The Whisper Challenge 2 with Emma Blackery!

Sup lads And girls And everybody else Today we’re filming a video with Goodbye. Me and my cute penis are leaving now This tiny elf So one of my favourite videos that me and emma have ever done is called ‘The Whisper Challenge’ And I know this isn’t the most obviooiuoiuouoius- This isn’t the most like EUEUUUUUUUU I know this isn’t the most original thing in the world but I absolutely love this game so much Basically I put headphones on, Emma plays EXTREMELY loud music Which in this case is going to be her new – AAH STOP STOP Which in this case is going to be her new EP which you can download on iTunes Or on Spotify
-Wait wait wait wait Wait I mean what else can I do? Oh for fucks… Plug That was nowhere near worth the build up there And I have to try and understand what she is saying and repeat back to her what I think she’s saying And generally I’ll get it hilariously wrong Did you fart? No, but it smells like I did and I didn’t Play your loud EP to me please It’s gonna be weird because half these songs are about me but… OH WELL AHH
-Is that too loud? It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine
-You sure? Carrie Hope Fletcher (


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