Truth and Lies of Life

So today, we’re going to talk about this
concept of truth, you know, and I’ve talked about this before. Because when I
talk about truth, I talk about, there’s the truth capital T and then a lowercase
T. The capital T truth is God’s truth and the lowercase t is mankind’s truth. And
mankind’s truth is really really, at the end of the day, is just made up of
opinions. And it’s kind of startling, because human beings get very passionate
about the truth but they’re never passionate about the truth only their
opinions and this whole thing gets messed up because wars have been fought
over just simply opinions people are dying over opinions and that makes no
sense whatsoever they justify it as though it’s the truth of God you know
they they put on their shields across you know representing you know God is
with us in this murderous behavior and God has nothing to do with any of these
things because on earth in God there’s just the capital T truth on earth you
have at best lowercase T like when we’re getting it and then you also have what’s
false that which is true that which is false so what I’m saying is that God
only knows the absolute truth we can join with God we can align with God and
then start to get a clue and that’s nice we can start getting an idea of the
truth but we can’t claim to know the absolute truth till we are completely
one with the absolute and that can’t be done when there’s any residual ability
to judge so you can’t as soon as you judge you don’t know the truth capital T
judging excludes your mind from knowing anything as soon as you judge you are
out of your mind you’re in a state of insanity and and
that sounds you know pretty extreme but when you you know when we get into
judgments we’re not capable of knowing anything so that’s why we start when you
don’t know some you start to get insecure like when
people argue about things the more you argue you know me thinkest thou dost
protest it’s too much right the more you argue and fight something the more it
might be confirming you don’t know that’s why there’s a saying that when
you know like in Taoism when you know you don’t speak as much that doesn’t
mean that when you give a lecture when you talk to your children try to teach
them some it means you don’t know something it means when you get so
invested and intent about proving something the less you might know and
and it’s interesting like I’ve noticed lately certain topics whether the people
get into politics or whatever else people get so intent and so passionate
or intense about their beliefs and they get mad I don’t know about how many of
you but the less I engage the more mandate yet which makes me even less
likely to engage and when people say why don’t you get more if you really push me
for an answer I would have to say cuz I don’t care I don’t care about arguing
whatever this or that but but I what I will try to do is hear people just
listen if they’re hurtful or violent not interested like a John Lennon statement
in the song revolution you know if you want money for people with minds that
hate all I can tell you is you’ll have to wait I’m not interested in supporting
hateful people on any topic so the truth of God is what we are it’s not just what
we seek like I need to know the truth people go and sit in caves for years and
years till they know the truth of God and at the end of the day you you can’t
actually learn it what we do is we realize I am I am the truth of God and
it sounds arrogant but Christ consciousness teaches us it’s arrogant
to say that you’re not the truth of God it that’s what’s arrogant because God
already said I made you in my image well no we’re not so sure about that anymore
we have like our opinions God’s saying I am you are
period knowing the truth of God comes from knowing that and that’s why when
you know that you have less to argue about less to fight about no need no
need so instead we start to realize I may not know the truth completely but I
have to at least start aligning with truth even if it’s lowercase T let me
start getting into truth because beneath truth even lower than that starts to
become more and more opinions lowercase T at least it has it has the potential
to reflect some truth but we want to just go hey wait I don’t really want to
get into opinions and then some people will say my opinion is not an opinion
it’s a fact and that’s dangerous because you start telling me facts you’re trying
to prove something and and people say you know like to me or to you you can
tell them about you know your understanding of God or prayer or
meditation forgiveness it’s almost ludicrous if you’re talking about prayer
and love and God and they say what degrees do you have
it’s almost notice the energy is so contrasted a degree in what you know I
just know I’m just gonna go over here with you know Buddha Lao Tzu Jesus my
mother Mary you know and so on no degrees thank you like people don’t get
it on this planet they get so upset and insecure so it’s to me the first thing
we have to do before we can learn the truth on even on earth the you know
truth as we know it here the first thing we need to do is learn what’s not true
about ourselves and everything else in other words you can’t be filled your cup
can’t be filled if it’s already filled you see what I’m saying you know the old
saying right the you know meditative concepts and so on your cups already
full it’s it can’t be given anything else so it’s like your opinion your mind
is already full so I need to unlearn before I can learn the truth you can’t
stuff the truth in some people say how come some teachings are insistent that
you come in without a bunch of their preconceived ideas in other words
they tell you can’t study this and this now you can just most people can’t
because what they do is they try to make it fit their thing you know I when I
first read A Course in Miracles some people got really weird about the course
like they just the brains couldn’t handle it for understandable reasons too
because it’s a lot there man but some people couldn’t handle it because they
couldn’t make it reconciled with their other beliefs and and you’re supposed to
not try to make it get reconciled you’re supposed to say this feels right or it
doesn’t and if it does let it be the truth for me other things can have to
reconcile to it rather than it to them but then you have to make a commitment
