The Preaching Humanist 01.29 – Signs of the Time

Welcome back viewers to the Preaching Humanist with David Oliverio that is I. I’m
gonna get right into the message today dialogue with dialogue with many many
years as a missionary and evangelist humanism in eight years of my life to be
in the middle of questions and talk to you groups or even 11 I had dialogue with a
friend of mine have known for many many years she’s a few years old this was on
Facebook open to the world to see she asked me in ur message on facebook
outdated how do you not see the signs of the time they signed at the end of the
world before Jesus returns to gather up as blogged by the end of the time when
God the Father citizen Jesus back to earth for the rapture of the church and
she went out at all telling me Eugene I would say her premise which chapter 3
I’ll do it very well here’s why the writings of all the things that would
happen right before the return so today I will attempt to make it very plausible
comprehensible for you my dear Christian friends that are you using the words of
Jesus in Matthew chapter 24 I will not use Peters why he’s normally used polls
right into second place testimonials or sorry first nestlings
chapter 5 about the second coming of Christ I’m going to use the man Jesus
himself regulator King James in a new American Standard Bible to read
litigation the very words of Jesus now she has decreased in our politics wrote
this many years ago and all the debates and talks that had with pastors and many
strong Christians throughout my twenty to twenty-five years of activism and eight years and humanism it call me
in the quote from CES lives is Jesus a liar easy lunatic or Izzy lower well I
would answer probably alluded to where many lunatics at that time that
thought they were god that’s what I call him a liar and a t-shirt guy they
existed but one thing I will say there’s no evidence of things that we will talk
about today so I would say after what we read today I want you to rethink this my
dear Christian friends I’m going to go over with expository tejan I’m going to
expel which is to present and explain systematically in detail the very words
of your Lord and Savior Jesus strikes and I hope to help you to see the book I
hold my hand which I used to call my life God’s Word is nothing more than a
book by Premier man in mythology Matthew chapter 24 I’m gonna start with verse
number 310 disciples asking Jesus what will be the sign of your coming end of
the end of the age and jesus answered and said to them you will see to that
no-one mislead you for many will come in my name I but Christ and will be sleep
many first number six you will be hearing of wars and rumors
of wars see that you are not right for those things must take place for that is
not yet the end the beginning of the end of the year the beginning of the year
before Jesus return according to Jesus is that you will hear of wars and rumors
of wars now my dear magical believing friends my gear supernatural believers
out there that are here to the Bible as does were your guidelines I want you to
put on your thinking if you can for one moment I want you to turn off
the faith button and turn on rational thinking but critical thinking button
and the general thing as I discussed wars and rumors of wars do you say these
are the signs of the end of the earth on my return wars and rumors of wars we
have had wars my dear Christian friends for thousands of years let’s look back
and ancient Egyptians they were war they were concrete they were killing villag
taking slays the issue aryans the Babylonians we’re talkin two three four
thousand years ago of course your beloved use the Israelites commanded by
God to have worn down the Greeks alexander the Great I will call but
Alexander the Conqueror moving eastward across Europe and Asia killing a
concrete against the countries and nations insulating of this these are
major wars what about the Roman Empire the European wars Crusaders these are primitive wars what
about the Mongolian subjugation of China King is calm and those Kingdom rising
against Kingdom my Christian friends the words of Jesus is he alluded to is he a
liar or a seal or I would say doesn’t know what he’s talking about I’m so
sorry to say that you but we have had wars we have had Kingdom rise against
Kingdom and nation rise against nation in fact dead in truth in evidence she is
we are living in modern civility there are lush wars less kingdom against
Kingdom now than they were back days criminal days one’s age and all
days ago thousands of years ago we have progressed as a species we have always
had now we’ve never had warned all of a
sudden Kingdom rose again he would rise against nation would rise against nation
we will see these things called battle more if it were setting my head that
Jesus with each other to truth truth is I’ve always been wars and rumors of
warms let’s move along destination will rise against nation and
kingdom against Kingdom we had that there’s no talk about that and I’m sure
that could activists say they will be heading north quakes in various places
again my dear friend begin to think here let’s begin to use region over things
they’ve been around for a long time you would think that she is and this god of
all the negatives this god of all the lead in all wisdom and power would know
these things before Jesus had said these things we have had families four
thousand years there are less damage now in the year 2015 then there were days 17
delayed BC to the present day as 800 to 1,000 CEO which is common here are you
would say my Christian friends BC before Christ 1 million died in the National
Mesoamerican mind civilization in those two hundred years after 1000 C E 1601 1603 see coming here or you could
call before Christ the Russian famine two million people died of starvation
what about the years 17022 1704 de commandeer the Indian famine in India
two million individual people died of starvation and damaged quakes this is nothing new
my dear friends jesus said in the last days before my return these are the
sides managed sorry there were more famines back into today there will be
questioned his pledges as if geology is a new sides as if you are you got
together discovered be set in tectonic plates on the question years ago they
touch and rub together I’m not a scientist but I know the basics defaults
