TRUE STORIES that will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

This is Anthony 15 year old boy who use his body to save 20 other students in the Florida shooting. unfortunately He was hit five times from holding the door closed He is an absolute hero And I want us all to wish him a speedy recovery and all our prayers go out to him and his family I think what he did was just like incredible But it’s really messed up that he was put in a situation where he had to do that every day this man drives Hours in drought to give these animals water every day Can you believe that, that he is doing this from the kindness of his heart? and look how happy these animals are he’s Saving animal lives here like no one’s forcing him to do this He could be doing anything else with his time, but he’s doing this and that is extremely admirable. This is Adam He’s a retired gentleman who spends every single night making all this food for homeless people He does this all out of his own pocket and he lives on a pension so he doesn’t have like Ridiculous amounts of money to make this from and that’s also really kind You know there’s people who have so much and they don’t give much or they give very little, but then you have this man Who doesn’t have much and he gives almost everything he has he doesn’t want to see other people starve I think a lot of us can learn a lot from a man like this these are firefighters in Arizona putting out a fire in Mexico this is how the world should be like we shouldn’t be worried about the Politics and borders that people should just be helping each other no matter where you come from who you are what language you speak your sexuality Whatever it is. Nothing shouldn’t matter like this. This is so like, This is like how things should be. Not on fire But like people helping other people So this young man was struggling to put on his tie and his older men saw him struggling and then went over to help him Stranger helping another stranger. I think that this like helped both their days I think this young man felt like happy that somebody was willing To help and I think the older men felt happy that he helped somebody and this is an example that like You can do good in the world without doing something Huge like it could be something as simple as this welcoming a stranger with his tie Seeing something nice to somebody as long as you’re doing something to help other people I think that you’re making a difference it doesn’t have to be some huge Extravagant thing like you can start small and that’s all that matters, so this is comedian Josh Johnson And it says here the first time I ever did stand-up in high school talent show my teacher was like I’m gonna See you on The Tonight Show one day so I flew him up one Person believing in you can really help you accomplish your dreams I’m kind of making assumptions here But I think what happened is Josh really saw this teacher as somebody who Really pushed him to follow his dreams like he maybe maybe everybody else in his life was like stand-up Comedian like what are the chances you can accomplish, that should do something simpler You know like I wouldn’t be surprised because I know that people have said similar things to me from You know for YouTube and other stuff And it’s it’s always nice when that one person believes in you is it this teacher made his dreams come true And he made this teachers dreams come true as well flew him out to a show that he probably wouldn’t have gone on His own. So this middle school started a breakfast with dads program But unfortunately a lot of the students either had dads who couldn’t make it, or didn’t have father figures 600 fathers volunteered to show up and be like step in dad’s for the students during this event which is so sweet Every morning this person’s father places bird food on the floor for his father’s wife to wake up to every single day And it’s like in the shape of a heart. It’s so romantic. It’s so sweet It’s such like a kind thoughtful gesture like every morning She opens up her windows And then she’s these birds in the shape of a heart and is reminding it of the love that her and her husband share this Old lady goes to the supermarket to read books all the time and instead of the store owner being like you can’t just come here and read books that you either buy it or you leave the store owner put in a bench bar and Was like here you can like sit down and read, that’s so nice. I feel like most people wouldn’t do this It’s refreshing this bride’s father died 10 years ago And the men who received his heart transplant walked her down the aisle don’t cry this one Just hit me right in the fields. I’m just like this is so Beautiful, I guess. I’m like. I’m looking for the right words beautiful It’s beautiful and sad and happy and this four-year-old boy cries tears of joy after his stepmom gives her vows to him New family is being born look at this look at his face. i cant it’s so nice so the person who took this photo saw this man holding his phone tightly in his hands smiling Incredibly wide he was like why are you smiling? And the man was like I just saw my wife’s name pop up on the screen, and he’s like her picture? He’s like no just her name, and he was so incredibly Happy that this man was like can I take a picture of your happiness? And you can really see on his face like look. He’s like so genuinely just like excited That’s love so this man tried to jump off this bridge and all these people Were grabbing on to him trying to make sure he didn’t do it It’s really nice to see people caring about other people’s lives. It really like makes you realize like we’re in this together Like all of us we’re in this together There’s not just one of us out there on our own like there are people who care these are all strangers These are all strangers And that’s that’s really incredible so this person was at a coffee shop and looks and sees this boy Holding an injured bird in his hand and is looking up Animal Hospitals to take this bird and take care of it Just so cute guys look at how gently he’s holding this bird This actually reminds me of something that happened to me when I was a kid me and my cousin were like walking home from school And there was a little bird that it looks like he had fallen out of like a like a light a lamp a streetlight Sorry, I’m