what you believe the person that says well I’m gonna just make them all
squeeze in you’re trying to be eclectic which is non-committal which is a person
who does not know or understand anything you’re trying to play it safe you know
there’s a movie that was out where a creatures coming after a guy you know
and and he’s trying to like use he uses one thing like a prayer to get rid of it
but it’s funny because he tries to cross then he tries to Buddhist mala beads
then he tried he’s going through all his religious artifacts whichever one’s
gonna work you know and that’s what it reminds me of human beings they just
anything they can just grab hold of but no actual absorption no integration no I
am it’s let’s try let’s try let’s try no truly being so there’s this thickness
this concept of the truth of God and people are actually afraid because it’s
not just God that people have seemingly separated from we’re actually part of
God so we separated from each other and from ourselves you can’t do one without
the others happening because they’re all an ecosystem so we talked about like
separating from God but we still separate from God when we separate from
each other God’s truth is one so if you want to
join you can’t just join like well I’m gonna get along with you because you’re
a Republican or a Democrat because there’s still two groups and more and
that’s only in one country so you can’t force nor even try to like
behave like you’re one we actually start to see that we are and as we see that we
are we start dropping really low end of truth lowercase T that are called
opinions higher aspect of lowercase T truth would be I’m starting to get an
understanding of the truth of God but I would really like to live where the
truth of God is aligned or that I’m my truth is aligned with God’s truth and I
can also get my opinions to align with that truth is it also aligned with God
try to get all of them lined up whenever I look at myself any of us not just me
whenever I look at myself and recognize there’s the truth of God and right now
my opinions and my truth are not lining up with that then I become suspicious of
myself I need my opinions to align with my
inner truth and the inner truth to align with God’s greater truth when that
happens you can tell there’s there’s that Zen vibe to it there’s this locked
in man I’m like feel like everything’s locked in it just feels really congruent
there’s no in congruence there’s no out of alignment where I talk the love of
God the light of God and then my behaviors are completely contrary does
that make sense so we have to get all of this to kind of fall into an aligned
kind of a space now there’s something on earth that that I’ll call the the the SS
the SS because it’s about skepticism and that’s a you know science and Church
science tries to teach us to be skeptical it’s kind of strange but it
tries it you know and church tries to teach us about sacrifice what I’m saying
is the SS on earth is going to be one of two groups skepticism and sacrifice
that’s the SS and they come from skepticism of science the sacrifice of
religion so watch skepticism of science says there’s no such thing as God the
sacrifice of Church is there is and it doesn’t like
you so both of the things that run this world the SS is not healthy but both of
them are doing the exact same thing even though science is saying all religion
that’s for people that are weak and they don’t you know but they’re doing the
same thing because both of them disconnect you from God my skepticism is
gonna disconnect you and my making you fear God even though you’ll go through
ritual oh dear beloved God and you’ll go through to church and you’ll sit you’ll
you’ll kneel you’ll pray but you’re actually terrified of that God how do we
know because the religions you follow are telling you should be afraid at the
end of the day all of us have had at least one really heavy-duty lifetime
where we were told we’re going to get zapped when we pass over to the other
side and the fact when you pass usually it’s God that zapped you the Lord giveth
and the Lord taketh away think about it it’s like it’s all so paranoid this I
believe in God you know like watch out because it’s out to get you so you know
you go and you sit in circles and o’money padmi and boom Shakalaka but all
the time all the time there’s this feeling what if I’ve got the wrong
religion or you know according to the religion it says and you can you can
make the rituals elaborate it can be very Buddhist and the you know Kyoto
monks the chanting and it could be pagan and it could be high mass of the you
know some religions and it can have any dressings to it but all of it believe it
or not and I’m not dissing any of them all of them have a potential to be a
beautiful place for people to go and experience something but at the end of
the day all of them involve something called doing you’re doing your mantras
you’re doing your Yantra you’re doing your chanting you’re doing your prayers
you’re doing your you know confessions you’re doing communion you’re doing all
these things all of them are firm you’re not already
there you’re not already deserving I would say to those people in their
religions in their buildings look at him how silly they all look at some of the
outfits it’s crazy this one person in these wild clothes with a you know a
stick of some kind out under the weather and beating the stick to the ground and
you think I’m talking about pagans these are golfers No so anyway anyway cursing
to the Lord you know anyway all the bizarre to do’s and their ceremonies and
the rituals the scientists are laughing Adam but the scientists are saying
you’re so you’re so naive religions you’re so nice so gullible if you could
only understand we only go with facts really because it’s starting to be
understood more and more that the theories that a scientist goes out to
prove usually gets proven why let’s let’s segue just for a moment to that
direction because everything in this universe the material universe is made
up of atomic energy and beneath atomic energy our attempt atomic waves and
science and quantum physics has proven quantum waves seem to behave in a way
that is expected by the observer which means that scientists are then creating
before they even see the result of their tests they’re already creating the
results of the tests like Descartes said I think therefore I am well it’s also
