THIS WILL COST YOU BRAIN CELLS – Faith Lost in Humanity #2 – SJW/Feminist Cringe Compilation

these women some of them had issues with it some of the businesses at all but they’re not changing their vote well if there’s a lot 1 it says that I guess maybe live in a bubble and the bubbles that I live in is one where sexual assault and rape pulses not okay and that’s a bubble that I’ve never one time I never represent my mom if you selected entire condo in Vienna so when i’m running for all the selective outrage that the left is ok with Hillary Clinton has look Simon investigators of consumer on viable sexual assault hey we it’s selected out rate and you know on people see through when you violate a law there are there are problems that you have to encounter so we shouldn’t be stopped me I know what kind of a face you want to put on it and they didn’t you know it’s all these poor horrible if these people who have lived here in this energy but you know what it is it all boils down to did you break the law oh no problem Tom Tom Spencer’s yet why I’m viacom yet under learning how the Republicans as well as Democrats undermining George W Bush of President by the time the background and I can tell you this all we have not upholding the Republican you have me on your like your brain you know you know tom i’m going to please up I apologized and most Americans sweet and savory know most Americans don’t believe that it was actually playing on so so just really quickly I know that you all have a role that you have to stay on but it’s also not on it you don’t have you are well you’re staying on it so I’m sorry the fact of the matter is Bill Clinton is not running for president of the United up because it away and don’t you didn’t if you know what it happy building us why do what you have asked you announcement I know because it’s not that yes great culture caviar Delaney someone would come to me someone committing adultery on earth for Hillary well you’ll hear many of them talk about you know all sorts of nonsense like her character experience or commitment to equality for women well we know that’s just another Clinton hoax but watch what happens when Clinton supporters find out that as Senator she actually paid female staffers a lot less than men wants us as Senator Hillary Clinton paid women 72 cents for each dollar that she paid men really wait you really did that yeah I don’t even know what to say right now that’s a tough situation I think Hillary keeps finding yourself in these awkward position where things that stupid dogs messed up with the action


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