The Preaching Humanist 01.22 – Chalk One Up for Human Kindness

welcome back to the preaching humanist
with David let’s continue with our little paradigm shift paradigm shift
here a little trickle videos elected title this one chalk one up for
human kindness and human nature and tell you what happened to me to preaching
humanist about a week ago I’m 58 years old I’ve never had a car accident before
my life and you’re saying all thanked the Lord your blast now I’m an atheist
humanist secularist so I made a mistake it was my fault we all make mistakes for
human I had an accident totaled my car so I won’t tell you what happened in
about five minutes here and I’m gonna call this one again I’m gonna chalk it
up for human kindness so here I am in my vehicle total my car I’ll pull my
vehicle in June this particular restaurant parking lot where the
accident happened I had my girlfriend’s son with me a twenty three-year-old
wonderful man young man has taken this young guy to lunch because he loves
particular restaurant here in Austin so the action occurred drove into parking
lot total the car immediately now keep in mind my dear Christian friends and an
overt over super overt evangelistic outgoing very friendly preaching secular
humanist atheist I do not believe in your guard I do not believe that all
your blush David that’s why you didn’t get hurt total the car immediately who came to
our aid did David Oliverio think once about calling upon the name of the Lord
Jesus Christ for whosoever shall call upon the Lord He shall deliver the
intimate trouble did I wants quote scripture did these thoughts occur to me
to call upon my previous belief system Christianity didn’t need to call upon my
daddy in the sky now depend upon the angel of the Lord whom campus round
about those who fear Him Psalm 37 1 not once did these thoughts occur to me know
what happened my life was saved and the young man’s life was saved not because
of a loving caring God in his alleged guardian angel protecting me he would me
protect me anyway because I’m an atheist but either way there was nothing
supernatural I am thankful for modern technology and science I am thankful for
intelligent men and women who have devoted their lives to make sure we
consumers who drive cars and trucks and vehicles making our life safer and you
know what it worked if it were not for air bags if we’re not
for safety devices appalling newer vehicles in the year 2015 I would have
probably broken ribs don’t know what happened to him because he hit on his
side and would have been a lot worse we will not harm immediately who came to
our aid was it a supernatural dat was it something magical human beings we were smothered with
kindness smothered with carrying in sympathy and empathy from fellow human
beings motivated by compassion for other humans we have that we don’t need a
guide for this that’s why I preach humanism the alternative to Christianity
know God is required for this there must be in 15 to 20 people that either
stopped in their vehicles or ran out of the restaurant to our aid now so many
questions are probably thinking they were all Christians they all had the
love of Jesus in them that’s why they care for you what’s the chances of that
in inner-city Austin Texas where the percentage of Christians are much lower
than anywhere else in the state there’s still more Christians and atheists here
but a lower amount of distance and meet many people that are not Christians here
in Austin which is rare anywhere else in the state of Texas has won the South
people swarmed us they helped design the vehicle there’s a free ok they called
the police force the restaurant manager rushed out the restaurant employees
rushed out we were smothered with empathy and sympathy and compassion of
human beings do not tell me my dear Christian friends that these people
responded to our need in our mishap because God that gave them their gives
them allegedly this compassion for other humans in need no I would have done the
same thing and so would you have most of us do and we will we do and we have in
the past I was smothered by human compassion when into the restaurant with
the police officer filed away those of you that rag on police officers
he was wonderful effect very nice sat down with with me we talked it over told them what happened did even
ischemia ticket now I’m not saying all police officers are wonderful but I
think most of them that are chosen profession to serve others are good just
like any other profession they’re good in bed in each group he was wonderful
the wrecker service do guy who came to toe by vehicle away was very helpful
very compassionate we sat in the restaurant with the officer and the
other person who colliding with me in the accident he was actually nice he was
care care he asked me if I had been hurt and my girlfriend’s son who was in the
passenger seat of my vehicle the restaurant owner walked up to me and
said we are not charging you for your meal you buy anything you want it’s on
us we SAT there I was amazed by human compassion human kindness chalk one up
for human nature my dear Christian friends and I a cynic know do I believe
christianity is a religion of cynicism yes the book is filled with negative
pejorative comments and statements referring to human nature as bad as
immoral is incapable of responding to the needs of fellow people in need is no
God required for that people don’t know what you’re saying Christians you say oh
david your deceived this love and compassion and empathy that you received
from all these other people in your time of need it’s because of God I don’t think can
cause I was one of you all I’m asking you to do their Christian friends is
think about what I’m talking about those of you that are beginning to doubt this
religion of yours this magical belief system called
Christianity start thinking realize that we human beings will take care of each
other we don’t need anything supernatural for that so chop it up for
human nature oh yeah I’ll do all humans do this no
that’s not to say that I know there is evil in the world I know there are
selfish people I as a humanist believe in humanity and our preaching to the day
I die know God is required for this most of us most people would respond to the
needs of others without calling upon God given credit to deal with this and thank
you so much for watching the preaching humans with David all of aerial know God
is required for a life of love compassion empathy sympathy caring and
sharing responding to other people’s misfortunes suffering and instances in
their life we don’t wait for God to do know guys requires have a wonderful day
and we’ll see you next time on the preaching humorous with David Algeria

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