safe saying is accurate to say I think therefore it shall be because the
quantum universe responds to our thinking so the scientist is doing the
same thing the religious person is doing which is I hope this works out but you’re already pre conceding it
aren’t you being a little bit superstitious when you think you’re
being objective and you do a scientific experiments that’s already fixed it’s
already going to somewhat be affected by your thinking so you’re calling these
people naive and and gullible and suspicion oriented or following a
superstition sorry superstition oriented and yet they’re doing the same thing and
both lead us away from God they don’t allow the truth of God they say no no
this isn’t God’s stuff these are facts this is scientific facts that your mind
manipulated into being so it’s not really a fact it’s still an opinion and
people will argue this this is not opinion this is scientific fact
I even read it in the readers inner ear in the National Enquirer you know people
think newspapers just because they’re printed on paper this it’s fact people
tell me all the time as I saw in the newspaper Michael oh well then forgive I
just back out of this conversation right now
you think I’m impressed you don’t think newspapers are affected by opinions you
don’t think they’re affected by money and people with direction they want you
to go all of it is crazy some people got very passionately invested in the last
election and this goes this way or that way I really don’t care but what I the
only time I got momentarily pleased is when I saw that all of the analysts and
experts didn’t know what to do we’re being paid megabucks
to be on the TV screen to tell you here’s why this is gonna happen and
nothing worked and they’re like you know I don’t know it’s a you know I don’t
know what to say I where am I gonna get answers you have none and you never did
as far as I’m concerned and what are you gonna do this is planet Earth they have
it there needs to be jobs it’s just relax take it with a little
bit of a grain of salt don’t say just because it’s in a newspaper it must be
true do you know that people have gone to
prison because of facts that ended up being wrong and they were released later
people were biased based on race or by circumstantial evidence and also which
attorney spoke the loudest there’s a famous attorney from the I think 1800s I
think it was in this country and he used to be perfect at captivating hypnotizing
the jury and he would just when the other people were talking he would
distract them when the other you know lawyers were talking he would just
distract them how well one thing he put a wire through
his cigar and then lit it and had its you know smoking of the whole time and
the ashes would never fall so he would say and this is just one of his little
gimmicks we just and people were like you know you like he had that’s just one
of his gimmicks to make sure they never listened when the others were talking
there’s games in this world man there’s games just like the old story about
mixing when in winning an election because it became televised he wasn’t
attractive enough for some people that’s not how you’re supposed to vote but
insane people you know voting for insane people to run an insane system and I say
insane because I’m saying it’s not God it was designed to be as close to God as
possible you know what that’s called our forefathers actually created a system
they are asking for guidance on how to do that just like we did with unity up
Sedona just because you’re Church doesn’t mean you have a guided system
you need help you need help with a family a church of business anything we
can bring the truth of God into anything it’ll still be a lowercase truth but at
least it’s not stuck down in opinions and we can get our opinions to help
build that truth within us and that truth can align with the truth of God
but most people segment most people can’t keep that alignment so they say
when I have children I’m going to do it differently which is like saying I want
the truth of God to come in to me and inspire me as a good parent
then let it come all the way down to my actions but we often lose it throughout
that process and you can have this even in government and at least our
government tried to start off that way but again it gets beat up beat up with
opinions I think we need to do an amendment to that amendment to that
amendment to that amendment and now you’re just dealing with segmenting more
and more and more into opinions you can’t have a healthy anything run by
opinions now this is called duality then this world dennis is just made up of
duality duality is the pendulum that swings I like my pendulum over here
we’re Republican know you need to be a Democrat it’s just using an example or
races or genders we’re the ones we’re ruling it’s a
feminist time it’s you know divine feminine divine masculine and you know
where God is not doing anything just gonna what are you people doing it you
know that’s right you heard it here God is not a swinger so so we’re swing so so
if you’re not in the truth of God you have to stop for a minute and admit this
that wasn’t so bad was it really you have to admit this if God is here are
you can you really be to print very proud that you’re one of these I see I
when I realize I’m over here I don’t feel that good because I realize I like
I’m better than being over there cuz I don’t like them but they’re still of
them I want to ask myself why am I not here it doesn’t matter how much you
justify being this or that there’s still a this or that which means you’re gonna
fight in battle things you’re going to engage you’re gonna wrestle with issues
and subjects and around and around you going where it stops nobody knows so
just think about this wherever you think you are justified you know science
versus religion people talk about that then people say no no you know we really
want to do is get science to confirm religion and vice versa let them accept
each you’re trying to fabricate a duality
coming together which will not happen Jesus says in A Course in Miracles a
universal theology is not possible meaning while people are here seemingly
divided thinking their own opinions having their own opinions they will not
all say I have an idea we’re going to start a religion that
everybody will like it won’t happen because if you’re segmented you’re still
