Top 10 Unsolved MYSTERIOUS Places on Earth (हिंदी)

Top 10 Unsolved and Mysterious Places in the Earth Hello friends, welcome to our channel Top 10 Hindi. Today we are going to talk about the world of such mysterious worlds which you will be surprised to hear. There are many hidden wonders are hidden around this world So what are you ready to learn about some interesting world? It is believed that there are many mysterious places on earth whose mysteries has not yet been solved by any scientist or any archaeologist The scientists have given a lot of explanation but to this day full mysteries has not yet fully solved. We will talk about some places where nobody has gone to till today and some of the tourist places that have hidden deep secrets: 1) Bermuda Triangle Bermuda Triangle Echo is considered to be the world’s most mysterious place and it is also mentioned in Indian mythology. It is said that the Bermuda Triangle swallows all the things that come near it. Yes, you heard it perfectly. The Gravitational Field of Bermuda Triangle is so intense that it can attract anything to its side. A lot of airplanes have disappeared here so far that nothing could be known. The Bermuda Triangle is also called the Devil’s Triangle. This place is located in Bermuda, Puerto Rico Miami and Bermuda. Compared with earlier, the tragedies have happened is low now, and the scientist is also sorting out the reasons for these. The scientist of Colorado believes that hexagonal clouds are made here, which burst burst like air bombs Due to this burst a storm is generated which carries anyone nearby . 2) Dragon Sea – Japan The story of Dragon Sea is also centuries old. Like the Bermuda Triangle, Dragon Triangle is also located in Mike Island of the Pacific Ocean. This place is 100 km away from Tokyo city. From here place the planes to the submarine, all have been disappeared It is said that the compass changes its direction only when it reaches the Dragon Triangle. Japanese people believe that the dragon lives in this sea, due to which strange events occur here. In 1952, the Japanese government sent a survey team with 31 people on this Dragon Sea but all of them drowned in this Dragon Sea and were never returned. The point of surprise is that the dragon sea is in exactly the opposite direction of the Bermuda Triangle on the same Latitude !!!! The incidents happened here is more than the Bermuda triangle and many told different stories Someone says that there is a dragon so talk about some other aliens Tell us if you love to see a complete episode about the Dragon Triangle! 3) Great Pyramid of Cholula – Mexico Everyone has heard about the pyramid of egypt but has ever heard of the pyramid of Mexico? Shocked, yes the Pyramid of Mexico is among the world’s largest pyramids according to the area and volume. The biggest mystery here is that no one was able to know who built such a big pyramid It’s not even in the Guinness Book of World Records. This pyramid has been built like a temple and has stairs in it so that so that you can go up to the pyramid. If you are ever going to Mexico City, do not forget to go into hidden tunnels in this pyramids 4) Blood Falls, Antarctica Antarctica is a place that will keep reminding you that there are so many places in the world which are still beyond human race Blood fall is considered to be the world’s hardest fall and iron is found in this mysterious fall. The first Scientist believed that the color of water here is red due to red algae but the Taylor Scientist in 1911 discovered that the amount of iron on this place is very high which gives the water red color. 5) Kano Crystals This is a mysterious lake that is stationed in Colombia. The color of water here gets red in the hot season There are plenty of rare species of plants available in this place It is said that due to these remote species, the lake’s color is red. Would you like to see this place in Colombia? 6)Musical pillars of Vittala Temple 6)Musical pillars of Vittala Temple The Vittal temple is situated in Karnataka, which is a vertical greengage and is the only Indian mysterious place in this list. It is said that, there are 56 pillars in this temple, which generates 7 voices /musical notes This temple is of Vijayanagar dynasty which was built in 14th century. These 7 musical notes are ( sa re ga ma pa da ni sa ) Now you must be thinking that there is nothing inside the pillars and may be hollow which produces music but your guess is wrong It is believed that while making these pillars different things/metals (alloys) have been used, which you can not separate. 7) The Zone of Silence in Mexico 7) The Zone of Silence in Mexico This is a place in Mexico where the pay radio signal does not work and even the area pulls the meteorites. In 1970, this zone was in the headlines when the Athena rocket launched by America had crashed here.This rocket was launched from Green River Utah and it was to land in White Sand Mexico but suddenly it disappeared and the next morning the crash in the Zone of Silence. Scientist believes that there are many types of magnetite on this place which come to the magnetic field roads. You can not believe it or not, but this place also comes in the Geographical Pyramid of Egypt Bermuda ^ and Japan’s Dragon Triangle Latitudes. 8) Jacob well You might be wondering what could be the mystery of a well? Yes, Jacob Well Wimberley is in America and there was many deaths in 1850. For many years, it used to be a meeting place for Americans but now it is used for adventurous sports Do not be happy by hearing this… But here reported many injuries to people and many have lost lives here too. 9) Dead Sea Dead Sea is in Jordan and you can not swim here. The reason for this is that there is no swim in the Dead Sea , all float Yes, you will never drown in Dead Sea because the amount of salt in the water is very high here. You can not drink water here because of salt and oil Therefore, there are no fish or living creatures here. Just here you will find algae, bacteria similar creatures. 10) The Nazca Lines, Peru It is believed that the Nazca Lines were built between 400-650 yards. It is similar to Indus Valley Civilization of India If you look at these lines, then you will see different types of animals, birds, fish and people’s Diagrams. Now you must be thinking that what is the secret in it? So, listen, these lines can be seen only with the help of a helicopter or aircraft from above. You can not see these on ground.. Not surprised Archaeologist has discovered a lot of news about Nazca civilization but to this day no one has understood this mystery. Some facts believe that the people of Nazca ancient made these lines so that God can see them from the sky. We finish this episodes of today. Let’s hope you enjoy this episode of Top 10 Hindi. Do not forget to give us your suggestions and feedback in our comment section Do not forget to write and subscribe to your channel for similar interstitial and mysterious videos.


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