Commissioner, what is the case now? None right now, you’re very late There was a hostage situation in a supermarket this morning, and you never showed up What do you mean by “this morning”? Today, during the morning, that time that is not late at night I don’t get it… Crow, I don’t know if you know this, but 75% of crimes happen during the day Well, that comes as a surprise It is not the first time I try to get in touch with you during the day, and you never show I was sleeping! I’m up all night fighting crime I didn’t know this happened during the day, too Why wouldn’t you tell me that sooner?? Because the only way to reach you is through a spotlight in the sky! How am I supposed to do that during the day? Why don’t you use a phone, or even Facebook messaging? Are you kidding me? I would be easily tracked! And you think having a huge crow
sign in the middle of the sky of Megalopolisville, that points directly to the roof you’re on is what?? I think it’s a little easier to track, don’t you? Well, I can try to start earlier, like 6… 7 pm…? Maybe 8 on Mondays… Okay, Crow, I have an important matter to attend to now… we’ll be in touch Oh, is it a case? I’m not doing anything now. Let me help! Okay. So, apparently a gang has been robbing banks safes overnight Oh, great! In Chamberstown, a couple of hours from Megalopolisville Hum… interesting… hmm… got it. So, you mean like, a different city… Good night, Crow… Okay, I’ll be here waiting! I’ll keep an eye on everything around here, don’t worry about it!


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