an ego and if you’re an ego you will not find oneness so it’s the easy way or the
hard way that we can learn this but others may do as they may but for me and
mine I will serve the Living God which means I’m gonna do my best to find that
Center I want to stay here and not swing this way or that way that’s what all the
Mystics were saying about no not getting invested Detachment non-attachment and
all the other words for it they all mean the same thing they mean I’m looking for
this thing I’m looking to how to be there and you can try to do all kinds of
things to get there and there’s really only one of two ways responsible
behavior I will look at my opinions track them see where they’re coming from
release them empty myself and surrender to God or secondly simply humbly asking
God to teach you how can I be there you know god I’m over here or I’m over here
or I’m swinging back and forth between two decisions and God’s saying to you to
us there are no two decisions in me there are no two decisions oh wow okay
well someday maybe if I ever get up there then I won’t get stuck you know in
duality no in God there’s no two how do you get to the God part well I said
eventually after years and years of prayer and meditation and absence and so
on I will eventually get there no all you have to do is imagine right now that
you are feeling a feeling of God such as love peace joy oneness and then any
decisions you have to make in the crazy world down here just make the one that
is most in alignment with love peace joy and
doing the god thing which means you automatically take the elevator up to
that point and you lock in for a moment and then you’ll go that you know that’s
weird I was thinking I was choosing between two two jobs two people or
whatever but when I thought about two people wait there’s no two people
there’s me and my own healthiness let me Center on healthiness not which person
will I like more instead my own healthiness then as I sit
the way God does in my own oneness my own beingness I can say you know now
centered in this beingness if there are people I would like to share some time
with or life with which most resonates with this feeling and you have your only
answer the head the opinions don’t have to get in there and you don’t have to
become the religionist that’s afraid and choosing the lesser of two evils and you
also don’t have to be the scientist who says well I’m gonna use you know my
little experiments such as synchronicities you know and ones blonde
ones brunette and then I went and my astrologer said they’ll be a blonde
coming into your life I knew it and it was good they should have finished their
sentence which would have been run but instead instead you’re like
synchronicity I hope that’s it thank you I don’t need any more wait wait wait no
to astrology thank you boom you go out you hook up with this
person and hell cometh so so look at this duality guys the
duality is an insanity it’s complete insanity you can say that’s too heavy of
a term duality is insanity from the get-go because it means there’s a this
and of that a me and a you and if we are separate divided we fall united we stand so when Jesus said where
two or more are gathered in my name there shall I be he’s saying where two
or more are gathered in truth meaning they separate the separation they let
the separation fall and they join with each other when two or more are gathered
in one truth there will I be where was I the truth aligned with truth truth will
be it becomes so apparent something a lot of people don’t know about a Course
in Miracles there’s a point where you know because it’s mystical and this
woman received that’s all cool but that’s you know that’s special effects
still do you know what really made a Course in Miracles come about and the
Course in Miracles is the teaching of the remembrance of Christ consciousness
it’s pretty powerful pretty important stuff how did it come about well there
were the past lives of this woman eventually no and that’s cool but that’s
special effects and then there’s this and synchronicities and all that’s great
underneath it is this the woman was saying I’m struggling and I something’s
wrong with this world I don’t know what it is something’s wrong with life and
there must be another way and when her partner said I’m determined to help you
find that way Jesus said it locked in something magical something miraculous
that is furthermore the guy said because she was talking about her how she looks
and how she feels about herself and he said I am determined not to see that
negative side that you keep worrying about jesus said there again was a piece
that locked it all together because by saying I refused to see that in you this
thing she was obsessing on Jesus test says to them you were insisting to not
see the ego of her when you insisted not see her ego her other self emerged
and could receive a course in miracles meaning it’s healing that brings the
great stuff about not all the mystical what sign are you people say to me you
know what sign are you and it’s like why does it matter what sign do you think I
am and then they’ll throw out names I’ll get ya there you go
because because all they were looking for is a box that’s convenient we don’t
need those things throw away the opinions and the judgments I’m not
saying don’t don’t get a reading or don’t use astrology I’m not saying that
at all I’m saying if you even if you use astrology a good astrology would never
tell you you’re fated to something it’s the faded parts that that I’m
talking about the fated part that I’m saying release because if you really
fall such a science follow such a science and art righteously properly
you’ll see it tells me of what I am potentially only potentially in my lower
nature as well as aspects of where I can go in my higher nature it’s telling me
where I can go that’s healthy astrology not the fate
oh well you know you could have been a really great person but you were born a
triple Aries with a bad moon rising you know prepare better the song right okay
sometimes I say I make jokes about bad news and rising and people are like I
wonder if I have that in my chart it’s it’s a christmas clearwater song man
stuff anyway humans so duality and opinions they jump left and right okay
duality opinions they jump to this side and that side no need no sense how can I
be in this spot here not to be above others because figuratively it looks
