The Preaching Humanist 01.11.2 – Biblical Child-Rearing

we’re going to continue biblical child
rearing today we will discuss the alternative to these mythological
concepts have taken a big ol rod of correction and beating the tar outta
your child to drive volley from him and keep his soul from hell according to the book of Proverbs which
is in your holy book so today we’re going to talk about the alternative
comes down to a choice my dear Christian friends either you going to make a
choice and accept entrust human beings educated men and women who have devoted
their lives to different branches of Natural Sciences different branches of
Social Sciences philosophy world history and so forth
are you going to trust men and women who have given their life to understand how
the world works how to raise children or are you going to go ahead and decide to
do it God’s Way are you gonna go back with
this book of antiquity this book out called my hand the King James Bible
which I’ve already gone over last episode how to raise children God’s Way
or you going to trust human beings who do this for a living I choose I trust
you manag I choose and trust reason my choice has been made my dear friends I
have chosen reason over superstition and magic I choose rationality and yes I do
trust mankind do we make mistakes of course but we are progressing we’re
moving along the alternative to biblical child rearing you want to raise kids in
love let’s talk about it number one what we
teach children what we show children without needing a win to stick and harsh
discipline like the Bible tells you to do number one we all need love you need an
epiphany for that I don’t think so love the Bible talks about love love
again is not a Christian religious or biblical virtue it’s a human one no god no Jesus no Bible is needed to
define love nor to explain love we have an intrinsically with Ennis we need life
we need to give love to show you can never love a child too much remember my
son who is now 28 when his little boy I wanted to make sure my kids knew that
daddy loves them and yeah what’s called a Mr Mom I was called a worse whatever I
don’t care I want to make sure my son and daughter knew that daddy loves them
it’s important tremenda do that to the children it’s very easy for women to do
that because intrinsically there the kinder sex there’s a more gentle benign
checks their the nurturing ones that’s the way nature and evolution by natural
selection is chosen it for the females but her father loves child I love it
when it when I see it outside if I’m traveling or outside in a playground and
whatever and I see a young man with his little boy or girl holding hands and
love in their child you can never love a child too much I think we can understand
that what that moral development now you don’t need a Bible to teach morality
we’ve already gone over that the ethical ethical behavior morality or built into
the very nature of the human animals assault social species group features
children believe that the parents to teach and moral philosophy teacher
morals and ethics teacher my respect to be kind of the people what about
critical thinking this is a lost art in our country here critical thinking a beautiful definition
for that is discipline thinking that is clear rationale in four by evidence and
open-minded critical thinking teaching a child to be a critical thinker is
valueble extremely valuable rather than brainwashing them like your Bible says
problems 22 train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will
not depart from it well take something there a lot of us
have departed from typical child rearing we’ve had
experienced many scars and emotional scars yes we’ve been healed up time
heals forgiveness is good all the other things I have helped bring us out of our
past and we can now share with other people critical thinking teach your children
how to distinguish the truth or falsity how to apply the test of truth in all
those beliefs that are true we’ll get through that test or call the filter of
reason about teaching children about human rights I was raised in a very
strong fundamentals pastor’s home my parents were preachers I don’t ever
remember ever being talked about human rights human rights is not in the Bible
people humans do not have any rights you must commit civility to the Lord Jesus
Christ you give up your self you deny yourself you take up your cross and
follow Jesus you don’t have rights you give it up he bought you with his blood
for me and my house I choose autonomy I just took the scripture and change it
you said Joshua said for me my house I shall serve the Lord for me I choose
autonomy I choose a tiny human rights the Declaration of Human Rights sign in
the late 1940’s study understand that people have rights children need to
learn these thinks about respect for others teaching children because they believe
that adults teach children how to respect the kind you could teach them
the common moral decency of humanism which I will teach in the future you can
teach them to seven she’s a character know God is record for this this is
humanism being kind and how to respect other people non-violent discipline there are ways to
discipline children without biblical violence without the rod of correction
as long as you don’t kill him the bottle says remember him now there are ways to
discipline children another child psychologist but there are professionals out there
and almost all of them agree never never hit a defenseless child you’re only
causing them to reactive violence with violence comes to them or if it should
occur in their life we must teach love you much teach non-violent discipline
and there is way are many ways to do that you have to ask a professional on
those areas now one down in my notes here to expel depalma my hatred of
religious child indoctrination in your many things about religion I detest I’ve
already made the script before I detest Christianity as I detest everything else
that is cruel capricious vindictiveness just i dont detest christians I love
people can help you I do detest parents that take innocent brains brains that
have not been developed yet we’re talking about human beings little boys
and girls and telling them with absolute certainty that a particular belief
system of you christiane parents is true that you have brainwash them for the
