Top 15 Videos That Scare 99% Of People

15. Red Sack Delivery Have you ever come across a video where you
don’t understand what’s happening…but somehow it’s seriously creepy?
This video has been shared around the Indonesian internet community with no context whatsoever,
it appears to be apparent security footage from the porch of a home. An unknown individual
dressed as a clown carrying a sack that’s covered in red walks up the porch steps. It
seems he’s trying to send a message or possibly prank the homeowner by leaving the sack and
knocking on the door. The clip being shared ends shortly afterwards, leaving everyone
scared wondering what actually happened. We were able to track it down to YouTuber, Billy
The Fridge, who wrote the “surveillance tape is 100% real, no faking”. In reality,
this was probably a prank, but not before scaring 99% of people. 14. Lincoln City Cathedral Ghost
With only slightly more than 2,000 views, this haunted video deserves more interest.
Posted in March of 2015 by YouTuber resonance2001, the video shows a ghost outside Lincoln City
Cathedral at night. As the church bells chime, the person filming
the video spies something around the corner on a side of the building. It appears to be
a little face. As the person starts panicking, getting slightly closer to try and capture
what this is, the face disappears around the corner. He runs after to find nothing there
at all. Absolutely terrifying, made even more so by
the chiming of the bells. A reminder to feel for the lost souls who
haunt this Earth. 13. Potential Taking
This one will stay with you long after you watch it.
What would you do if you heard these sounds of horror in your neighborhood?
A Ring doorbell caught this scene – considered a potential taking – in the Los Angeles
neighborhood of Leimert Park in November of 2019.
The footage shows a vehicle pass by and, from the vehicle, screams are heard, as a woman
pleads for help from those outside. After a potential taking was reported, this
Ring doorbell footage prompted an investigation into the incident.
Los Angeles Police Department Officer Mike Lopez said that police who responded to the
call at first found no evidence of a taking. However, this disturbing footage seems to
point in that direction. The woman is crying and screaming for someone
to help, repeatedly pleading for over half a minute as the vehicle passes by at around
11 PM. When the owners of the Ring doorbell hear this, they’re seen on their doorstep,
looking to see what’s going on. KTLA reports that a witness on the scene claims
she heard a man’s voice as well saying, “I’m sorry.” He was pictured pulling
the braided hair of the woman in the passenger’s seat. The vehicle then sped from the neighborhood
with its rear hatch open. After the LAPD was provided the doorbell footage,
they reopened the investigation and canvassed the neighborhood for clues. But as of the
end of November, there have been no leads. Let’s hope this woman is found soon. 12. Shadow Figure
You know that feeling like you’re being watched?
Well, maybe you are. This YouTuber says that demonic activity in
his home has risen to recurrences every 3-4 days. He writes, “The Demon Shadow Figure
was at the foot of my bed when I woke up, probably watching my dog and I for eight to
nine minutes then fled down the hallway … and caught a black mass materializing by the door
and moving towards my bedroom, and then in the lower right hand side of the video you
can see it leaving, resulting in me and my dog visibly shaken.”
The clip does indeed appear to show a “shadow figure” seeming to materialize on the wall.
Whether it’s demonic or not is debatable. It doesn’t appear to cause any evil…although,
perhaps the feeling of it was insidious. The man’s dog certainly looks scared enough.
What do you think this shadow being wants? Could it just be a friendly ghost? 11. Emergency
If you’ve ever been in an abandoned building under a state of emergency, you know how alone
this man feels. With just over 28,300 views, this video titled
“Emergency.mp4” was published in March of 2016 by YouTuber Paul Syrek. His description
reads: “I was at hospital and woke up. Everyone left but I found one still there after camera
battery died.” The hospital in the video does indeed look
abandoned, making the emergency sound and eery flashing lights all the more terrifying.
For some reason, with no one else fleeing the scene alongside you, fear is heightened.
Heavy breathing and heavy sighs are heard through the camera. The cameraman passes through
the hospital, down a hallway, through a door around a corner, and another door and hallway.
