The Preaching Humanist 01.18 – Begging for Bread

welcome back to the preaching with david
has been out a few weeks back again with a couple short episodes I thought we
would talk about some very interesting topics these are different little scenarios are
drawn on mine different dialogue I have as Christians and things that just
continually go through my mind because my little brain never stops thinking
about this stuff those of you gotta watch my videos know that I am a former fundamentalist
evangelical evangelist and preacher so I’ve been there and done that and I am
trying my best to educate you magic believers those who believe in
supernatural world especially Christians don’t know God is required for a life of
love and joy peace fulfillment meaning and purpose in life and the good life is
guided by reason and motivated by true love’s which is human love reality my
decreased in france today I’m going to discuss one quick scripture will keep it
short some verse chapter 3075 is always really been a very interesting scripture
to me the writer of the book of Psalms chapter thirty-seven said I was old now
my young and I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their see banking for bread that keep this in mind
dear Christian friends those of us that think therefore we are see people that are Christians who
believe in a supernatural provider daddy in the sky if you will someone who provides your
needs some 37 clearly says righteous those honored been made righteousness in
Christ Jesus true faith in Christ Jesus call justification who are now made in
right standing with God through the work of salvation that’s the gospel to preach
it will never be forsaken nor whether seed or their progeny r offspring be
banking or asking for bread or substance now how many times have I run across
people asking and begging for financial support from church ministries how often
to Christian preachers ask for donations to support their radio show their
Christian business their churches how many times have I talked to people on
street corners from different church and religious increased in ministries who
are asking for donations to support the work of the ministry the work of Jesus
Christ those of you that are caught into this philosophy of Christianity and the
supernatural belief system and what you hear from another side what you hear
from the side of someone who has been there done that where you’re at and
someone who is on the other side now call rationality and reason
free-thinking to me but I talked to those of you that asked for money I see
no reason for you to have to even ask any human being for financial support
why is this Jesus clearly set now Jesus is the man you demand he’s right he’s
the one you took the following he’s the one you are to obey key according to
your book The Bible and your belief system is the one who is God incarnate
in the flesh in the beginning the Bible says God
created all things Jesus was there john F 21 explains it all the Gospel of John
that Jesus is the word and word dwelt among us and we beheld the glory of the
only begotten Son full of grace and truth so you believe Jesus is God so if
he said it you better stand by it you better believe it why is he a liar what
Jesus in the gospels was he just pulling your string or was he a liar or maybe
just maybe it’s a complete mythology let me read what Jesus said ask anything in
my name and I should give it to you John chapter 14 jesus said what’s so
ever speak into believers you ask in my name you shall receive I will do it for you jesus said I will
provide your needs according to God’s riches in glory by faith and grace in
Christ Jesus every financial need you have should be met supernaturally by your divine powerful
all mission not present limited deity the Bible says you’ll
never be forsaken or your seed your progeny your offspring begging and
asking for bread my question to you please think why you asking for money
why are you asking for donations why are you asking for people to support
your missionary trip I had family members of a close friends that have
sent out letters asking for people to support them and give them money so they
are able to go overseas to do the work of the ministry to proselytize the
gospel message to those people that really not interested I just kind of
wanted he said naturally they want how some of them
just sign the dotted line to Jesus just to get some food and clothing why are
you asking for money are you depending upon people when you
should be depending upon a supernatural dat did not God provide in the Bible
allegedly did not God pour down man or angel food in the wilderness to
supernaturally provide for the Israelites while they wandered in the
wilderness forty years after the rebellion and their stiff neck
uncircumcised ways but did not God provide for them supernaturally did not Jesus tell Peter
what Peter asked how to pay the tax cutters did not Jesus tell Peter to go
down to the lake and a fish you catch it will be a coin in the fish’s mouth and
will I will meet your needs Jesus the Bible is full of supernatural
intervention allegedly for me happen there’s no evidence for any that
I’m an atheist I’m trying to get you to think why are you asking for money wise
you’re preaching ask preachers asking you to donate and when people give you
money when I get people on the street money and they say God bless you thank
you hun I go feed the homeless what you do on Sundays with the atheist group
here in Austin who feed the homeless people say oh god bless you but I tell
well you can thank you minutes why are you asking human beings for help and
assistance you’re not going to be sure that’s what your book says but yet
people give you money and substance and help you move by human compassion human
apathy human sympathy not because of this if it were because of your deity it
would be supernatural you’re not seen anything supernatural my dearest friends
stopped asking people for money and when they give you money and they give you
support for your ministry or for your church meeting immediately you say thank
you Jesus the Lord provided or need these are people moved with compassion
empathy think it’s a guard and you want to prove
that your day it exists you gonna have to show me something I believe anything
but you gotta prove it you gotta show me something other than the natural world
other than humans giving and sharing with other humans that ask ask and you
shall receive what you are asking my name out do it tell me why doesn’t the
Lord provide for you supernaturally he doesn’t think my dear Christian friends
use reason use rationality which is rationality is based on reason and fucks
not only motions and had on your feelings data for information to look for
evidence has God forsaken the Bible says clearly 3725 I’ve never seen the righteous
forsaken or their progeny their seed asking for bread stop asking stop asking
humans for help let’s see if your Gago really drop down
some food and from heaven or maybe you’ll go find a supernatural miracle
gold coin in a fish’s mouth there are so many scriptures in the Bible there say
that God will feature me Jesus even consider consider the lilies and the
flowers of the field they toil not they do not they don’t spend little worried
does not God provide for the lilies and the flowers of the field how much more
does your heavenly Father care for you or is it just humans helping humans and
that’s what I postulate and that’s what I shirt humans are given to you there’s
no deity no supernatural is involved in this you want to put God to the test stop
asking humans for donations were to go overseas for mission trips stop asking
people to give you money for your preaching radio show my preachers out
there and see if there’s a supernatural intervention you know what I can happen
you and I both know it so let’s she proved to me skeptical secular humanists atheist
preacher hear that your supernatural God exists I challenge you to the test stop asking stop asking humans just
asked what the Bible says ask me jesus said whatever they ask I will do it she
say that mounted be there were moved by their cast him to see it shall obey you
for what so ever you ask in my name jesus said I will do it really whatever
Wow tough words think that’ll happen give it a try show me my dear friends
put it to the test sieve at real seafood factual or just your feelings and
emotions as I say all the time nothing more than a mythology I’m asking
you to begin to think at the enter the world of reality humanism is an
alternative to your mythological concepts and to the world of reality
where people think people take care of each other and you know what life is
like can be wonderful life can be good let those superstitions go into a
burning how many of us are happy many years ago field and we left we know
these things because they’re human but thank you very much for watching the
preaching humanist with David Oliver aerial we will continue at another
episode coming up shortly have a wonderful day

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