There’s a storm coming That’s what they told me, but the truth was it was already here Show time Claws off Godzilla *Gunshot* *Groan* *Coughing* You’re one resilient reptile Yoshi, Time for games dear There you are! Go on, Go play honey Go ahead, honey. Your friends are all waiting You`ll be fine Yoshi, Dear whats wrong? Don’t make me kill you Now I have to kill you I’m getting tired of shooting you pal. Just hand over the smash ball, and we can all go home That’s a pretty tempting offer, especially from a guy who’s already tried to blow my head off once today What are you Real question is whats this? Seems like you want to pretty badly Not me, My organization So what’s that make you? [just] someone trying to keep doing stay at arm’s length And yet You shot me in the head for it. Clearly I need a bigger gun So this ball. You’re gonna what analyze it Protect It that smash ball could mean Mass destruction in the wrong hands So, what are we gonna do? Look your team can have the smash ball But I’m coming with it Excuse me? You already told me I can’t trust this falling into the wrong hands until I know what side you’re on You’re getting me too. This is serious stuff You’re getting ally and a smash thingy We’ve all had training And I still beat you! Look, This is how you do it right? Try not to die Hey guys, thank you for watching [I] know some of you have watched this video before But we have an explanation and that explanation is right here in this new video We may check that out if you want to help support the creation of the smash brotherhood or you can take a look at our Patreon page and help other encounters fund the future of the Smash Brotherhood BEARD SALUTE..OHH


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