No one is there, leaving us to wonder who, exactly, this man found after the camera battery
died. David Roman says he used to work hospital
security and that he thinks this is a security guard during a fire drill. But he suggests
that patients weren’t evacuated for the drill; rather it’s more likely this was
a closed-off wing under construction, which might explain the pallets and construction
equipment spotted in the video – something that wouldn’t be found in patient areas.
Seems like a valid explanation. However, it is still terrifying to think about. 10. Haunted Closet
Closets are usually harmless. But a series posted by Radlad1 has us wondering what’s
on the other side of that door. According to the uploader, the closet in question
hasn’t been altered since he moved in. But creepy occurrences keep happening with it.
In the first video, he opens the door to the small closet, which has a disused tv on the
ground, several hangers, and some random stuff on the shelf, including a stuffed animal.
The next video is where the creepiness comes in. You can hear the door rattling slightly
and, as the dude gets closer to it to examine what’s going on, it just slowly opens on
its own and then jerks open before jerking shut.
The spookiness continues with the next video, in which the man says he hears constant sounds
coming from the closet. He approaches it again and, as he reaches toward the handle, a terrifying
rattling is heard, causing him to jump and back away again.
The last video culminates in probably the scariest happening. There is a knocking on
the door and a rattling. It’s heard plain as day. When the guy opens the door, you can
see there’s nothing at all inside. I think we’re all thinking the same thing:
It’s time to move. 9. Paranormal Lodge Investigation
Some haunted places hide secrets only the after life knows.
This video is a private investigation of the Tamaqua Elks Lodge which occurred on Saturday,
September 14th 2019. Apparently, the Elks Lodge in the town of
Tamaqua, Pennsylvania has some haunted history. Housed in a converted apartment building,
there are claims that the Elks Lodge is haunted by the ghosts of two people who took their
own lives who resided in the previous apartments. Some claim they’ve heard voices and seen
poltergeist activity. When the Pocono Paranormal team investigated, they caught numerous orbs
and a voice that said “love you.” So, what did TeamSERT find?
They, too, captured orbs and light anomalies on the scene, as well as horrifying screams
on the EVP. They also captured someone saying, “Help me” and another said “Come play.”
There are many unexplained sounds and a voice saying, “Martha, time to go.” The spirit
box also captured a voice responding, “I’m staying.”
But perhaps the creepiest point is the hazy, shadowy figure that appears to rise up beside
one of the crew near the end of the video. Whatever is going on in this lodge is not
something you’d want to face in the light of day. 8. Mother Nature
This video will deter you from ever wanting to become a sailor.
The video shows a large ship on a stormy sea. From the top deck, massive waves swell around
the ship while the darkening sky overhead casts an even grimmer scene. The waves are
so turbulent that they appear to be climbing the edge of the boat. In fact, water splashes
onto the deck, the ocean spray bursting up like a geyser at the helm.
There’s something quietly frightening about this video. The anger and unpredictability
of nature and the helplessness of being in the middle of it, tossed about by the sea.
Some in the comments find it beautiful. And it is, in a way.
But others, rightfully, find it terrifying, with redditor ButteredMuffinToots writing,
“I got seasick just watching this.” Whether you find this more beautiful or fearful,
one thing’s for sure: you’ll be 100% grateful that your feet are planted firmly on land. 7. It’s in the Room Kicking back with your friends should be carefree.
What happens when something strange occurs – a bin falls or a door clatters shut without
explanation? If it happens once, then you can pass it off
as just an oddity. But when it happens repeatedly, it’s not coincidental; you may have something
paranormal on your hands. This video was posted by Creepy Seven Paranormal
shows three guys just hanging out, lying on the floor of their room on their phones, when
something flies off the corner filing cabinet, startling the three and causing the sleeping
dude to sit up. While the item, which looks like a roll of
paper, could have simply fallen from a precarious position on the cabinet, what happens next
makes you think again. A larger roll of paper, leaning up against
a standing cupboard, flips onto the floor. There’s no way this one could have fallen
on its own, as it didn’t fall in a natural manner; it would have had to have been lifted
and tossed over. Whatever is in the room finally has all three
boys’ attention. They’re all sat up, with one covering his head with a blanket and the
others staring in fear at the corner where the commotion is coming from.
