The Preaching Humanist 01.11.1 – Biblical Child-Rearing

number 11 and we are going to discuss
God’s Way the Christian Way of child rearing biblical child rearing today documentation short for you today as a
father chasen’s his son so shuttle LORD thy God chasing me despise now not the
changing of the Lord neither state when thou art rebuked of him whom the Lord
loveth he chased it as a father Jason if his child let’s talk about biblical
child rearing and then part two of this will be the alternative how to really
raise children in love let’s go and I got my preacher bottle
here with me today we have a little fun I got the King James Bible it started
with proverbs chapter 22 and verse 15 foolishness is bound in the heart of a
child wow what a revelation there’s element foolishness is bound up in the
in the in the heart of a child I think most of us understand that children
brains are not fully developed until the age of 25 to 30 the prefrontal cortex
the part of the brain which manufacture self-control and risk-taking has not
been told he developed yet I think most of us who have raised children know that
young children are gonna do childlike things they’re going to have foolishness
they gonna do things that seem immature we understand that their solomon but the
wrong of Correction she’ll drive that far from him explain this need I go into
detail my dear crashed in France your book here clearly telling you hey yes
this is bound up in a child a defenseless little human being not
totally developed yet but here’s how you drive foolishness out of a child you
take a stick detector rod and your bday the rod of correction shell DRI foolishness from a child wow let’s go on
proverbs chapter thirteen verse 24 very familiar scripture and I’m using the
King James Bible today he that spared if he’s wrong eightieth his son now those of us that
raise kids and we didn’t believe in violent discipline are you telling me
they’re brothers Solomon that we don’t love our children but he that loveth him
chasing him often this is what your Bible talks about how to raise children
God’s Way proverbs chapter 23 let’s move along versus thirteen 1400 one of my
favorites withhold not correction from the child or if they’ll beat him with a
rod he will not die here’s what you’re gonna do there when your child ship you
go out the back yard get your big toe sticking out of a long as it doesn’t
killing now my dear Christian friends use some rationality some critical
thinking and reasoning here does this make sense to you from a loving deity
your Father in Heaven Cuche Shinju because despise them not the chechnya
the Lord neither fate when our tribute to him are you going to apply the same
principle that you have apply to your children and I love plug-plug that
principle to everyone else increased community to take a rod of
correction or if they’ll be at him with the rod he will not die Wow Wow come off
people start thinking thou shalt be him with the rod and
she’ll deliver his soul from health while Jesus saved human beings from hell
I thought the blood of Christ without the shedding of blood there is no
remission of sins I thought that the death burial and resurrection of Jesus
Christ and His blood the atonement should for your sins crashed into a
thought that removes shins from you and delivered you stole from health
according to the scripture here you got to take the bagels tutorial the child
thats can deliver your child from hell yeah I know this sounds absurd I know it
shelled irrational I know it sounds like an absurdity and it sounds very violet
and you don’t like sounds like these things my dear Christian friends it’s
because it’s true it is violent it is cruel it is capricious and his student
dick vindictive is i’m just raising children according
to the scripture is not my choice of raising children I don’t remember once
and I am NOT the perfect parent I’ve got a thirty year old and a twenty
eight-year-old I raise my kids with love and all parents will tell you you have
intrinsically in eighteen you the greatest love there is which is parental
love unconditional love we’ve already discussed this in a previous episode on
my YouTube channel about the love of God human love is the
greatest lover is why do we know that talk to a parent appeared that loves
child you don’t want the best for that child according to the holy book the
good book The Bible your guide instruction you to take a road
construction to remove folly from the child and you’re saying to me well David
you preach it atheists humanists that’s the Old Testament let’s see what
the lovely New Testament says about the same topic well I have subscriptions trying the New
Testament and let’s quickly go let’s go to Colossians chapter 30 the ways love
to just take a scripture take a chapter in the Bible whether to Old Testament
scripture or New Testament scripture and begin to expound upon it to read it
explain it a try to make sense to and apply to everyday life make it
applicable i cant get past 12 vs I’m already facepalm I’m slap in my face I’m
hitting my head against the table not literally but I want to to hear this
nonsense this brutality that you say comes from a loving God daddy in the sky
a heavenly father that she will clash in Chapter 3 says written by Paul the
Apostle the second most important figure in the New Testament second-year Jesus
Christ cautious chapter 3 verse 22 like to start a few verses earlier I’ll get
off topic children obey your parents in all things
for this is well pleasing unto the Lord that’s right there kids you got abusive
father you’ve got a parent who is not a very good parent you’ve got a violent
parent you’ve got it irrational parent you’ve got a diabolical parent but
according to your scripture you are to obey them and everything just like the
scripture first Corinthians chapter five test in everything give thanks for this
is God’s Will concerning you in Christ Jesus I can do all things through Christ
who strengthens me all faiths I’m gonna give thanks in everything really well
hello liane have a great deal thank you Jesus my sons died of leukemia but the
Bible says to give thanks in all things it also says the beat my child with a
big ocean drives hello them and volley from people I implore
you I beseech you therefore by the mercies of rains and that you present
your mind you living sacrifice holy acceptable unto rationality think blood
in people violence to child I don’t think so now
believe it or not people I’m going to just blow your mind and tell you that I
finished for today to keep it short I will continue with part two and we will
discuss the alternative to this mythological concept of biblical godly
child rearing and let’s see if there’s a more modernized rational loving but nine
education away to raise your children thank you for watching and we’ll see you
next time on the preaching humanist with David Oliverio remember know God is
needed for a life know God is needed for life of love joy
peace fulfillment meaning and purpose in life the good life is one guided by
reason and motivated by love have a wonderful day and stay tuned

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