Try Not To Eat Challenge – The Good Place | People vs. Food

– Oh my god.
– Of course. It had to be. – OH MY GOD! – Janet, can I have
some jalapeño poppers? (ding)
– (gasps) ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) Congratulations.
You’re in the The Good Place! – (gasps)
– Yay! – We’re in the The Good Place?
– We get froyo, right? – But is it the The Good Place, though?
– Yeah, really. – I’m a little scared.
– Oh my god. I’m like– – I made it! Woo!
– (chuckles) – Do you watch that show?
– Yes. I love The Good Place.
– I am obsessed with that show. – It’s so funny.
– I know. It really is. – The writing and everything,
the humor of it is just so funny, you can’t not laugh.
– (FBE) So today, we’re gonna show you guys some scenes
from The Good Place and then we’re gonna present you
with a professional chef’s recreation of the heavenly food
you just saw on screen. – (excited) No! Oh. (laughs)
– Oh my god. I love The Good Place too, so the fact that we’re doing this,
I’m really excited for it. – Oh. We’re gonna have to
try to not eat them. – (FBE) That’s correct!
– (chuckles) – Fork!
– Fork! Shirt! – (FBE) So, if you can get through
all four dishes without eating anything, we’ll present you
with the final winning food to enjoy. And if you can’t resist these treats,
you’ll have to complete a punishment per food you tasted at the end.
– Ooh. – Oh, god.
– Punishments. All right. I can handle it.
– Punishments are worth a million bad points.
– (chuckles) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– So, we’ll see how this goes. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Oh my god.
– Of course. It had to be. – OH MY GOD!
– (Janet) Good afternoon, Eleanor. What can I get you today?
– (Eleanor) Whoa. – There’s so many.
– Do we get all of that? – Janet’s the best.
– She is the best. – (Janet) I recommend
Full Cellphone Battery. – Full cell– oh!
Yeah, ’cause it’s like things that you love
but in flavor form. – I bet it tastes satisfying.
– (Eleanor) It somehow tastes how I felt when my cellphone
was fully charged. Oh, I’m so relaxed.
– (laughs) – It’s comforting. That’s real comfort food.
– I love Kristen Bell. – Y’all ain’t about
to recreate that, ’cause that’s not possible.
(ding) – (laughs)
– (laughs) – (FBE) So, you predicted it.
It’s frozen yogurt. – Yup.
– (FBE) So yes, Janet has made you an exact replica of the frozen yogurt
from Yogurt Yoghurt Yogurté in Neighborhood 12358W,
but does it taste the way your fully charged cellphone feels? (buzzer) – Oh my god.
– (muffled) Oh my god. – Yeah, this tastes like
a fully charged cellphone. This is really good.
– Mm. – This looks so cute.
– It smells good too. – Oh my gosh. No.
You know what? – Oh!
– I can run down to Yogurtland after this and get one.
– And get one. Yeah. – And I know for a fact that there are some
other things that are better than the Cellphone Battery.
– Than this. I’m passing as well.
Not quite as dramatic as my friend, but yes.
– I wanted this, so… – Ooh.
– This sounds nice. – Yeah, it does.
– Ooh, it’s like icy. – Slushy?
– Mm-hmm. – Does it taste like a fully charged
phone battery would feel? – 89%.
– Mm. See, that’s not worth it.
– The sprinkles really help. – It reminds me of Danimals.
– The Danimals? – Danimals, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– The Danimals yogurt! – My childhood. That’s what it is.
Janet beeped in our childhood in the yogurt. I’m just gonna do it.
I know I’m gonna lose on everything else, so it’s fine.
– I already lost. I really didn’t mean to.
I thought I was gonna hold off, and then I just looked
at them sprinkles and I was like, “Dang.”
– (Tahani) Please, take a maple butter scone.
I made them… – Ooh! Maple butter scones?
– (gasps) Scones! – (in “English” accent) A
maple butter scone. – (Eleanor) They look a bit burnt. (grudgingly) …but they’re not.
– (laughs) – (Eleanor) Oh fork, that’s good.
– Everything’s perfect! Okay, I just had a sweet.
Do I want another sweet? Yeah. (laughs)
– Yes. Yes. – (Janet)
(ding) – They look so good.
– Yup! Yup. That smells fantastic. – (FBE) So, yes. These are
Tahani’s maple butter scones. And trust us, they are
really forking good. – Ah, god.
– Ahhh. – I could smell the maple syrup.
– Okay, yeah. – No, this just isn’t, you know,
if I die and there’s one thing that’s gonna be
in heaven winning for me, this isn’t it.
– Not it. – We’re trying to go for the gold.
– I’m holding out for the big win. – Ooh, they got some
little drizzle on it. – They look so good. Oh my god.
