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– Looks so delicious.
You should take a bite. – Jim, I don’t like
that you’re instigating this. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) So, you’re in for
a treat today. We’re going to show you
some scenes from the Simpsons and we will present you
with some delicious food from the show
recreated by a professional chef. – Yes.
– The Simpsons? Oh, I like this.
– And I like food. – I am a huge Simpsons fan.
– Huge fan. – The Simpsons was just
something that was always on TV and it’s just
something I grew up with. – I like the Simpsons a lot,
’cause they’ve been around forever. – I grew up watching them,
so I’m really excited for this episode.
My favorite ones are the treehouse of horrors. – (FBE) Of course, we can’t
be that nice to you guys. This is a try not to eat challenge,
so whoever can get through these four dishes
and not eat anything wins, but if you do try something,
there will be a punishment per food at the end.
– Try not to eat? Oh my gosh.
That’s impossible. – A lot of the food
that’s in the Simpsons is food that’s bad for you
and I really want it. – (Homer) Sorry, I only eat
food in bar form. When you concentrate food,
you unleash its awesome power, I’m told.
That’s why I’m compressing five pounds of spaghetti
into one handy mouth sized bar. – A little Parmesan cheese though. – You know, if I wouldn’t
be punished for it, I’d absolutely try it. – (Homer) Hospital, please.
– At first, I was really grossed out by it,
but now, kind of the convenience of having something in a bar.
I get it. – (FBE) So, our chef found
a delicious way to turn this spaghetti into a yummy bar.
Unlike what happened to Homer, this won’t send you to the hospital.
It’s so delicious and now I wanna eat spaghetti
like this from now on. – This looks so good. – I’m gonna pass on this one.
I wanna see what else you guys got. – I’ll also pass. – Oh gosh.
– I think I’m good. – I think I can hold off
only because I know what spaghetti tastes like.
– Yeah. – It’s just in bar form. – I think I might save it.
If I’m gonna eat something here, it’s gonna be something better
than a bar of spaghetti. – Okay, yeah, it’s a hard pass
for me. – You’re gonna eat it?
– Ew, nope. I’m trying to find ways
to make myself not wanna eat it and that way is by talking
about how it looks like a worm. You’re only gonna be able
to taste this once. I don’t think you’re gonna
go home and make– – Yeah, you try it.
– No. – I think I’m gonna leave it.
I don’t think it’s worth the punishment. – Ooh, I remember this episode. – Right, this is when he
goes to hell. – (demon) Donuts in the world.
– Donuts! – They have to have
a donut thing. – Donuts in the Simpsons
are such a staple. – Oh my God, me. – (Homer) More. – And Homer’s never gonna
get tired of donuts. – (demon) I don’t understand it.
James Coco went mad in fifteen minutes.
– Oh, this is gonna be easy to resist because
I don’t like stereotypes and as a police officer,
I am not gonna be seen on video eating a donut. – Is that hell?
Are they in hell? – I think they’re in hell. – (FBE) Just like Homer,
I could keep eating these forever. This is the best donut
I’ve ever had. You gonna try?
– Okay, these are really pretty and golden.
– Ah, It looks so delicious. You should take a bite.
– Jim, I don’t like that you’re instigating this.
If I’m going down for something, it’s gonna
be for a donut. Oh my God, it’s strawberry
flavored. – Yeah?
– Anything strawberry flavored is so good. – I’m going for it.
– I’ll tell you why no because if I have one,
I just wanna have 30 of them. – This is pretty good.
– That’s a good argument. – It’s pretty good.
– Is it worth– – It’s not–
it’s unique. – I can eat a whole box, so..
– Oh, does that count? I accidentally licked
the frosting off my finger. – Yeah, you did.
– Does that count? – That’s not fair.
Eat it now. Donuts.
– I think it’s good, but I don’t think it was
worth what the punishment’s gonna be, ’cause the punishment’s
gonna be ten times worse probably and we just screwed
ourselves over. – Well.
– And it was your fault, ’cause you peer pressured me
into eating it. – You licked it,
so you lost. – I’m gonna pass
on this one. – Yeah, we’re staying strong. – Wow, that does look really good,
but I can hold off on the donut. I have to do that on the daily.
– Yeah, I think I’m good. – (Homer) The perfect chance
to make my patented space age, out of this world
moon waffles. – Moon waffles? – Oh my God,
I’m such a sucker for waffles. – (Homer) Caramel, waffle batter,
liquid smoke. – Liquid smoke?
Come on, Homer. – Cartoon food’s supposed
to be good. This looks kind of disgusting. – Ooh, what a masterpiece. – Oh man, there’s even some things
I won’t eat. – That looks like a heart attack
right there. – That looks delicious.
