Tiny Nipples ft ElloSteph

Stevie: Do you always go first? Steph: Depends Stevie: Haha, fisting?! Steph: Sounds like Steph: Double penis Stevie: Hi guys, I’m Stevie Stevie: And I have my lovely friend Steph here with me Stevie: And we’re gonna play, cards against humanity charades Stevie: Our friends picked the cards that we have to use Stevie: So we have not seen these ever before Stevie: I’m going to read a card, and then try to get her guess the card using nothing but my body Stevie: That’s weird Steph: Wait, who wins gets what? Stevie: Oh, do you wanna tweet from each others account? Stevie: Yeah? Is that a good prize? Steph: Yeah, Yes Stevie: Two words Stevie: Second word. Two Stevie: To fuck? Stevie: To bang? To hump? Steph: This is so hard! Stevie: Sexing Stevie: Uhm, um Stevie: Inserting… Penetrating? Stevie: Ha! Stevie: Haha! Fisting? Stevie: First word, fist penetration Stevie: Strap on fisting? Stevie: Oh It’s two syllabeles, okay. Stevie: First word two syllables Stevie: Double penetration! Steph: Yes! Stevie Yaay! Steph: First word Steph: One word Steph: Okay Steph: Menstration? Stevie: Hahaha! Stevie: I just sit here and you guess menstration? Stevie: You’re sexist! Steph: You just look so upset like you’re in a commercial Steph: Eating? Steph: Uh, what, air? Steph: Hamburger Steph: Okay, hamburger Steph: Hamburger pattie? Steph: Hamburger sausage? Steph: Hamburger pattie Steph: Hamburger pattie Steph: Hamburger pattie Steph: Crabbie pattie? Steph: It goes around? Steph: What does this mean? Stevie: It means keep going, keep guessing Steph: Hamburger bun? Steph: Buns of steel? Steph: Condiment Steph: Rabbit Steph: Bullshit Steph: Wait, a hamburger mouse? Steph: Bull… Crap? Steph: Bull shit? Steph: Bull cow Steph: What is this cow doing? Steph: Bull… Wait cow? Steph: Cow Steph: Mooning? Steph: Mooning Stevie: What?! Stevie: Who says mooning? Steph: I just did Steph: Flashing, moon Steph: Moo.. You’re mooing Stevie: YASS Stevie: You made that so hard! Stevie: One word Stevie: Jesus Stevie: Inside Stevie: I don’t know Stevie: Nothing Steph: Yes! Stevie: That was quick! Steph: Oh my god I’ve got better at this game Stevie: That was aweso- Steph: Wait how do you know who wins this? Stevie: I don’t know Steph: Okay Steph: Two words Steph: First word Steph: Gay Steph: That was really flamboyant Steph: Uhm, exploding Steph: Exploding Steph: Butterflies? Steph: Birds? Steph: Pigeons? Stevie: Yes! Steph: Exploding pigeons Stevie: Yeah! Steph: Obviously we’re terrible people Stevie: Four words Stevie: Dancing Stevie: Happily dancing? Stevie: Gay pride parade Stevie: Uhm, Miss America Steph: Really Stevie? Steph: I’m really dissapointed Stevie: Glee? Steph: Oh my god Stevie: Fourth word Steph: Friends Stevie: Tits Stevie: Women Stevie: Females Stevie: Ladies Stevie: Ladies, okay Stevie: Fourth words ladies, third word Stevie: Single Stevie: All the single ladies! Stevie: Oh god, you were doing the fucking glee, that’s why I said glee! Steph: Glee?! Stevie: It’s all the single ladies Steph: I don’t watch glee! Stevie: Oh my god, I hate this card so much Steph: Oh god Steph: Oh, you got a cat. Oh Lion King Steph: Three words Steph: Dead Steph: Lion, lion cub? Steph: Baby, lion? Steph: Jack in the box? Steph: Oh, it’s a movie Steph: Oh, the last words- The second words death Steph: Evil death? Stevie: You already guessed the movie Steph: The Lion King Steph: Yeah, The Lion King Steph: First word Steph: Lion Steph: Lion gorilla? Steph: Baby Steph: Lion cub Steph: Lion baby Steph: Baby lion Steph: Simba, baby simba Steph: Simba… Sim… Bah Steph: You Steph: Stevie Steoh: Women Steph: Female. Princess Steph: Oh my god! Steph: Oh, Mufasa! Steph: Mufasa! Steph: Oh my god yes! Mufasa! Oh my god yes! Steph: Mufasa getting trampled by the hyenas Stevie: This is impossible Steoh: Mufasas dead porno, I don’t know Stevie: Sounds like.. Times up Stevie: Mufasas death scene Stevie: Two words Stevie: First word. Small Stevie: Little. Tiny? Stevie: Tiny tits Stevie: Tiny boobs. Tiny breasts Stevie: Tiny nipples Steph: Yes! Stevie: Yaay! Steph: How many words is this? Steph: I lost. Great. First word. Steph: Sneezing Steph: Okay sneezing Steph: Second word Steph: Sneezing shitting Steph: Sneezing while pooping or farting Steph: Wait, sneezing and having some shit come out Steph: Okay second word Stevie: Fart Steph: Farting Steph: Sneezing farting. Stevie: Most, the most un-attractive Steph: Masturbating Steph: Okay, sneezing, farting, masturbating Steph: Masturbating Steph: Climaxing Steph: Climax Steph: Ejaculating Steph: Fucking, orgasaming Steph: Okay, sneezing, shitting, orgasaming Steph: Oh the eighth word Steph: One syllable Steph: Wrist Steph: Time Steph: Okay, at the same time Stevie: Say it all together Steph: Farting at the same time! Steph: Shitting, farting orgasming at the same time Stevie: Close enough, sneezing farting and coming at the same time Stevie: So, I hope you guys enjoyed that Stevie: We did a video over on Steph’s channel and as I’m sure you love her, to go check out the video Stevie: It’s of us playing really sexy never have I ever with other people Stevie: Thank you guys so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed the video Stevie: And I’ll see you all next time, byee!


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