like you’re about but you’re you’re just aligning with the voice the knowledge of
God the knowing of God and so at the end of the day what happened with Helen who
was writing the course and her colleague bill is that he was saying I refused to
see your ego and it helped her actually become close
to Christ which tells us something when you and I release judgments practicing
forgiveness release judgments were actually releasing the Christ self in
other people when we do that we’re releasing it on ourselves it’s really
strange and sometimes different kind of a teaching of course in miracles’ or I’m
gonna call it Christ consciousness tells us you guys have done the doing for too
long all that the doing to become spiritual
we’re gonna cut to the chase it comes down to this your ability to love and
forgive all the other stuff is cool all the other stuff is fancy and up and down
and left and right and all this it’s it’s just stuff of the world that’s fine
so continue being a Republican a Democrat of this seiner that seiner you
know triple whatever with a bad moon rising
anything you think you are male or female but you will not truly become
enlightened until you’re willing to let all of those go I’m talking about again
the boxes you can still move in life but are you moving it because you’re
swinging down here or are you centered in God and then doing your best to stay
aligned with that that’s the difference that’s the point
don’t just fish around Center and then ask for guidance on how to remain as
centered as possible because you’re living in the pendulum we’re not
completely home yet you’re living in the pendulum but do you know that the
pendulum can stop swinging first it’ll be not swinging as severely and now you
know oh I must be growing spiritually my moods don’t shift as much my hurts and
hates don’t last as long because that’s the extreme swing it’s cutting down and
cutting down that’s how you know you’re growing spiritually
and then eventually you start to notice wait what happened is I of the storm all
of a sudden there’s this peace this quiet the world still spinning but
you’re finding a different place the center I
despite the world I found my Center I feel alive I feel guided if I need to do
something I still move this to the right move that too though I still have things
to do but I feel more centered and this is why
masters have told you you know it’s a funny thing even in apostles in the New
Testament they’re telling you things like you know it’s funny I certainly
would like people to like me but I don’t feel like I care either way I would like
them to that would be nice but my life isn’t based on that you know I would
like to know this or that in my life I I want to do my best to make the right
decisions even as a parent but I know that I slip sometimes but when I do and
I noticed that my pendulum has swung a little right or left called mistakes we
make how soon do I catch it and come back to Center when we say over here and
we start to feel the reaction of having made a decision we feel a little upset
about or somebody else has done something and we feel upset when we
start getting upset you’ve set the pendulum into motion react and pretend
it’s not happening and it’s going to swing even further then you’re going to
say how did I end up way out here I must have judged myself or someone
else as being less than God created them to be that’s the only way I can go out
here if the truth of God is here the only the non truth of God can get me out
here I want to know the truth of God I have to be willing to look honestly at
the things that swing me out here people think that God is about saying hey god
I’m swinging around here stop that for me because God’s gonna say okay go you
know go ahead stop well I tried but why isn’t it working because I need you to
contribute I need you to participate and so this world this universe is designed
so incredibly that and people don’t quite understand how things work even
the science of I’m gonna manifest new things in my life but event manifest a
new job or partner whatever only our lack of clarity living the truth of God
which means love and forgiveness on this planet it means love and forgiveness
when you’re completely in God there’s nothing left to forgive but in this
planet it’s going to take the form of love and forgiveness so when we’re here
and there’s things you think you want we’re being taught more and more to
understand you already not only have everything you are everything it’s
impossible for you to not move a mountain Buddha says and Jesus says it’s
impossible if you say move it’s gonna move if you know who you are they throw
that in there because we’re like you know I’m trying can you know
telekinetically to even move a pencil and I can’t get that to happen so what
do you mean move a mountain it’s a metaphor of your problems
anything your judgments people that have hurt you are like mountains you will get
to the point where you can say to a mountain get up and leave depart okay
move and it’ll go which means I’m really having a hard time with so and so I need
to make it move out of my way out of my face mom sister brother whomever it is
move it you have the power to do that but there’s one thing that’ll keep it
from happening if this is a metaphor of forgiveness I’m too hurt or I’m too
angry those things get in the way of me being able to demonstrate the miracle of
forgiveness but part of my point was you would like something in your life and
we’re being told and being taught you already have everything because you are
everything and if you’re not seeing that it’s because something’s in the way and
the thing in the way is always judgment now that doesn’t mean we should look at
each other and say oh well you must have judged something because I saw you you
know you had a pain in a finger of yours an arthritic pain or something it must
be you will not forgiving enough that’s not helping us as miracle workers when
people are in pain financially emotionally romantically whatever it
happens to be our job is to see it as a test for ourselves clearly the person
struggling is already struggling why are they in your life why did you see them
on the news why are they in this room why are they one of your family members
by coincidence no this universe is so intelligently designed that all of the
people that are brought to you every day are brought one purpose only
