True Detective – The Decay of Humanity

[Applause] [Music] throughout true detective season one that is we constantly see decay this place is like somebody’s memory of the town memories fading this can be found from the very first episode and the concept is introduced to us when we see the city the vacant industrial building signs on the side of the road showing off missing people crime and almost nothing good within this landscape in this bright bright environment exists darkness but this decay isn’t limited to the city it stretches much further than that into the people the culture and ultimately our two protagonists but true detective takes it a step further than that suggesting that everything bad that we see throughout the season is caused from the decay of morality of the utmost importance to true detective is the location we want to establish this landscape as realistically as we can not only on its own but in a background for our main characters as something they live in and that affects them and surrounds them we spend almost the entire season in and around rural Louisiana venturing into swampland in other areas far from society it creates a timeless feel to the story although the narrative unfolds over a period of 17 years with a segment in 1995 2002 and another in 2012 the world itself feels consistent people out here it’s like they don’t even know the outside world exists some characters change Marty gets a new car but the location always stays the same more importantly over the course of the series the conflict is always the same two detectives trying to catch a monster the show’s location stays constant all the while corrupting people around it over the course of the show we watch as characters slowly lose their morals nothing means anything to them anymore they just start to exist people turn to crime to violence to drugs anything that will give their life purpose but ultimately by none this is reflected in the show’s opening title sequence we watch as the swamplands and rough-looking industrial buildings melt into the protagonists and other characters ultimately corrupting them I think what true detective does best in what it is able to do so well because of its eight hour runtime is to render and develop two broken protagonists who we is the audience are able to relate to and care for despite their flaws I want to start off by looking at Marty of what we see from him in the first few episodes he looks like well he can say it better than I can oh I was just regular type dude when a big-ass dick he’s hard-working loves his wife is at times overprotective of his daughters his religious and hates the way the world is he tries to help an underage prostitute by giving her money to start a new life even though he does all these good things he still does his fair share of bad things he’s an adulterer he doesn’t pay his wife and daughters the attention they need or deserve and to be a violent alcoholic he is someone who doesn’t have a full understanding of the world around him nor does he understand who he really is Marty’s single big problem is that he never really knew himself despite both of these he still tries to change the world and to make it a better place when he really should at least at first be focusing on himself and his family in what is really important in this scene he walks in on his daughters playing with dolls in a rather suggestive way instead of confronting the problem he chooses to walk away later after his daughter Audrey draws a series of sexual pictures in school he again chooses not to confront the problem soon this problem starts to escalate in years later when audrey has a lust an ideal sexual encounter parked in a car with two boys he becomes a violent and upset with her the captain of the varsity flood team Marty fuck you even though he’s part of the problem for not doing anything earlier this story line with his daughter acts as a great microcosm of his entire character he’s willing to do the least amount of work required to get something done he never looks closer into anything he just accepts what is presented to him you attach an assumption to a piece of evidence you start to bend the narrative to support it that changes when he is taken out of his comfort zone once his wife leaves him and once he leaves the force he stops seeing everything so cut-and-dry he starts to look closer and explores more but most importantly he finds out who he really is early on he made excuses you got a decompress before you can go be in a family man he lies to others but most importantly he lied to himself he told himself that he was a good person it’s only when he’s able to realize that he’s not is he able to find out who he really is and set out to improve his life sometime between 2002 and 12 after his wife left him he was finally able to change he found a new purpose in life trying to make the world a better place his change started back in 1995 when he executed Reggie LeDoux Russ commends him because for the first time he committed something he did something good finally starting to realize who he really is and this pattern only continued when he was taken out of his comfort zone comparatively Russ to someone who always knew who he was by pulling himself away from society Cole has a much more clearer sense of his place in the world and what he doesn’t want to do he has an understanding of the purpose of life to combat evil whereas there are two conflicting stages of Marti pre and post 2002 there are three stages of rust and in these 17 years of the show we only see one the other two being his time with his daughter and his time working in narcotics we don’t learn too much about who he was when his daughter Sophia was still alive I don’t want to dive too far into speculation but I think it’s safe to infer that he had a positive outlook on life or at the very least more positive than when we meet him he was able to stay in a committed relationship and was happy with his wife and daughter until we had a baby girl she died car accident she was two years old upon losing his daughter he also lost himself in his faith that there is anything right in the world I think human consciousness was a tragic misstep in evolution we became too self-aware during that time he loses faith in everything good he starts to think that people were just put on the world to suffer this is when he is working narcotics and is brought into the company of some of the worst people imaginable and sees some truly horrific deeds somewhere in there I emptied a a nine and two crankhead for injecting his infant daughter with crystal and this changes him during this period it was safe to say that he walked around without any real purpose in life and after a few years of this he broke down having found nothing to live for eventually he did find a purpose in life when he switched from narcotics to homicide he began to gain a better appreciation of life he is making the world a better place day by day by taking bad people off the streets and doing his fair share of good he is great at detective work we see this and all the interrogation scenes and even the moment he arrives on the first crime scene he’s able to piece together everything it’s fantasy enactment ritual if you want a perfect visual metaphor from the first crime scene pay attention to how Marty looks down where his rust looks up he has seen the very darkest that humanity has to offer and through working to take monsters off the streets he is able to do good at the end of the show he discusses the bow between good and evil just one story the oldest light versus dark once there is only dark yeah like linen this perfectly encapsulates who he is at one point his entire existence was darkness but after working he started to make it bright and through his work continues to every day at first glance it may appear as though he eventually became broken again his messy hair uneven mustache and drinking habit we see when in conversation with the other detectives leads us to believe that he fell off the wagon but that isn’t true he may drink to drown out his pains but he stays focused he continues to look for answers until he’s able to bring down the yellow King ultimately true detective reveals to us how deep the problems facing this area of Louisiana go we learn about corrupt politicians a self-serving State and how all of these are the root of the problem however there are also the roots of poverty crime and violence it’s a problem that is institutionalized there are signs literally littering the landscape that bear the mark of the man they’re looking for it doesn’t stop at an individual level instead it extends itself into every part of society in my discussion of Zodiac I mentioned that it acts as a monster movie we watch characters trying to hunt down something they’re incapable of understanding I think true detective acts as a monster story but in a different way because the monster is an Arab Childress he’s just one of the many tentacles of a much bigger much more menacing force of evil in the only way to combat that bigger monster is to bring a little bit of good into the world every single day hey everyone I hope you enjoyed I think true detective really is something special to truly understand the far-reaching references you would at the very least need to have a good reference and a good understanding of Nietzsche a young and the Bible without a real substantial knowledge on any of those I hope I was able to shed some light on some of the bigger issues and characters provide a good enough breakdown in some of the themes and ideas like many I wasn’t too big on the second season there are too many characters and didn’t have the uniformity that made the first so great with that in mind I’m really excited for the third season hopefully whoever ends up scripting it can learn from the past two seasons and make the best that it can be I know Hershel ollie is on board who as far as I’m concerned can do no wrong so needless to say I’m very excited for that in the meantime be sure to check out my last video that broke down the assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and to hit that subscribe button thanks for watching and I will see you next week [Music]


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