The snake-bitten meerkat’s miraculous recovery | Planet Earth Live – BBC

Last time [maid] cat [pup] Swift and her family known as the whiskers decided to spend the night in a burrow belonging to their arch-rivals the Kungfu family Tragically Swift’s cousin Ernesto was bitten by a snake his life was hanging in the balance Cameraman Toby strong has been filming the unfolding drama in this past corner of the Kalahari desert With venom potent enough to kill 10 men [this] brave little meerkat had managed to drag himself out of the burrow But he was going downhill fast This venom affects the nervous system breathing and heart [a] [nestor] is suffering huge Did he swift seems aware of his pain? And he’s trying to comfort her cousin, but there’s nothing she or any of them can do This is a battle. He’s gonna have to fight alone Living in such [a] desolate place. They have their own challenges to face every day especially finding enough to eat [over] [night] [Swift] like all the meerkats has lost [5%] of her body weight simply keeping me So after sunning themselves the family have no choice, but to head off foraging and abandoned poor, Ernesto Practically blind and almost paralyzed he desperately tries to follow me But he slowly drifts behind over the years I’ve seen Different animals died and they tend to take themselves away on Their own All alone [a] [nester] finds a quiet place to curl up This is the grim reality for meerkats living alongside such dangerous predators means from time to time They do get bit And lives are lost but for the rest of the whiskers life has to go on Swift and her brother and sisters are the future of the family so they have to keep foraging Swift is certainly growing up fast and getting more and more independent every day Getting to grips with the varied diet that desert provides lizards Giant millipedes and Camel spiders and burrowing skinks everything is eagerly consumed even when hard to swallow Every day sees new lessons learned and new encounters It’s now been two days since Ernesto got bitten and the whiskers have gradually been making their way back to the safety of their own territory Having been away for a few days the group of Vigilance perimeters They see a lone figure it could well be a scout from one of their rival groups They’ve spotted him here come whiskers [switch] there and crow They’re going going going going going [unlost] [in] full moon The family have their tails up and are primed and ready to go into back But when they reach the lone meerkat they get a fantastic surprise It’s an ester by some miracle. He’s still alive. We’re back together They’re smelling him they’re sending him They recognize him [swiftly] writing now Emily [ah] That’s amazing [I] Can’t believe it We left That male bitten by a cobra two days ago. I truly thought That was him dead. I haven’t seen him for two [days] And he’s made back to the group That’s astonishing The family are reunited and for ernesto. This is the best possible outcome, but the whiskers have to remain vigilant With the sick adults and Swift and her brother and sisters in turn if there was a rival attack now the result could be tragic But for now everyone is safe and enjoying being home once more


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