The Real Reason They’re AGAINST Free College, FOR White People

So we’ve talked about this New York times
poll that shows that in some key battleground States, Donald Trump is doing way better against
Elizabeth Warren than against Joe Biden or then against Bernie Sanders. And that’s all great and we’ve already had
a discussion about that, but there is another storyline buried in the polling and it is
about education and it is about race and it exposes so much of what we’ve been saying
for the last several years. There are a whole bunch of ways that we can
slice up the polling data for Donald Trump versus his opponents. We can look by age group, we can look by income. We can look at all sorts of things, but take
a look at this. We’re putting up data on the screen, which
shows that Donald Trump is absolutely destroying Biden, Bernie and Warren among voters who
were white without a college education. Okay. Trump won in 2016 over Hillary, Hillary
by 26 over a among voters who are white and lack of college education. Trump is leading Biden and Bernie by 24 points
each. Right now among white voters who didn’t go
to college, Trump has crushing Warren by even more by 26 among white voters without a college
degree. This is why Republicans don’t want tuition
free college. They know the numbers. This is why Republicans aren’t actually doing
anything to improve the circumstances for minority voters because they are so overwhelmingly
not with them, that it probably feels like a worthless investment of time, resources,
and money. This is not rocket science. Now, race is a component in the sense that
black voters, Hispanic voters, other voters, presumably other includes maybe biracial,
Asian, native American, Trump gets destroyed in every single one of those races. Uh, among those demographic groups against
Biden, Bernie and Warren. But when you look at white voters with a college
degree, Trump lost in 2016 to Hillary among that group. And Trump is losing to Biden, Bernie and Warren
right now. So there is a party that benefits drastically
from keeping people uneducated. What do you think their policy is going to
be to education? Don’t teach critical thinking in middle school
and high school. Don’t make it easier or more affordable for
people to go to college. Don’t do tuition free. College don’t provide student loan relief. And that is exactly what they’re doing. Now there’s an analogy here to voter turnout. Republicans do better when they suppress voter
turnout in elections. So what policies do they want? They want to remove people from voter rolls. They want to increase ID requirements. They want to prevent people from being allowed
to register on the same day of the election. It’s totally transparent. If you’re attention, which we have been, I
was thinking, uh, there’s this idea of 1984 versus brave new world. These are two really important dystopian novels. 1984 of course by George Orwell, brave new
world by Aldous Huxley. It’s very common that people will compare
or lichen what’s happening right now. It’s a 1984 but the late Neil postman wrote
that very often when people say something is like 1984 there’s a better analogy to brave
new world by Aldous Huxley and I believe that that’s what we’re seeing right now. And I’ll give you an example or well feared
or painted a picture of books being banned. Aldous Huxley feared that there would be no
reason to ban books. And that’s the case right now because you
have an entire political movement, the American right-wing movement built around people who
have no real interest in thinking or in books or in reading or education or epistemology
or critical thinking. They don’t need to ban the books because the
people that they’re appealing to aren’t reading any books. Uh, and like Neil postman said or well feared
that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared that the truth would be drowned
out in a sea of irrelevance or well feared. We would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture. I believe that what we are seeing right now
is much more along the lines of the picture painted by Aldous Huxley in brave new world
in this particular sense then by George Orwell in 1984. It is really scary stuff and you need only
look at the numbers to understand where the policy comes from that we are seeing among
the modern Republican party. Disgusting. But somehow we’ve got to fight it and 2020
and that election is just the very small first step. It’s an important first step. But it is a comparatively small one. Given what we’re up against.


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