Truck Donation To Habitat For Humanity

thank you very much well officials at park community credit union are pitching in in a big way to help the mission of Habitat for Humanity yes Lee Cruz joins us live from their branch on War Admiral Way in Hamburg to explain hi Lee they’re helping them keep things moving in a very interesting way I got Jim who was the CEO of runs that joint over here with Park Community Credit Union good to see you buddy thank you on this so three vehicles so far the refugee for women I believe a Clark and Madison habitat and now her friends here in Lexington habitat as well have received vehicles yes what we’re trying to do is partner with nonprofits in the community that are helping to change lives and give people the opportunity to have a better life it’s part of our mission is to is to help people be successful so we’re looking for these groups that we can help and what I’ve learned is you guys aren’t done you’re wanting to keep this thing rolling oh definitely it’s a whole program that we’ve started we’ve got a fourth one into work so there’ll be in a Louisville area and we’re always looking for people that we can partner with it’s it’s such a great generous gift but a vehicle means so much to these guys for the mission especially with what they do exactly we look for people that have a need and hopefully they can use the truck whether it’s on work sites or with the store just to haul their materials around but anything that we can look like that that gives us the opportunity to make a difference in the community is there any way the folks out there that are watching could help you guys with the mission anything you want them to know yeah anybody that if they’ve got a need if they know a community organization it’s got a need you know give us a call let us know and we’ll see if there’s a way we can partner with them okay well again it’s it’s a it’s a great gift I know they’re happy about it somebody’s gonna take off and drive this thing for the first time in the rain I guess Jim’s gonna take off and drive it in the rain but I’m gonna be the happiest one of all poor community credit union’ doing a really bang-up job with helping in a unique way and we certainly do appreciate it thanks for talking with me buddy thank you appreciate keep up the great work by the way again that will do it from this branch well located in Hamburg guys we’ll send it back to you that is awesome Habitat for Humanity just an amazing organization and to see another group helping them out like that yes very wonderful great cause

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