The thing is not finished. The top file cabinet drawer opens wide and a cardboard box on the
floor lifts off the ground, levitating momentarily. This causes the boys to flee and, as they
do, two more giant rolls of paper fall to the ground.
Redditor CrimsonCario writes, “What’s most terrifying is the fact that these grown
up men went screaming out the room- showing how scary it must have been,” while _adrianthegoat_
adds, “It’s stuff like this that keeps me up at night.”
You’re not alone, goat. 6. In the Hallway
If you’ve ever heard someone crying, and you went to investigate, this video will make
you consider the possibility that the sound is from the beyond.
Posted by YouTuber cluffo, the footage shows a man hearing a ghost girl’s cry/ When he
goes to investigate, walking slowly through his room to the door, he opens it to find
a huddled mass in the hallway. It’s hard to tell in the footage what it could be, but
we’ll assume, for the sake of argument, that it’s a ghost girl huddled over in distress.
The man closes the door again and then a moment later, decides to reopen it. When he does,
he finds the figure standing before him at the end of the hallway in a still and strained
position. Once he realizes what he’s seeing, he shuts the door quickly in fear.
Those in the comments of this video feel the same way. 50ShadesofFierce writes, “Scariest
[thing] i ever … seen…after the hundredth time it still gives me goosebumps.”
Goosebumps and a near stop of the heart. 5. A Hand Emerges
When a hand emerges from nowhere, you begin to think you’re seeing things. Especially
if it’s disembodied. Posted to Reddit by Sitekurfer this one will
make you feel like you’re being touched. Sitekurfer writes: “During a paranormal investigation
of a hobby group, a hand emerges from nowhere and disappears again. Group still doesn’t
know where the hand came from after 6 years.” Originally posted in July of 2014, the German
private investigator is seen with his crew in a darkened room. They’re all facing one
way in what appears to be in a hallway, likely getting ready to enter another room in the
space they’re investigating. Pretty normal. That is, until a hand appears out of the bottom
left side of the screen, as though to pat one of the crew on the back. It flits on screen
for a moment, while the crew remains unawares, before disappearing again in an instant.
In the comments redditor rwp80 says that it “looks human but with a finger missing…?”
Another says it looks like an animal hand, maybe that of a raccoon. But it doesn’t
seem animal at all to me. It looks indeed human.
Who was in the room that night with these investigators? And what did they want?
Only the disembodied hand knows. 4. Phantom Menace
Have you ever seen a ghost video that looks 100% authentic?
Posted by YouTuber Faeden, this short clip will have you questioning everything.
The video shows some ghost investigators entering a darkened room, searching it with two flashlight
beams. One tells the other to “cover his back,” while wielding the camera. The sight
zooms around all corners of the room, including the ceiling, the floor, the walls. In one
corner next to what appears to be a wardrobe, the camera zooms in to capture something strange
down on the floor. But just when you think whatever that thing is might somehow be the
titular “ghost,” a creaking sound causes the cameraman to pull back. And what he captures
is terrifying. Where, moments before, there was nothing,
now a tall vague figure looms. It’s hard to see the thing’s distinct characteristics,
as the camera lurches in fear, before the two guys race for their lives down the stairs.
But whatever it is certainly gets your heart racing.
After saying she believes this video is authentic, Enigma states in the comments, “The doorway
looks like it’s standard height, and the thing looks like it’s easily reaching the
top. I’d even go as far as to say that it’s crouching slightly, so unless there’s … [someone]
suffering from gigantism living in that place, it’s definitely paranormal.”
What do you think? Can you explain this haunting image away, or is it paranormal? 3. Missing
What do you do when your internet friend goes missing?
You travel halfway across the world to find him.
Posted to nosleep by user adus_14, this story and the videos that accompany it are sure
to keep you up at night. According to adus, his friend is missing.
