– It could have been bugs. – In school, I learned
that if you hold your nose, it’s just like an apple.
– It’s just like an apple. – If you don’t smell it,
it’s just an apple. – Okay.
– Cheers! (onions crunching) Just an apple!
– Just an apple, it’s an apple. – Just an apple, just an apple. – Ugh, okay, yep.
That was totally not worth it. – I probably shouldn’t
have eaten as much. – Dude, how did you eat
half an onion!? You are literally Shrek. – ♪ Somebody once told me ♪
♪ The world is gonna roll me ♪ – Thanks for watching us
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