The Preaching Humanist 01.20.1 – Atheist Interviews with Daniel Krawisz

well as you can see I got some Daniels
friend of mine daniel is my collaborated with my little YouTube channel is also a
client of mine and a personal trainer so what it was like to do today is probably
do one of the passions that I like to do so often use interviews I want to start
a new series of just interviewing fellow free thinkers fellow a tedious and we’re
going to dive into their background how they came to know the understanding of
the supernatural realm and how they came out of that into a life beyond belief or
atheism humanist so basically that’s what I want to do periodically so we’ve
just entitled this interview with an atheist and daniel is an aqueous so
basically before I begin to ask any questions I’m gonna bears spot this guy
right here is probably polar opposite in many ways and I just force personality
in total I definitely think is probably one of the smartest people I’ve ever
known as a physicist man of science here I am a former fundamentalist Pentecostal
preacher who knows who knew nothing reality other than the scripture in the
bible till you know fifteen twenty years ago so we come from totally different
backgrounds what we can to the same understanding that there is no evidence
for anything supernatural and we believe it that realism world so my objective here is to get you
Chris needs to see that there are many types of 80 s out there many of them are
scientists many are engineers many people just like me personal trainers who come from all
different backgrounds all different personalities and very overt outgoing
person daniel is a guy who’s a mathematician physicist type guy not
quite as outgoing president nice guy is brilliant so turned over to him and ask
him a few questions so to start out then you like you to tell the viewers just a
quick little background and your child who are you were raised and brought up
into the south and then we’ll ask you another question so tell us about your
child well my experience with religion as that I went to a Catholic grade
school and my my parents had kind of an odd relationship with religion we need
to go to church every week but we didn’t talk about it very much outside of
church sounds like like a habit that we did and then of course I had to learn
about all of this stuff when I was when I was in grade school as well did your
parents encourage you to focus on religious religion or supernatural
really what was their background on my parents are both doctors and so they’re
they’re pretty well educated they did not require me to learn anything in
particular about religion I am really know what their thoughts were at the
time I know that overall there were certainly advantage is to the Catholic
school as opposed to the local public school so I mean I don’t think that this
was necessarily a bad decision that I was sent to the Catholic school in
relative to the other options it’s interesting because we come from a
very different backgrounds Christianity you’ve heard my story from the
fundamentalist Pentecostal charismatic background just pure Bible and loving
Jesus and all that when you have someone like Daniel comes from a different
background maybe more when you called modern Christianity maybe liberal to
moderate yeah so fundamental to Danny wen did you come to the knowledge that
there was no god when did you know you were an atheist you believe in God
anymore well I never believed in religion
classes that I was learning in school I was familiar with other mythological
stories like Greek mythology when I was little so I could see you know this is
just the same kind of thing got some just so stories you know how
how the snake last its legs which according to the Bible it had at one
point in talking to me yes they don’t explain how it stopped talking and I
didn’t like the way that the the priests and the and the people teaching me to
start were attempting to control my behavior or you know tell me what is the
right way to act because I felt perfectly capable of deciding on my own how it was going to be av so i didnt i
didnt like that aspect of the religion and I i didnt like going through the
rituals and the priests were really creepy I couldn’t quite understand why
somebody would want to give up having a family I thought that was a bizarre
decision so the thing that really kind of made me turn turn away from this
stuff before I was just kind of ignoring it really and when I learned that you’re
supposed to have a calling from God to enter the priesthood and I was like oh
my god this is crazy like these people actually think that God is talking to
them and that EDC like that that I mean of course that didn’t happen that
doesn’t make a mean and you know I had tried ringing once or twice but I just
itself silly yes so that was really you know I later I refuse to go through some
of the Catholic sacraments and I i I went to middle school and high school in
the public schools so that was really I didn’t I wasn’t ever really fooled by it
and I i kind of grew up with this idea that religion was for stupid people and
then naturally intelligent person would not fall for that it’s only been fairly
recently that I started to understand that then lots of intelligent people go
through some real struggles to find their way out yeah that was a question I
have for you to not even on my script here so I just talked so do you think
that for me of course I again I’m totally different backgrounds Daniel I was discouraged from going to school
or secondary education after high school all I needed was the by the way is
McMahon is foolishness to god that was my background that was the scripture
according to Bob yeah so do you find you believed in you that there are that
intelligence is required for someone to actually come to the point where life
when they use reason and rationality over but I called motive a reason or
emotional tighter reasoning which I don’t call reason anyways but to
determine whether there is a think it takes just pure intelligence think it’s
helpful and beneficial for those because they said some of us I wouldn’t call