– Ew. – (FBE) So, as an homage
to Homer’s moon waffles, these are cooked with yummy
caramel in the waffle and we smothered it in butter
and real maple syrup for you. – It’s so pretty.
Yeah. – Now I’m all–
I’m gonna eat it. – I’m gonna eat it.
That looks so good. – That’s a sensible bite, right?
– Mm. That caramel makes it so chewy. – I don’t wanna eat
all the butter. – It’s really sweet.
– I like it. – I’m gonna pass.
Iron will. – Wait, okay, but then
I’m also thinking I already ate one.
– You already– okay, you’re gonna lose
the challenge, so you might as well
just enjoy yourself. – I just want a little bit
of a burnt piece, just a little. It looked a lot grosser
in the cartoon, ’cause it was wrapped
in butter, but I can take this. – That’s the only reason
why I didn’t eat it is ’cause it wasn’t
wrapped in butter. – Smells fantastic.
I can smell it from here. I don’t–
I can’t do it. – I’m good.
A lot of these are– they’re simple, but they
look delicious. – I’m gonna have to pass.
I’m not a big breakfast food person. – I’m gonna pass.
– You have more self control than I do, man.
– Well, let’s see if it gets better. – Wait, are these the nachos? – Nacho hat. – (Flanders) I keep telling you,
you’re my guest. – (Homer) Ooh, you brought
me a nacho hat. – Nacho hat.
– Oh, I love nachos. Oh my God. – (Homer) Ooh, you brought
me a nacho hat. – Yes, yes. – (Homer) ♪ Nacho, nacho man ♪ – (singing along) ♪ I wanna be
a nacho man ♪ – Okay, I love nachos.
That looks kind of amazing. – That looks great. – I think this one’s
the hardest one for me, not because it’s nacho,
just because the hat, nacho hat.
How could you not? – (FBE) This is our last
and most impressive one yet. Our chef actually created
a hat made out of tortilla and inside this hat
is delicious, mouthwatering queso. Honestly, you’re doing yourself
a disservice if you don’t try it. – I already lost.
– Just have at it. – It’s shaped like a hat,
it’s fashion and food. – It looks delicious.
Is it good? Yeah?
– The hat is really good. – You guys are not joking
when you say it’s a punishment food, so I’m gonna pass. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – I’m just going all in. – Cheese is really good.
– Yeah. – I love that this is spicy
nacho cheese. It’s good with all
the jalapenos in there. – Right, it has the right
amount of spices. Not too spicy,
not too cheesy. – It looks amazing,
but I’m gonna pass. – The cheese actually looks
really good, but… Yeah, I’m gonna pass. – As much as I would love to
try this, I’m already not a big fan of nachos.
I feel like they’re overhyped, so I’m gonna have to pass
on this one. – The thing is, I wanna win
more than anything. – (FBE) Now it’s time
for the winning dish. Neither of you won,
but we’re still gonna make you watch the scene anyway.
– Your fault. You peer pressured me
into the culture. – (Homer) One ribwich please.
– A ribwich? – We’re trying the ribwich? – Oh, ribs are amazing. – What’s– – I’m a little bit jealous,
I’ll be honest. – (cashier) Sir, are you all right?
– (Homer) I have eaten the ribs of God.
– I hope they’re that good. – Compared to everything else,
that’s probably the most appetizing one. – (FBE) Jim, you won.
Here is a delicious, savory rib sandwich.
It’s addictive and so full of flavor and tender. – Oh, that’s quality rib.
This is fine. – Don’t mind me. – I hate you. – It’s so good.
– I’m glad I didn’t eat anything else, ’cause
this was worth it. – (FBE) So, inspired by
the rotten sandwich Homer gets sick from keeping
for so long, we got a disgusting sandwich
for you where we used some special ingredients
to at least make it taste rotten. – Ew.
– (FBE) One bite for every food you ate.
– What? Okay, hold on.
What is in this? Is that ham that’s purple?
Ew, ew. It smells like it has sardines
or fish or something in it. What kind of–
what dressing is that in this? I love the Simpsons.
I think this is gonna be a little bit in the back
of my mind now whenever I watch it. – This is kinda cute.
It’s totally my aesthetic. – Ew.
Tastes like fish, dude. – Ew, there’s a fishiness to it. – That made of just rotten fish?
– Tastes like bait. – This is a great episode.
I’m not mad about it. – Thanks for watching us
try not eat Simpsons food on the React Channel. – Subscribe for new shows
every day. – What other food fandom
should we try? Let us know in the comments. – Bye. – Hey guys, I’m Katie,
a React Channel producer. Thank you so much
for watching this Simpsons Try Not to Eat.
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