the raid scene from the society ON CRACK

*harry potter theme EAR RAPE* ♪ i’ve been waiting, i’ve been waiting, i’ve been waiting ♪ *wii theme EAR RAPE* JESUS CHRIST (from Inception) jesus christ, grizz where have you been?! I’M GAY okay i slept trought my alarm.. it’s really- PRE-dawn raid means PRE-dawn i know, i KNOW yeah man, it’s like.. POST-dawn rn it was at this moment jackson knew he fucked up can we just DO THIS? huzugh!?!1!1 is.. is it real? wtf.. WOOOOOW is that clark?? THATS MY MOM yeah no shit, we can see that! okay? it’s me MARIOoooOOO do you even know how to use it?? ♪RATATATATATAT♪ ♪ i wanna, i wanna, END ME ♪ cool cool, hey i read him his rights to make sure everything’s all legit- DUDE no one gives a SHIT about that’ ♪ you didn’t have to CUT ME OFF ♪ law and order MAN tintin we don’t need the bad guy’s rights to get away like- tHeRe’s N0 MoRe LeGal sYstEm JasOn we live in a sort of FUCKING ♪ I AM THE ONE, DON’T WEIGH A TON ♪ ♪ DON’T NEED A GUN TO GET RESPECT UP ON THE STREET ♪ (100% accurate, grizz da boi) GUYZ hey hey! let’s just fucking do this, alright? ♪ WOAH ♪ c’mon, follow me OH MY GOD okay it’s happening everybody stay CALM- what’s the procedure everyone? STAY F*CKING CALM EVERYBODY F*CKING CALM DOWN up, up, go higher up here does this look right grizz? ♪ what the fuck i’m supposed to say? ♪ ♪ WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? ♪ one, two, three! * windows XP shutdown EAR RAPE * one, two, three- ♪ SOMEBODY ONCE- ♪ it’s a FUCKING raid!!! wtf, is this allowed? wtfffff is THAT allowed? ♪ i still feel your TOUCH in my dream ♪ WHERE’S DEWEY, WHERE IS HE? uh i don’t FUCKING know, there’s going 30 people in here FUCK!! watch ur profanity. Hi WeLcOmE 2 ChiLLiS are u insane?? ♪ all the best people are CRAZY ♪ grizz? is.. is that u? MY NAME IS JEFF carla?? what’s up? (: ♪ well i’m doing just fine, i lied, i’m dying inside ♪ grizz it’s a fucking raid! -YES right dewey is not back here! are u sure??? uh * NON * ♪ I WANNA END ME ♪ whatthefuckareyou TALKING ABOUT??? what do you meannnnn there’s a lot of people back there!! * wind sound * * music playing * OKAY LET’S GO, c’mon!!! get up! ♪ get up, stand up ♪ i got him guyz! * fortnite victory royale *


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