be forgiven not literally saying you know like you guys are all sitting in
the audience uh let’s see I forgive you it means I need to drop into a space a
place in my heart where God resides and say how can I see you for what you
really are this person looks like they’re in
physical pain instead of you know you know magical like kind of a healing it’s
that person represents what it’s like to be separate from God and in pain they
lost a loved one oh my goodness they’re symbolizing what it’s like to be
separate from God and if I’m seeing it I’m in it with you and that’s why
science and religion one reason why they’re trying to distance us from God
because God means taking responsibility for each other when one child of Adam
and Eve’s kills the other and God says where are they they say what am i their
keeper the answer is yes and nobody really answers that what am I my
brother’s keeper the answer is yes you’ve killed him you should have loved
him but you hated feared or were jealous and killed him and every time a person
walks if I if I stand before you my mum me myself if I stand here and say
something you absolutely hate your job is absolutely to see something other
than what you’re hating in me and if you do you’re going to release more Christ
in me and you’re going to then re-release the Christ in you because it
has to be coming out of you to see it in me and that’s what oneness is we won’t
know the absolute oneness well on earth but you’ll know a version of the truth
or oneness of God forgiveness is an inside job but it’s something we have to
extend to each other some people are waiting around for other people to kind
of get it then we’ll forgive them that’s actually not how it works instead we
have to say to ourselves one process is to look within and track it and see
what’s going on inside of me that’s how I reach the truth of God that’s how I
wake up and the other is simply to ask God how would you have me see this
that’s really a shortcut the other though involve
responsible behavior in looking within you should do both on an as-needed basis
but the whole universe is filled with Christ and beings whether they’re
other-dimensional or aliens or whatever you think they are all beings have a
spark of God known as the Christ within them we will not find it through
external behaviors science will not get us there
religion will not get us there making people behave the way we want them to
behave will not get us there so we all have to breathe and go yeah god I played
a part of that I’ve been doing some of that when you’re waiting for your father
to apologize when you’re waiting for your your ex to apologize you’re in hell
already because you’re separate and you know what they’re holding the keys what
do you mean think I don’t even like them do you know what they did to me they’re
holding the keys to you getting out of hell how do we know you’re in hell
because you’re upset you’re hurting your anger and then people do that I’m not
upset stuffing it doesn’t mean you’re not upset if you don’t think of a person
and feel us a feeling of love then you’re still stuck there’s a problem
somewhere if you think about a situation from your past and don’t feel a sense of
peace then you’re still hooked somewhere and I’m not trying to make you feel bad
I’m saying inevitably it’s going to happen
I tell you straight out about judgment you know and forgiveness
you can’t force forgiveness you can’t make people forgive prematurely that
could be dangerous but do know this I tell you all the time about setting
boundaries with people so that you don’t get yourself to hurt and so on one day
you will realize we’re all in this together and there’s so much love I feel
for you even despite your strange behaviors you can even be hurtfully
behaving I don’t have to pretend the hurtfulness is the Christ that’s even
more insane but that’s what religion and some systems tell us that we’re supposed
to do you’re supposed to just forgive them it’s your brother it’s your sister
whatever no no you’re allowed to say adios to crazy but are you willing to
not only say adios are you willing to affirm that despite the facade of the
person misbehaving are you willing to affirm that behind the facade is a light
made in God’s image if you can get that because that takes a lot if we’re really
hating someone you’re not wanting to affirm that there’s a light and that’s
why that that technique is just about foolproof I’m willing to say goodbye to
this ego self I’m willing to do that and not hate you I’m willing to learn what I
need to learn from the circumstance and I’m willing to affirm there’s a light in
you then I know that I have done something called forgiveness if I pull
out those three things those three pieces of criteria are the most sure way
of knowing that you’ve actually got it saying it doesn’t mean anything
you know I’ve forgiven you those three pieces right there are the best way to
confirm it so dualities and opinions they have to go forgiveness and judgment
we have to learn entirely new versions of forgiveness what judgment really is
judgment doesn’t mean you’re just flaming lis hating the person you’re
screaming judgment means if I see you outside of what I just described refuse
to hate you and see that light of God in you any time I’m missing peace happiness
joy oneness something is wrong now again it’s okay but one day I will be able to
say this and see this and feel this about everyone the day you do that you
are home you will ascend nothing can keep you locked into the 3d world when
you have forgiven the 3d world in all its reflections so everybody that comes
your way are going to reflect one of two things to you how well you’re doing and
lessons of how you could do better that’s all we think they were actually
living on earth and sometimes we go out and some people we like and people we
don’t like those are all just stories and opinions those are the little human
opinions the truth is God has actually designed a life for you and me we’re all
that it matters it doesn’t matter what color you paint your house and nothing
matters all that matters is how you respond to the visitors that it
sends you that that old saying watch how you treat people because they could
always be an angel in disguise is actually a sort of a hint you’re being
kind of you know given a little clue on how to do things they could be an angel