we’ve had earthquakes as long as human history has recorded it in human history earthquake should be around for many
thousands of years volcanoes what about locating Pompeii
Italy before the birth of Christ we have had catastrophes and hurricanes
devastations for thousands and thousands of years this is nothing new Jesus lunatic lie or Lord I want you to
begin to think my dear Christian friends let’s move along person I then they don’t world Jesus and
his disciples will deliver you to tribulation and will kill you and you
will be hated by all nations because of my neck formation defense I as a very overt
treaty humanist secularist and not trying to kill you we are lovers not fighters as I’ve said
before most of us are antiwar you are not being persecuted as much as your
creatures on the radio talk about as much as you hear the pervasiveness of
Christianity you are not being persecuted you my dear friends are the
majority you are the seventy percent of people that believe it here to the Christian faith and believe that
Jesus as your Lord would you like to try being in eight years in the southern
United States as a missionary evangelistic humanist he tried to help
questions come out of their delusion to make this world better every day in
eight years now spoken out of the closet human estate in the United States of
America you might understand a little bit of persecution you might understand
being a somewhat but my Christian friends you’re not hating I don’t hate
you I’m not trying to kill you now if you lived two thousand years ago the
Roman Empire yes they thought of you as he did in eight years and yes they did persecute you but we’re living in a day
at a time where we are becoming less violent more compassionate and more
lucky because less religion more rationality my dear friends these are
signs of the last days and my friend who I talk to a facebook after explaining
things step by step in fact usual second period chapter 3 as your premise I went
over there as well about men being lovers of themselves
about homosexuality right homosexuality wise you in the last days as a sign of a
return of Christ always always has been homosexuality go back to the Greek
Empire symbols and shit and Roman civilization factors homosexuality 1500 known species
Indiana more these are nothing my dear friends just that we have more
information now people are beginning to understand through the internet and
modern science and technology it’s not Jesus it’s not the Christian God that is
progression is on into modernity in two morrow civility civilizations it’s the
human mind which humans that a progressive to always say to my friend who told me day or how can you not see
the signs of Christ’s return look at all the bad things are happening around I
humanists and impressionist would say I’m looking at the positives I see
mankind progressing and moving ahead I do see isolated incidence evil I do see
ICE’s would use bad and evil which must be stopped I do see evil ideologies and selfishness
yes there is out there I do see some criminal criminal activity but I would
say that crime is on the decline in america that stats to murder rates going
down rationality is going up we’re becoming
slowly secularized and humanize and less Christian in this country and if this
continues in this trend continues hopefully with my help and many others
did speak out that we will begin to be more like those countries around the
world where there is less religion more reason and rationality the crime rates
are lower and like he’s benefited so many better waves so are these true
signs of the time my Christian friends you really think wars and rumors of wars
are a sign of the end days where we used they were more wars and rumors of wars
through many days of no work today isolated incidents here and there
usually religious-based no more major world wars done obsolete what about earthquakes in
divers places various places in famines been there done that humanity don’t
experience these things nothing new under the Sun Jesus was wrong out he and killing Christians we’re not
gonna kill you we don’t hate you all we want is freedom
all we want is what the constitution says Congress shall make no law
respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof
you have your constitutional rights to believe in whatever little edgy and
delicious but you got to keep it out of politics got to keep it out of public
schools so we’re not trying to kill you I’m not gonna burn down your house I’m a
lover not a fighter I’m just trying to help you just see that there was nobody
book to be your guide on life reason you need rationality and you know
what you need you need people to get closer than a brother like the Bible
says like I should preach Jesus is my friend that stick it closer than a
brother all you need is to begin to think and realize that you have
everything within you to the wonderful life without God so I’ll let you do you
think about that can we use with an objective my issue is truth what do you
say all this has already happened still happens someone might not be as much as
you used to always say it’s false this makes this look of falsity because what
is truth there are none no contradictions and it’s consistent I see
inconsistency as many hundreds and hundreds of contradictions all you have
to do i do magic abilities friends is to Google Bible contradictions and you
would open up your mind to reality and see that there are hundreds and hundreds
of Bible contradictions here’s one right here where Jesus was all so let’s begin
to think that you’re interested friends let’s begin to listen i as the preaching
humans will continue to welcoming you to reality let’s make this world better
every day and let’s begin to love each other and help each other’s humans and
know that there’s no need for Daddy the sky sheppard to lead into God the Lord is my
shepherd I shall not what I had my mind only be and what I mean I go to smart
people I used a division of labor I use others as I my producer more helps me do
things that I don’t know how to do technology so we need each other thank you for watching the preaching
humans with a lot of area remember the good life to God about region and
motivated by love have a wonderful day we will see you next time

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