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JACOB SOBOROFF: What’s up, guys. This is Jacob. We’re here every single day
to bring you the best videos around. Today we got Arianna
Huffington in the house. -I want to move “HuffPost” here. JACOB SOBOROFF: Pentatonix. And it’s always sunny
at Merrimack College. -Lay off the dark
beer and bread. You’re getting puffy. [THEME MUSIC] -Oh, whoa, ho. JACOB SOBOROFF: Guys, we got
Arianna Huffington coming up in just a second. But first, believe
it or not, folks, the genius behind such
revolutionary ideas as “Kitten Mittens”, and milksteak, and
canned wine is now a Ph.D. On Monday, Charlie Day traveled
to his alma mater, Merrimack College, to receive
an honorary doctorate. -Although I acknowledge
that Dr. Charlie Day sounds like some sort of
club DJ, I assure you I intend to go by this
title from now on. And I plan to begin writing my
own prescriptions immediately. JACOB SOBOROFF: All jokes aside,
the speech is really fantastic. And by the way, “It’s Always
Sunny in Philadelphia” is said to become one
of the longest running comedies of all time. So, I’d say, Charlie
Day knows a thing or two about succeeding after college. -If I was going to run
the risk of failure, I wanted it to be in the place
where I would be proud to fail, doing what I wanted to do. And let me tell you something. I did fail over and over again. You cannot let a fear of
failure stop you from doing what’s going to make you great. JACOB SOBOROFF: Since
it’s graduation season, we got a ton more great
commencement speeches, for you, waiting in the Playlist
after the show. [MUSIC PLAYING] -It’s too fun. ALI: GoPro isn’t just for
action sports anymore. Summer’s taking her first
spin without training wheels. And as someone who just got
a new bike, I totally get it. But it’s not just
about good times. This video’s also
about resilience. -This is such an easy bike. -Whoa. Oh. -[LAUGHS] ALI: Summer, you’re
an inspiration to out-of-control
bikers everywhere. Whoah. [MUSIC PLAYING] JACOB SOBOROFF: Guys, we’ve
got a very, very special guest in the studio with us today. Arianna Huffington’s here. Welcome to the show. ARIANNA HUFFINGTON: Thank you. Great to be on the show. JACOB SOBOROFF: So let’s
talk about “Thrive”. ARIANNA HUFFINGTON:
“Thrive” is the 14th book. I wrote it because
seven years ago, I actually collapsed from
burnout, sleep deprivation, and exhaustion. We’ve been living under
this collective delusion that burnout is
the way to success. It’s not true. JACOB SOBOROFF: We got
an incredible video for you, that’s just on
the topic of “Thrive” and on the topic of the
book, about the dangers of sleep deprivation. ARIANNA HUFFINGTON:
If you are a skeptic and you don’t think
sleep is important, just watch this video. MALE SPEAKER: Once
exhaustion sets in, you’ll find yourself
with slower reaction times and reduced perceptual
and cognitive functions. After a day or two
of no sleep, the body loses its ability to
properly metabolize glucose. And the immune system
stops working as well. Adults who sleep between
six to eight hours a night tend to live longer. ARIANNA HUFFINGTON:
Tell us how you thrive. It’s like exchanging
thriving recipes. And we can all learn
from each other. #HowIThrive. JACOB SOBOROFF: Guys, we
got an extended interview with Arianna, the links,
and the description, all about the book “Thrive”,
a lot more information, everything you need to know. Go click on that right now. [MUSIC BAND BEATS] CARLY: Growing up, I spent
many hours getting my butt kicked, by my cousins,
while playing “Mario Kart”. And during those
times, I always used to wonder what would
happen if it was real? This is the latest
from Immersion. Basically, a “Mythbusters”-esque
series for video games. And here, the gang wants
to know whether or not bananas make a
difference in real life. -He’s really taking off. -Yeah, he seems to be
a little overconfident. [CROWD CHEERING] [OPERATIC CHOIR] [SKIDDING] -I’m pretty sure you killed him. CARLY: If you want to
see more from these guys, make sure that you check
out their “Pac-Man” episode. They built a real
If you’re talking about great music on YouTube,
you have to mention Pentatonix. The a cappella
quintet just blew up after winning “The Sing-Off”. And they haven’t
looked back since. Over the last three years,
they built a loyal following with over 5 and 1/2
million subscribers. And it’s easy to see why. [MUSIC – PENTATONIX, “LOVE
they aren’t just putting up great
coverage and songs. They also like to interview
their favorite Swordsman of Westeros. -So did you always
want to be in acting? -I wanted to dance. That was my first love. -[GASPS] Really? -Yeah. And then, in trying to become
a dancer, I started acting. JACOB SOBOROFF: They’re
currently on tour. So make sure to subscribe
to stay up-to-date on all things a
cappella. [MUSIC PLAYING] AARON YONDA: I’m Aaron Yonda. MATT SLOAN: I’m Matt Sloan and
we are Blame Society Films. AARON YONDA: We’re the
creators of “Chad Vader”, the story of Darth Vader’s
less successful younger brother who works at a grocery store. -You don’t get along with your
employees too well, do you. -No. -Maybe you should try
being less of a butthole. -[SPUTTERS] -I hear you can’t even keep
this joint staffed on Saturday night. –[HISSES] Now, you will feel the
full power of the– Oh, whoa, ho. AARON YONDA: George Lucas
actually rewarded us. We won the George Lucas
“Fan Film” award in 2007. MATT SLOAN: Our current projects
are “Beer and Board Games” which is a series where we
drink beer and play board games. The thing we always tell
people, when they ask us what the key to success
on the internet is, is follow what you
think is interesting, what you think is
funny rather than try to make content
that you imagine an audience is going to be into. [MUSIC PLAYING] JACOB SOBOROFF: Thanks, guys. Every Saturday, we dedicate
our show just to one topic. This week, we’re talking
about mind-bending videos and how the heck they were shot. Like this. [MUSIC – YUKO SONODA, “HANABUSA
guys have a suggestion, we want to see it. Post a link to it
in the Comments. And now, I get to
say the coolest thing I’ve ever gotten to say. Play us out, The Muppets. [MUSIC – DISNEY MUSIC, “MUPPET


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