Eight years ago, seven friends met online playing video games, after which the group
moved to Discord, which is a free voice and text chat app for gamers. Every person in
the group was a bit of a misfit, an outsider, but none more so than a Polish man in his
early 20s named Adrian. Adus describes him as having “the demeanor of Forrest Gump.”
From the sounds of things, Adrian seemed pretty harmless at first. But a month prior to this
post, he began acting out and seemed a different person altogether. Adus describes him as a
“hostile lunatic,” adus says Adrian would go on hour-long rants
and insisted that the cursed woods near his home were also haunted by the C I A who installed
“black sites” there. Two weeks prior to this reddit post, Adrian
went missing. He’d deleted his Discord and social media accounts, and the final two messages
the group had managed to save prior to his vanishing online were the same type of “nonsense”
he’d been spouting for weeks. As far as they could tell, he’d gone off
the grid. Except for one thing: his YouTube account. This remained active.
Videos began appearing on this account. The first is a video Adrian filmed walking
through the woods at daylight. Nothing out of the ordinary happens in this clip.
The second is more disturbing. The opening shot shows the woods at night. The shot changes
to Adrian coming across a flight of stairs in the daytime covered in rubble. The stairs
lead down to a room with a rusted red container, with a camera stand pointing inside. The container
looks like a bathtub of sorts. Then the shot returns to blackness, with only the edge of
a wall in view. Adus goes on to say that the remaining six
friends all assumed this was some sort of prank Adrian was pulling. He’d left his
YouTube channel up for them to view. They were his audience.
But the next two videos changed everything, making adus worry for Adrian’s health.
In video three, Adrian crawls through a sewer. After a while, he reaches a dead end. The
fourth video is only static. Towards the end, you can barely make out two men walking in
the darkness, alongside the man filming, which adus assumes is Adrian.
Audio from the final video posted sounds like Morse Code. Along with the sounds, numbers,
letters, and symbols appear in handwriting across the red screen. The group can’t figure
this out. Adus says that he and another of the group, Louis, plan to travel to Poland
to investigate the matter and search the woods. Each of these videos have only around 100
views, which means very few are hot on the trail of this story.
So, what have redditors to offer adus? They were able to decipher that the morse
code in the last video spells RIVERKWAI, which could be a reference to the Thai river.
Other than that, not much has been confirmed, and adus has provided no update to this strange
story. Can you solve the mystery? 2. Mysterious Package
If you ever find a mysterious package on your doorstep, here’s a pro tip: don’t open
it. YouTuber AlaskanDiva posted this clip, saying
it came from a Doorbell camera. She writes, “You can see a person leaving at the beginning
of the film. Watch the lower left corner. At first I thought he had left a package…but
then…” The footage does appear to show a figure leaving
the front porch area at the start of the clip. A moment later, something strange and shadow-like
appears to emerge at the entryway. You can see why the person thought a mysterious package
had been left for her. The item appears to be moving around slightly, before it changes
shape like it’s inflating, slowly floating up into the air, where it hovers like a shadow
figure in the blinding sunlight. Definitely creepy-looking. But does this have
a more logical explanation? YouTuber JadaArt in the comments suggests
it’s a wasp or hornet crawling on the lens, others say it’s a snail, and some say it
“looks like a kid crawling away” at first. Bug or not, the eerie effect would certainly
make you hesitant to open the front door and check what’s on your doorstep. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. Are you curious about what I look like in
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This way you’ll be notified of the new video we upload every Tuesday. 1. Security Hack
This one is insanely creepy on so many levels. 99 percent of people will be scared, because
99 percent of us own electronic devices that can be hacked.
This video should serve as a public warning about how vulnerable we all are to such an
invasion of our privacy. The video captures a man hacking into a home
surveillance system and speaking to a girl who’s watching TV in her own home. This isn’t a lone occurrence. Five other
families across various states reported similar events happening with their surveillance devices.
Hackers have spoken to home owners, even harassing them.
Ring stated that neither its network nor its systems were compromised, but rather the ability
to hack the system lies in users applying the same username and password across several
services. Or maybe just turn the cameras off. You never
know who’s watching…


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