Time Sensitive: A Compassionate Release Story

He had to have radiation again, it’s a
total of 77 radiation treatments. He was diagnosed with fourth stage
throat cancer. In that process, he could not swallow. He was on a feeding tube.
They took away the only nutritional supplement he had for two weeks. We
fought like hell to get him that supplement because that was all he had. In terms of getting help from the Bureau
of Prisons when Sal was sick, there wasn’t any help.
None. And so we fought for compassionate release and it would get denied. Denied
without the warden ever asking the doctors about my husband’s conditions. We had to start over if he was in a new facility with new a warden, the whole
process over. Incredibly frustrating. There were so many people that died
unnecessarily that had been seeking help for months and months. There were people that died on the floor in a shower stall. Another gentleman who finally got
compassionate release and died in the car outside with his family.
They’re basically incapacitated or they’re terminally ill. There’s no chance
of reoffending and they just want to come home to die. I don’t see how any
human being can not look at that and think that’s the right thing to do. it’s just it’s unimaginable to me that
in the United States of America that we allow human beings to be treated this

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