– They got a little drizzle on ’em! Ooh. That’s things soft.
– It smells so good. And I don’t think I’ve ever had
one of these in my life, so… Oh, she’s already eating it.
I mean, this looks bomb as hell. – Honestly, it’s worth it.
You should do it. It’s worth it. This one’s good.
– Oh my god. This is really good. (buzzer) – Is it so good?
‘Cause it looks so good. – It’s better than the yogurt.
– I can’t! I’ve never made it to the end.
I always eat it, and I really wanna know what The Good Place is like.
– That’s fair. – These are cute.
And Tahani made them, so… – Mm. MMM! They’re warm!
(buzzer) – Mm-hmm. Oh, wow.
– They’re warm! – This is amazing.
I wasn’t expecting them to be warm and as soft
as they are. – Oh, god.
– They’re a perfect 50/50 mix of maple and butter.
– Yes! Mm-hmm. But you can just taste
the warm butter inside of this. – (Janet) What are jalapeño poppers?
– Oh! – Jalapeño poppers.
– (Jason) I know this one. Okay. They’re deep fried jalapeños
filled with cheese. One time, at a Buffalo Wild Wings
in Jacksonville– the nice one, not the one above the gas station–
I ate 50 of them in two minutes. Everyone at the hospital
was so impressed. – Jason is also just one
of my favorite characters. He’s the goofiest person,
and I love him for it. – Janet, can I have
some jalapeño poppers? (ding)
– (gasps) Wow! – (Sabrina) Dude, I’m doing it.
– (Jordan) You’re doing it? – I’m doing it.
I love jalapeño poppers. – Do it.
(buzzer) – It’s really good.
– I think I’m gonna hold off on this one.
– Really? – One less punishment food.
– I just don’t wanna do four different things
for the punishment. – I just don’t want a jalapeño popper.
– Fork! (buzzer)
– Mm. They are really good. – My mouth is watering.
– (whistles appreciatively) – But you know, I’ve had
awesome homemade ones wrapped in bacon. This is not it–
– Oh, wrapped in bacon! Pfft. Excuse me! I will go for
the bacon-wrapped anything any day. – I’m such a sucker for jalapeños.
I’ll put jalapeños on anything. My mouth is watering.
(buzzer) – Oh! (laughs)
I will resist this one. – (Eleanor) So, where’s the judge?
– Oh! – Oh, the burrito!
– (gasps) Ohhh. – (Chidi) Maybe one of us
is supposed to eat it, or… – Oh my god. That looks so good.
– (Chidi) Maybe it’s a test to see how long we can go without eating it.
– (Jason) I’m not scared of any burrito. I’ll eat it.
– Oh, no. – (snickers)
– (Eleanor) I-I-I feel weird saying this to an almighty judge,
but you have hot sauce on your chin.
– That is a heavenly burrito. – Oh my god.
– (judge) Well, it’s actually not hot sauce.
It’s envy, or the concept of envy. It’s really good on Mexican food.
It gives it a little kick. – (both chuckle)
– I love burritos and Maya Rudolph, so…
– Yeah, who doesn’t? – Got a little bite
to it, that envy. (laughs) – Let’s go to burrito town.
– (FBE) One burrito please, Janet. (ding) – (laughs)
– So pretty! It’s exactly too.
It’s the hot sauce and the burrito. – Oh my god.
– (FBE) So yes, this is the judge’s burrito, fit for
an immortal being. It has steak, chicken,
beans, rice, veggies, guacamole, and of course,
it’s served with a side of envy, which I think you’ll find
really does give it a little kick. – Bruh! That looks so good.
– I’m not gonna do it, ’cause I don’t wanna share it.
It’s all or nothing. – I’m good with what I got.
I have burritos too often. – Open that baby up.
– Oh, wait. That looks delicious. – We’re so close!
– I know. We are close. I’m like, I want to, but I feel like–
We’re gonna give this back. – That’s right.
– You know, we’re not accepting this, because we wanna give it
to somebody else who needs the nourishment
from this fantastic burrito. – I do have to make it through one,
so I’m gonna resist. – All right. However, I will have you
pour the Cholula for me. It’s gonna be a team effort.
– It’s a team effort. Go, go, go. Ooh.
– Ooh, all right. Mm! – Damn.
– I need some burrito. – (chuckles) Oh,
she’s going for it. (buzzer)
Go for it! This is the one
that I’m gonna tap out on. I’m giving myself one
that I’m not gonna eat even though it’s supposed
to be the reverse. – (FBE) All right, guys!
So, congratulations. – (gasps) We made it?!
– We made it! (claps) – Oh my god. That was the last one!