just like struggling with words and falling onto the ground, and it was a little baby bird And it was crying and its wing was like all bloody so we like we called the animal People I forgot even though we like got somebody to help us we called the animal people and they can’t even pick up the bird Never found out what happened to bird But I hope it was fine because I was it was so sad just seeing the little bird cry So here we have a drug addict who stole money from somebody and returned the money with the notes and the note says About five and a half years ago, or so I did something very terrible to you I stole your wallet out of your purse I was a drug addict wanting to take money from whoever I could to get my next high I didn’t even know you I pick pocketed you and I took it right out of your purse I took the Best Buy card you had in it and whatever cash I was in it and threw the wallet in the trash next to the store so he found the person five years later felt horrible and returned the money he goes I can’t imagine the Frustration and despair I put you through not to mention all the time and effort Looking for it and getting all your new stuff It is unforgivable what I’ve done and I would like to pay you a small amount of money for I will also never hurt someone in that way ever again and Will continue to live an honest life. I wish you nothing, but happiness prosperity and good health This one. I really like because it’s like some people have done bad things in their lives doesn’t mean they can’t change I think everybody’s capable of change and everybody deserves the chance to change so don’t feel like You’ve done something, and you can’t make it better like you could always make things better this janitor At my friends school is a huge Red Hot Chili Peppers fan since the prices were extremely high And he was devastated about not going all of the students came together and bought him tickets so nice That’s so nice Like you never know like this could have been one of the nicest things that has happened his man like look at how Incredibly happy he is like this is somebody Who’s now gonna pass on that happiness to somebody else whenever my parrot flips out and gets angry I say hey in this soft Comforting voice and then talk to him gently he calms down Within seconds. I just got frustrated at someone and then i went ARGH And my parrot said hey all softly and sweetly like a dozen times Over the next minute. It made me feel better instantly my parrot is better at conflict de-escalation than most people that’s such a sweet thing Animals are so smart sometimes I’d like amazes me This old man had a heart attack while he’s shuffling his driveway and the paramedics came picked him up took him to the hospital and then while he was in the hospital the paramedics came back to shovel his driveway for him so that it would be finished when He got back. That’s so nice. By the way the old man He was ok and this is just a really nice gesture for them because they were like you know he’s not in the state to Be able to do it, and they just took the initiative. I’m sure they’re busy I’m sure they have tons of things that they could be doing things that they would enjoy more But the fact that they took the time other day to do This is so nice this retired firefighters saved this girl from a burning house, and then 17 years later. She invited him to his graduation Look at how genuinely happy They are like he like saved her life And she like is still so thankful to this day today for my birthday my grandpa gave me three books filled with stories of each Time he hung out with me from the age of two to five Guys so much feels my boyfriend grew up incredibly poor when he was a child he wanted a Charizard lunch box He felt if he had it in school. He’d feel normal like everyone else I found him the lunch box on eBay eighteen years later is him crying with the lunch box That’s hitting me that feels to like all he wanted was that lunchbox. This is like the example of the Perfect gift for somebody this lunch bag probably didn’t cost much like it was probably ten dollars on eBay or something like that But it was it was so thoughtful, and you cannot put a value on something thoughtful So I always like on my phone I Do this thing and I always write things like notes about all my friends like things that they really love or things I say so They’re like when it comes time to like their birthday. I can get them something that’s like really meaningful, and they’re almost like oh my god like it then it feels really good and This sign is outside my local church Love thy neighbor. Love thy homeless neighbors thy gay neighbor thy Muslim neighbor thy black neighbor thy immigrant neighbor thy Jewish neighbor thy addicted neighbor thy Christian neighbor Thy atheist neighbor, thy disabled neighbor Jesus didn’t make exceptions. We don’t either. I think that’s really sweet I think that’s a good way for everybody think like you should love people no matter no matter what no exceptions Man allows special needs person he doesn’t know to hold his hand on a crowded bus and Hamilton him I remember reading this story I’m trying to remember the details but basically this like really kind young man Decided to comfort this this guy he’s like deaf and he had something else I can’t remember what it was but something else. He was like struggling with and it’s like man comfort him We’re like a long crowded bus ride the whole way and when they interviewed him He said that like his mother raised him really well which is really sweet a lot of people just hold a hand of a stranger to like comfort them, not a lot of people and I think this guy’s I hope that this video made you feel amazing I hope that it inspired you to be nice to somebody today I challenge all of you guys to do something nice today anything I actually just posted a picture on Instagram, and I was like I want everybody to write a comment Something nice about somebody in the comments and obviously not everybody did it a lot of people did and a lot of people like send Me messages saying that made them feel better like getting these these compliments But also giving the compliments, so I want everyone in the comments to see something nice somebody. I love you guys all so much bye bye


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