because they are they are all light of God so how do you treat your visitor
unworthy oh you’re one of them you know Republican or Democrat male or female
black or white or whatever things we put on each other you know the way people
have responded in the old stories of the Old Testament and New Testament lepers
you know oh it’s a leper you know throw them in a leper colony aren’t we now
better cuz lepers don’t live amongst us and then Becht us it doesn’t work and
then you get a guy out in the Hawaiian Islands where they put all the lepers
out on one island and he goes and lives amongst them and helps them it’s amazing
that’s miracle mindedness even if he would have gotten sick the miracle was
already there because he did not judge them the way other people judge them and
if I was a leper I would really love being treated the way that one person
treated me right so we have to look beyond the sickness of people the mental
sickness I don’t just mean psychological I mean the the all the varying
sicknesses in people judgments hurtful behaviors I’m not saying it’s right what
they’re doing and you’re allowed to say no that’ll be stopped right now whether
it’s in your house or at your your place of work or whatever you’re allowed to
say no you’re encouraged it’s called boundaries however do not hate them and
affirm that there’s a light in them no matter who they are you’re a shining
star no matter who you are right and then we start returning the truth of God
the truth of God is stellar it’s perfect I’m going to read a story to you instead
of a meditation today I’m going to read a story to you this was shared by one of our
congregants you might have seen it online but it’s some sort of an ancient
tale or at least they’re not sure how old but certainly at least a couple
hundred years old and also whether it inspired a painting or a painting
inspired it it’s called the truth coming out of the well so this is a legend the
truth and the lie meet one day so listen to this eyes open door closes up to you
the lie one day says to the truth it’s a marvelous day today the truth looks up
to the sky and size and agreement for the day really was beautiful the two of
them spent a lot of time together and ultimately arriving beside a well the
lie tells the truth the water is very nice let’s take a bath together the
truth once again is a little suspicious but test the water and discovers the
water really is very nice they undress and they start bathing suddenly the lie
comes out of the water puts on the clothes of the truth and runs away the
furious truth comes out of the well and runs everywhere to find the lie and to
get her clothes back the world seeing the truth naked turns its gaze away with
contempt and rage at the truth for being so naked and blatant the poor truth
returns to the well and disappears deep inside forever hiding therein its shame
since then the lie travels around the world dressed as the truth satisfying
the needs of society because the world in any case harbors no wish at all to
ever again meet the naked truth the moral of the story is that the world has
most things backwards lies are treated as truth and truth kept hidden far away
as though it’s too shameful to bear interesting yeah thank you
thank you so I’m praying that today has made sense everything is upside down
everything is backwards in this world to try to support and watch there’s a God
part of us and an ego part of us the world of the ego is the one that tells
you to see things upside down and backwards to judge instead of love to
defend instead of know that you’re invulnerable to anything to react
instead of Center it’s telling us all the things we do that cause us to be
sick to be stressed and if stress is a might major cause of illness then the
ego is the culprit behind illness it has no good intentions its flipped
everything around so that we see everything as though the lie is the
truth and we get all passionate about these things and I mean all of us I mean
you can practice spirituality I get people you know that that’ll email and
say you need to do this more and you need to do that one you know the ones
that that are team you know social media team you know occasionally pass some of
them on to me but not all of them but you know especially the crazy ones that
are just all intent about something but I can tell you I’m not typically going
to get reactive and passionate about save this and save the trees and save
the well because and people think that’s wrong Michael you’ve got to save the
trees no wait wait it’s a test remember it’s a test and you’ll respond
differently if you become like the people that went out and called they
they called spiking trees putting spikes and trees so that the tree cutters come
along and cut the trees down it could kill them was that really protecting the
trees you’re gonna kill a lumberjack to teach him a lesson I’m out that’s it
you lost my interest now don’t get me wrong like like I don’t think it’s great
to just cut down trees or slaughter animals at all but the pity that I would
feel is the person that’s doing it what’s in here not the action alone the
action tempts us to react but the action everything’s upside down and
around the action is to test you test you on what whether you’ll save the well
know whether you can still see the light of God in that person that doesn’t act
very godlike you understand it’s very important it’s all a test of the
spiritual broadcast system it’s just a test don’t react this is only a test but
I mean I have my moments you know like you know I can say you know I understand
you know and people also are making a living raising animals and they do this
to animals and various forms and put meat on people’s plates and all I get it
I’m not gonna hate it I don’t want to hate them but there are times if I
walked outside and I saw somebody you know torturing a dog had knocked them
out because that’s the human side I’d have to forgive myself but I’d knock him
out meaning metaphorically it’s it’s gonna be hard for me to not stop them so
should I or shouldn’t I stop them believe it or not Christ says boundaries
are fine stop them okay stop them but don’t hate
them well how do I do that hates what gets my blood boiling and my
adrenaline going to gives me the strength to knock them out oh now we’re
talking about holy wars aren’t we so I’m closing with this we talked about
