This Compassionate Tejano is Turning Texas Blue

– Progressive for me means reaching out and helping those who, without
a helping hand, would sink. It also means helping folks
feel like they’re free and that they don’t have to hide. I’m from the Rio Grande Valley. Our family has been there
for six generations. We’ve been Tejano since
before it became Texas. I’ve been a social worker since 1984. I work with people who suffer from trauma, refugees, helping folks
with drug addiction, and I’ve also worked in East Austin helping kids learn English. I grew up with my grandparents and my grandfather taught
me how to honor others. I got a lot of it from him. Growing up I remember speaking
Spanish once in school, and I had a teacher spit at me in my face, and she said, “Go back,
you wetback, go home.” I wanted to tell my grandparents, but I didn’t wanna hurt them, so I never told them, ever. I sincerely thought that
we were past this stuff, but this administration,
there’s no difference between what is being said here today with what was said when I was a child. Right after the last presidential
election, I felt sick. The very next day I called MoveOn and asked them how I can be involved. We’re at the Beto Headquarters. MoveOn has brought about 12 volunteers, Spanish speakers and English speakers who are making calls, canvassing for Beto. As MoveOn community leaders,
we’re there coaching them and also canvassing folks. (foreign language) Oh my gosh, MoveOn is a team. It’s like a familia, like a family. All of us working
together, motivating people to come out and vote,
and encouraging leaders to be a part of progressive change. – We really appreciate your
support, and thank you so much. Have a great rest of your day. – Right now in Texas we are at the cusp of seeing something happen. I’m impressed with Beto
because I’ve seen him meet people where they’re at, folks that don’t agree with him. He doesn’t push them
away or make fun of them. He listens. It is such a crucial point,
so much has been lost. We gotta get people in
there who will represent us. It’s human nature for us
to take care of each other. And I don’t want folks to be in fear like I was when I was a kid. MoveOn makes it easy for those people who wanna be leaders in their
community to be leaders. So no, I’m not gonna stop,
I’m part of something big. I can go to sleep knowing
that I did something. (gentle music)

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