– (FBE) Are you ready to see what the winning food
is going to be? – Okay. Winner first.
– (Eleanor) Hold on there, ace. – Oh, shrimp!
– No! – I should’ve known!
– Of course it was! – (Chidi) Easy.
– Me! I am Eleanor. – (clapping)
– How much shrimp did she eat at this party?
– (Michael) Eleanor, I had Janet make you a never-ending
shrimp dispenser. – I am a garbage person, and that is one
of my favorite foods ever. – Really?
– I’m not lying. – Good. I’m happy for you.
– It’s so gross, and I love it. – (Eleanor exclaims happily) (softly) This is the dream.
– (Chidi) It is? – (Eleanor) Yeah.
– (both laugh) – Wow. Okay. I didn’t even
think about shrimp, but this all makes sense now.
– Yeah. – (FBE) So, for
the winning dish today, our chef has whipped up
a trio of shrimp from Eleanor’s shrimp dispenser.
– I knew it. – (gasps)
– (FBE) We’ve got coconut shrimp… – I told you.
– (FBE) …tempura shrimp with garlic sauce, and of course,
a delicious shrimp cocktail. – All right. (snaps)
– Yes! – Cheers, bitch.
– Cheers! Ah. – (both) Mm.
– Mm-hmm. Mm! – Nice and fresh.
– Mm-hmm. – If it was just the cocktail,
if it was just shrimp cocktail or just one of these,
I wouldn’t be jealous. But since he has
a smorgasbord of shrimp… now, I’m jealous. I’m mad.
– This is the The Good Place. – I love shrimp.
This looks so good. I want the one in the middle so badly.
– I’m a bit bummed, but I’m still so happy
with our decisions. Like the froyo was great.
– Mm-hmm. – The jalapeño poppers were great.
– Yeah. – Everything’s been delicious so far.
– Absolutely. – (FBE) Well, Danny,
we didn’t want you to feel out. – Uh-huh. Yeah.
– (FBE) So, we have another dish for you too.
– Great. – (FBE) Are you ready for your–
– No. – (FBE) For your losing dish?
– No. – (Eleanor) WOO! Nobody
try mystery flavor. It’s white chocolate,
and it is nasty. – Eww! White chocolate shrimp?!
– No! – So, this is really
a punishment for me. I don’t like shrimp,
and I don’t like white chocolate. – (FBE) You also get shrimp
form Eleanor’s shrimp dispenser, but yours are mystery flavor.
– (snickers) – (FBE) Of course, in true
Good Place style, we can’t just punish you.
We have to torture you a little bit too.
So, Sharon, our resident comedian here is going to roast you…
– Sharon! – (FBE) …while you eat
your mystery flavor shrimp. – Oh, no!
– Why does that somehow make it better?
– Oh, look. I’ve landed in the sandwich
of basic bitches. – (squeals)
– We didn’t have to know if you had willpower.
Look what the hairstylist is able to talk you into.
– (laughs) – You’re into LARP!
– I am into LARP. – Have you ever thought
of roleplaying a winner? – (Tori and Ryan laugh)
– You don’t think it’s gonna be that bad…
– What? Your life or the challenge? – Can I have another Kleenex
for crying? – This is disgusting.
– This is so gross. – Oh. Said your last boyfriend.
– (laughs) – Fair enough.
– (FBE) So, Jonathan, how are you feeling
about your victory right about now? – I feel great.
It’s like dinner and a show. – Oh, I have so many comments.
– (chuckles) – But you won, so I won’t say them.
– Yay! (claps) – I’m trying to think in my head,
“This is a dinner and a show.” – Yeah. Dinner and show.
– It’s a dinner and show. Dinner and show.
– And then you’re getting dizzy, because thinking and eating,
two things at one time, it can get crazy! – So, like a cover.
– Are you almost done? – No, I got two more shrimp.
– Oh, boy. – This is horrible.
– Well, just think, you’ll be out of here soon
and back to lifting your shirt for Instagram, going, “Look
how innocent yet sexy I feel I am.” – Separately, these things
are delicious. But together, this is… atrocious.
– Ah. It’s almost like you and Eric. (laughs)
– (Tori and Ryan laugh) – Separately amazing–
– (all laugh) – I don’t know if I’m sweating
from the humiliation or the taste. – (FBE) The very last question
for you today. How excited are you
for the last season of The Good Place? – So excited. September 26th!
– I can’t believe it’s the final season.
– I know! What are they gonna do?
How are they gonna wrap it up? It’s gonna be great, though.
– If someone told me I had to eat 50 of these
to watch season four, I’d make myself do it.
– Yeah, I’d do it. I’d definitely do it.
– The show is just that good. – Thanks for watching us
try not to eat Good Place foods on the React Channel.
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