next generation of Christians instead of teaching them to critically think and
make decisions based on reason independently of authority that’s a
definition of a freethinker your form opinions based on reason independently
of religion and authority I believe raising children to think for themselves
to become autonomous in their adulthood there’s one way to do
that it’s a teach him how to be objective thinkers to believe in
objective reality to be open-minded which is critical thinking and informed
by evidence teaching children to think and to
distinguish truth or falsity but no many jews Christians have already
brainwashing child you’ve infected those children those innocent human beings
with a virus I called the god virus the faith virus or the cancer
Christianity which spreads which shuts down reason I do detest at a restaurant
couple weeks ago here in town in Austin and I was eating lunch had a great
challenge born eating terms of veggies and fruit cause I like it and I noticed
a woman probably in her mid-thirty’s sat in a booth close to me with three girls
cute little girls probably eight nine years old look like one of them was your daughter
based on appearance genetic she can tell by the facial parents and always said
before they ate I saw the little girl she’s probably nine years old folder
hands and I’m thinking oh no here we go about it here and very overtly jesus
thank you for this day thank you Jesus for my mommy my friends thank you thank
you for this I would say let’s think human beings farmers truck drivers
through crap people for the food fight at how we think we thinkers thank you
Jesus that you love me you died for me so she went on for like two or three
minutes 51 unnoticed the look on that mothers face that proudly that look of
accomplishment that look of I have raised my daughter right i infected her
with a supernatural belief system i didnt each’s little girl to distinguish
the truth from a fault falsity I did not teach his girl to think for herself and
apply critical thinking infected her with absolute truth from a book written
two to three thousand years ago what chances are schoolgirl have slipped she
can escape I did put your heart it takes time it takes to escape this virus will
be healed up from it that is probably all agree to say today
I want to keep it short a few other things I will say this there two or
three main reasons why Christianity has survived for two thousand years number
one indoctrinating your children is the
safest way that Christianity has kept him propagated their religion for two
thousand years now through child indoctrination to each generation you
pass the virus on to the next child that is a way that your religious survived
and I think without child indoctrination to teach children think for themselves
and ask questions for by now we inquire by inquiring we find the truth you gotta
start doubting and then you got inquire into can ask but no christianity is not
that way with children you teach him absolute truth you teach a Noah’s Ark
Israel creation myth from Genesis chapter 1 Israel he teach him that joan
was swallowed by a large fish and he lived in the belly of the fish for three
days that’s really teach a magical superstitions and it sticks with them
another reason Christianity has not that well constantine three hundred years after
the alleged life of Christ he would have seen that little sign ahead as little
bit funny Christian would have died off and get off the subject here but the
main reason why you keep propagating Christianity continues to move along
it’s not because it’s true not because it’s real it’s because you
christiane parents are brainwashing your children I would say you love your
children do you really love them teach him how to be autonomous teach him how
to depend upon reason teach them how to think probably teach him how to love
others teacher moral development which is important to reach him very important
critical thinking teacher and respect for others teach and human rights teaching the seven seas of character
conscience for internal compass caring compassion self-control goes on and on
and on teach them common moral decency of
humanism look it up people out there for you that’s what I’d say I have chosen
this way of life and I offer to you my dear Christian friends reality and as a
former Christian evangelist and is one who was in the deep end of Christianity
for the first 31 to 32 years of my life and now being 57 almost fifty eight
years old I’ve been out of it for quite some time and I continue my journey I
continue to learn and expand and I continue to find ways to try to help
humanity my way of contributing to humanity one of my lace is to use my big
mouth and the tell you Christians there is an alternative to beating your
children with a big dick like the Bible share beating a defenseless child we
humanists shake and shiver when we see this dystrophy run a little boy or
girl’s father mother beating them have seen that fear not look of anguish of
pain no fear the same pain and fear you feel from your heavenly Father is that
what you want exemplify to your children pass at all I do you want to pass on
pure human parental love which is unconditional love which is not violent
but instruction the way of raising children the humanistic way is a hard
way it’s more arduous more challenging because you have to actually think you
have to take time to educate your child and say the reason I don’t want you to
walk across history is there’s a reason for that because daddy or mommy loves
you we don’t want you to get run over and
killed by a automobile but it’s easy to do a card way God’s ways violence college ways retribution God’s Way is
physical punishment this is that the human way humans have outgrown this we
are outgrowing these primitive mythologies these harsh barbaric
pathologies open your minds my dear friends find books that would teach you
how to discipline your children the non-violent way the humanistic way the
human and human life thank you for watching to preaching humanist remember
know God is required for a life of love joy peace fulfillment in life and no God
is required for this at all the good life is guided by reason and motivated
by love have a wonderful day and I will see you next week

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