science and religion do you think I was talking just about science and religion
I’m here to tell you everybody in your life is either science or religion the
scientists in your life are the ones that are telling you you’re a fool for
believing in stuff they’re the people who tell you get rid of those necklaces
and the essential oils and those are the scientists in your life the religionist
those are the people that constantly put you down and tell you’re unworthy of
anything good the mom that says you’ll never amount to anything she’s just
religion because everything is the SS don’t go home and tell them I said that
okay but just isn’t it amazing everybody’s the same the SS the
fear and both of them are afraid once trying to look like they’re fighting
religion but in fact they’re also distancing us from God because they’re
afraid of God and the religions are telling us we’re not worthy because
they’re afraid of God which both of them are then saying we don’t actually know
and you can say really I’ve been depending on mom and dad and
people and neighbors to be my validation and I don’t have to do that anymore
all I have to do is go here and it is as it is I am as God created me there all
religions and sites don’t need religion to save you don’t need science to save
you but again that means people in your life
learn to see them as tests and tests of one of two kinds this is either science
or religion and you can tell by the things they’re telling you right the
ones you’re unworthy that’s all sacrifice that’s religion the reason you
have to do sacrifice in the temples and the altars and so on throughout
religions because it means I’m unworthy and you know what you’re doing I’m
unworthy but I have an idea if I kill something I might be more worthy that
doesn’t make any sense all it is is we talked last week
misdirected guidance because the guidance was released the lower self
mankind heard I need to kill an animal this is the animal the lower self is the
one you need to release but humans are like not alike that one that will take
too much work I’m not going to a therapist this is 300 you know this is
3000 BC well I’m not going to no therapist we don’t do that in this time
and age you know so I’m gonna kill an animal that’s what we do and they do
that they make everything fit their little box the time is coming guys the
time is coming when we can say I get it it looks like there’s lots of people but
they’re really two groups religion and science and they’re here for one purpose
to test me I have one of two choices give in to the test or rise above give
in means I will judging react rise above means I will love and forgive when I
love and forgive them off the pendulum and I’m back to Center and I will have a
miracle come that’ll show me a sense of peace joy
like Jesus saying look look at how you feel about people you want to know if
you’re making the right decisions do you feel joy because and by the way why
would you feel joy because I don’t have to be around any people today
that’s not joy joy we come from I really feel good about the way I responded to
that situation have you ever had that did you ever feel like joy did you ever
do any good for anybody else and then feel joyous Christ tells us all you need
to do is keep doing that keep bringing gifts of God to people make them feel
good which is partly why I decided to let this car go you know bring gifts to
people let them feel good and because you brought it to them you will receive
it yourself you will only receive that which you give and people thought that
always just meant money give as you receive and so on as I give I do receive
means consciousness not just stuff consciousness my brother’s sister man
you’re loud today whoa you’re really tempting me today all your scientific
data to prove that I’m wrong you know you’re just like your father he used to
do this and that’s scientific data you’re just like your mother she did
this you’re just like see that’s scientific data – all the words from
people they’re gonna fit in one of those two things you’re either you know
they’re either proving you wrong or they’re telling you you’re unworthy and
our job is to say not today if it gets overwhelming say not today step aside
and go find self-worth and healthiness Center yourself go get yourself some
safe space but you still even if you walk away you still in here can say God
help me to see them as you see them at the end of the day imagine this room
being a metaphor of all the people on the planet at the end of the day my job
is to not hate or react to anything any of you say or do it’s best I can
secondly to affirm that there’s light and you made in God’s image now if I
really get that you know it’s going to happen my actions are going to reflect
it I don’t just walk away going oh my god you know there’s God in you there’s
you there’s that that’s a parent that I don’t totally believe it you know a lot
of New Agers they’ll go oh I don’t hate him
I just bless him and go on my way you know it’s still kind of a little you
know sting to it our job is to affirm it and to be able to say even if I have to
walk away I should feel joy when I say it not just hope I should actually feel
like wow that was quite a test god how would you have me see them and then if
you need to use visuals to it then just visualize the person turning to light
visualize the person embracing you and out of their ego and you out of yours
and thank you thank you you know I’m really sorry we struggled and did this
the hard way but I affirmed there’s light in you and peace to you and wish
them well wish them what you would want to have do good to those who hate you
wish well to those who challenge you I’m not saying enable their behaviors just
get your lesson and affirm good for them don’t wish that you can win the lottery
so you can move out of so-and-so’s house because you don’t like them instead wish
them prosperity too it’s not easy but I’m not telling you to wish their ego
anything I’m asking you to affirm that beyond their ego there’s something
that’s worth finding right and if I affirm this for you I now will
automatically get it for myself and I start to feel good and I think I feel
good because I did good for you I’m actually feeling good because when I did
good for you it released a time-released Christ eNOS in me that starts emerging
all right thank you guys


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