At the maximum-security prison in
Megalopolisville, you will find the biggest villains the city has ever seen The killer, one of the greatest assassins in the world and he says he does not miss a shot but in fact he misses, because if he didn’t he would be arrested Clown, who has no powers, is crazy and dresses as a clown and so should be in a sanatorium not in a prison Captain Boomerang, who is the
world’s greatest boomerang expert Yeah, this part is not even a joke, he is a
real character And Alligator, a man who was born with a horrible skin disease and so he is considered a villain although he has never committed any
crime, just the crime of not being loved and educated by zealous parents I’m Angela Weller, member of the Congress and I have come here to bring you an irrefutable proposal Which proposal? I’m in You will work for the government on a secret team and if you accomplish the mission, you
gain your freedom plus ten million dollars each Hum…what kind of mission? You will be sent to fight a bloodthirsty militia in a third-world country where you will probably be captured,
tortured, perhaps dismembered and killed You will be the Suicide Troop I don’t think so… I’d rather not I’m in! What do you mean, no? Did you hear the part that this is the only way for you to get out of jail? Get out of jail? Not even you believe in it You named the group: Suicide Troop It’s just a name guys, could be anything else May I know why you’re sending a bunch of criminals to a mission instead of sending Marines or any agent with much more training than we have? Because, no one else is in You don’t them, the group
name was Suicide Troop, right? Anyone who prefers to stay here until
your sentence is done, instead of going to die no mission says yes! Yes! No one is going I didn’t want to have to do this but we put a bomb on your head…if you
are not in, you will die! You were saying that if we don’t join the suicide troop, where we’re going to have to go and fight a militia of a third world country
where we’re probably gonna be caught tortured and maybe dismembered
and killed, you’re just gonna kill us here in the comfort of our cells, without
having to go through all of this and die anyway? Well, when you put it like that… Can’t we just change the name of the group? What if it was the Troop that is
probably going to die, but that has a 2% chance of not dying in case something miraculous happens? Are you kidding me? I think we can work with that What?! Can I take my boomerang? I’m in! What are you talking about? Could it be 4% instead of 2%? Sure, why not? I’m in!

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