The Preaching Humanist 01.24 – Doers of the Word

Welcome back viewers to the Preaching Humanist with David Oliverio that is I. you can notice to different truman
indifferent backdrop we have here and some of my friends about after me David
you need a different backdrop he needs something the background that is more
appealing so here I am using de ACA studio in library a wonderful facility
right here in the great city of Austin Texas I want to thank the eighties
community of Austin and a library here for allowing me to begin to shoot my
little YouTube show right here in the same environment the same studio where
the world-renown 86 perience show is recorded so here I am using this to deal
with a much better environment now I want to take up of things before I get
started with episode 28 preaching human show that we have a wonderful facility
here and those of you fellow free thinkers atheists and agnostics skeptics
and humanists whatever you call yourself this library is amazing I want to thank
Mark the library in here and a producer of my little show want to thank Mark for
producing my show and the work he does your so diligently for the movement
free-thinking movement helping people to free himself from the bubble of
Christianity and religion and entering reality right so I just wanna be very
appreciative and thankful to the ACA and tomorrow for allowing me to begin to use
the facility those of you that want to expand your mine and to read and to
learn and you’re new in the eighties movement humanistic movement or if you
are a Christian who wants to learn new beginning to see your logical fallacies primitive
mythologies as Christianity and you want to expand into humanism indeed good
without God hey you can watch my she’ll watch many other good shows and also
come to the library here in Austin and check out some books great great
resources here to learn and help you in your search for truth and being good
without any superstitious or supernatural belief systems so I want to
get out and give credit where credit is due and thank the ACA for allowing me to
begin to do my work my passion here my dear Christian friends those who do that
are watching I want you to understand my objectives for my show is to reach make
it’s plausible and comprehensible for those of you that many of us like myself
for once involved in the deep end of the pool of Christianity I was once a
fundamentalist evangelistic evangelist and preacher in my younger years I
travel they preached I started churches my father is a pastor my brother was a
preacher so I know the christian movement you can go back and listen to
my previous episodes so I will attempt to attempt what all I can to explain to
you that the good life as one motivated by region and love and know God is
required for life of love joy peace fulfillment meaning and purpose of life
so let’s get right into episode chapter first chapter and verse I’m used to
preach and so much let’s get into episode number twenty entitled doers of
the word of God James chapter 1 verse 22 your book The Bible says be doers of the
word and not hearers only deceiving yourselves this was one of my favorite
scriptures to preach on and as Christians you believe that the
book your book The Bible is God’s Word all Scripture given by inspiration of
God so you wanna be doers of the word right let’s see what the Bible says
about actually obey and doing what the written word of God tells you to do
let’s keep in mind that Jesus himself regulator King James addition said if
you love me you speak into those of you Christians and to his disciples if you
love me jesus said you will keep my can manage now the Sermon on the Mount few
parts of the Bible I as a humanist and very strong a kiss actually enjoyed
reading some of its not bad belong here hit be liberal loving Jesus
had some good things to say and a lot of things she said i mean not agreement
with but he said in Matthew chapter 54 17 through 19 do not think that I came
to abolish the law and the prophets I came to feel the law and the prophets
until heaven and earth pass away not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass
away from the law until all is accomplished whoever a nose or make sure
the void one of the least of DS commandments and teaches others to do
the same shall be called least inhabit but whoever keeps and teaches them will
be called great in Everett let me clarify do some explanatory teaching and
preaching to you my dear Christian friends extreme attacks explain the text
and applied to text of Scripture Jesus I did not come tell news cycles to do away
with the law and the prophets meaning Genesis Exodus Leviticus numbers
Deuteronomy I say a germ you killed and all the prophets and
along the profits and the Minor Prophets I didn’t come to a halt do away with
those laws member be doers of the word I came to fulfill them he tells you when
it shall be filled he said until heaven and earth pass away not one jot or
tittle now 11 minuscule amount of the law the Bible the book should be taken
away you must adhere to all the commandments of the Old Testament you
must adhere to all the commandments of the profits which means from Genesis
want to the end of the book of Revelation you must keep them as you
ought to be called great in heaven now can you do that my dear friends you know
life is a humanist and eight years I’m very pleased that you cannot keep this
commitment because if you did keep all the commandments of the Old Testament
which jesus said you got to keep in many ways until heaven and earth pass away has not passed away you believe the
second coming of Christ he should return the clouds of glory he hasn’t come back believe there is a second coming as I
don’t believe in God but you believe there is until that day happens would
you believe will happen you are to keep every minuscule amount of the law and
the prophets I am thankful that you’re not obeying it you know why it occurs
chapter 20 if a man life with a man he should be put to death you would be
killing those who are homosexual if someone comes to you with another
message any propaganda from another gone to
religion or no religion he should be put to death if your son or daughter
rebelling against you incur shoe which teenagers do at times they should be
stone outside the city and be put to death oh i’m thankful that you’re not keeping
this book The Bible literally so those of you that believed a literal
translation inspiration of the Holy Spirit so thankful that you’re not keeping it
so if you’re gonna be a Christian a follower of Jesus my dear Christian
friends he said if you love me you’re going to keep my commandments and you
better keep it all right jesus never what disagreed or had no
objections to the cruelties of the Old Testament not once did he objected to
the infanticide homicide all the murder all the genocide all the midst of the
Old Testament never once did he disapproved it he approved of it he
actually proved of slavery as well what is my point here today my dear Christian
friends of those who christians that are starting to think it’s starting to have
your little epiphany like I did twenty to twenty-five years ago you know it doesn’t make sense anymore
this is a archaic primitive book that I’m trying to adhere to what’s going on
you’re beginning to think it doesn’t make sense to you anymore this message
to you well hopefully help you to understand any logical fallacy or blind
spot but you may have and I would say yes it is a blind spot I was blinded by
faith many years ago as a young preacher was born into the indoctrination of
Christianity as a pastor son my brother not both went into the ministry we both
preached for years and as you can tell by my verbiage and jargon and my body
language preacher I enjoy it please do not
mistake my passion for bitterness I’m very passionate about helping dole’s of
you in the Jesus bubble in the supernatural bubble that claim there is
a deity and claimed that you need need to be good my message is a progressive philosophy
of life without super naturalism which affirms our ability responsibility as
humans to lead ethical life’s a personal fulfillment for the good of humanity
making positive changes in this world without belief in a god this is called
humanism this is what I promote this is what I push a very strong atheist on the
dock in scale of one to seven one being absolutely sure there is a go 7 be absolutely sure there’s not a good
identified myself as a six point nine I’d like to say seven absolutely sure
I’m not gonna say that there’s a slight minuscule amount of supernatural world
existing probably not but you know what you want to prove it to me i’m open
those of us that are in the secular humanist atheist movement we are
objective thinkers we believe in things that are real and I hope that my
teaching and preaching on humanism to those of you who are still in
Christianity that are one in a way out will help you and encourage you if there
is an alternative in its called humanism it’s called being good without God
learning to think you can reason over face and I could go on and on and on but
I’ll say these four other episodes so thank you for watching the preaching
humanist with David all of aerial this was episode 20 doers of the word so
remember to be good and loving and kind know God require you can do good age can
do that acts you can perform all the things you did as a believer in Christ
Jesus you can continue these works of kindness love and there are many of us
that do these things that are very strong and we will discuss these in the next
upcoming episode to thank you for watching have a wonderful day we will
see you next time on the preaching humorous with David Oliver

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