myself by any means anywhere near your IQ and by the way I are trying to steal
his activities training I’ve got him down they do push-ups I kinda sneak over
here grab some high key from putting in my head but tell tell my viewers hear
the viewers about intelligence how relates to godly for knowing God well I
think that there is a big difference between intelligence and intellectual
honesty self and and and the difference between innate intelligence versus the
intelligence that you can develop and I think that mean people are born with
with more and more or less flexible mines that have different abilities but
everyone can become more intelligent by becoming more facile with abstract
concepts and just getting more practice thinking abstractly and and getting into
the habits of using using a good epistemology and I
think that a lot of the reasons that people get stuck in religion has to do
with bad habits of thought that aren’t necessarily stupid but people get into
the habit of not being intellectually honest with themselves for certain
things so there can be a lot of emotion surrounding the questions are religious
person who believed strongly in in truth and in distinguishing what what they can
know from what they can’t I would would have more of a more interest in
overcoming their emotions when when they think about various questions and this
is something that this is something that anybody can get better at but I would
say that if if you find that you don’t you don’t like the idea of asking
certain kinds of questions then those are probably the ones that you should
most want to ask ya includes the minds want to know let me ask another question this is
something I run into quite a bit with people I talked to quite often when
I explained it all Christians alternative to Christianity which is
humanism are just having a wonderful life without God believe I usually get
arguments from Christine’s using the cosmological argument of design prev Big
Bang how it all began so I asked you what is most common argument that
Christians make for proof of the evidence of a god your experience when
you talk to Christians and I’m sure the people you talk to look more into maybe
more rational tu reason or maybe ever higher education and so far so that the
Christian you that dialogue with what do you think is the greatest argument or
the most common argument that they would use to prove it well I mean I think that I don’t argue
with Christians and often I’m trying to every chance I get I think that
something that people say very often is they’ll say religion comforts me or you
know I like having an idea on my my place in the universe so they they talk
about the emotional aspects of their beliefs and and the reasons are
logically connected to the likelihood of the truth of the beliefs and you know i
i i prefer to talk about that that kind of stuff because the the philosophical
arguments are so silly I don’t really want to talk about that stuff very much
but if somebody is telling me that that the only reason they believe
something for the main reason is that it feels comforting to them that’s an
outright statement of self-deception and I don’t see any other way that you can
interpret that so i i would i would disagree that it is comforting to
believe something that you know isn’t well substantiated you realize there
then you can’t you can’t really treated like it’s likely so and so I I don’t
think they’re in it really makes sense to to say that this would be comforting
think that it’s really is a a way of not trying to avoid thinking about certain
things and is intellectually dishonest thing to say and and I think that it is
pretty easy to to get people to see that you always gotta steer people towards
towards the idea of faith in that right now at the beginning or comfort witches
yeah that’s kind of the same things because then that sort of the silliest it is and we can go on for hours on this
so I want one more question here for daniel and I get this all the time
increases and so do questions I get all the time how do you how do you know what
is ethical and moral he do not believe in God if you do not have the lawgiver
the divine law givers Daniel personally what would you say to Christian if they
were to ask you when your name is how do you know what right wrong is why you not
out there killing him pillaging and stealing it right being in eating babies
and drinking their blood whatever they think that we do so how do you know what
is right and how do you know that ethical behavior morality as well I mean
I would say that I think most people would you too deeply understand that
they couldn’t have a society if they didn’t have some way cooperating and I think that they’re
going to be certain kinds of rules people can follow which allow for a
better society and which are individually beneficial to the people
following that under certain circumstances and I don’t think that
there needs to be anything other than that for people to to to cooperate
nicely with one another I don’t think that there’s some metaphysical sense in
in which anything as objectively right or wrong I think that people hire people think that intelligent beings can
benefit by relying on one another and that means following following rules
that are going to convince one another that there there not some kind of
livewire there’s someone who can be relied on themselves on the line with
situational ethics which is decision-making based on the
circumstances of a particular situation that too it’s based upon the
circumstances situation really good reason otherwise known as rational
morality versus the religious morality we discuss all this I’m good and that is
we’ve gone probably close to 20 minutes so I want to thank Daniel friend of mine
and I climb and as you can tell it very intelligent man thank you for coming humanist with David burial what a grip
strong your bicep muscles sure he’s get stronger he’s really don’t
get so anyway thank you so much for watching preaching human us with David
Oliveira remember know God is required for life of love joy peace for filming
meaning and purpose of life

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