The Power of Your Faith-Filled Words

(Singing) I know my God
has made the way for me. I know my God
has made the way for me. ANNOUNCER: Join Kenneth
Copeland today on the Believer’s Voice of Victory as he shows
the importance of being led by the Holy Spirit. Grow in the
knowledge and understanding of God, and know that His
faith never changes. KENNETH: Let me say that to
you again. “Calling things that be not as though
they were.” Faith always calls things that be not as though
they were, and never changes. You don’t change that, I don’t
care how you feel about it. I don’t care if it looks like it
ain’t never coming to pass, you don’t ever change it. That’s the
reason it’s good to keep notes on yourself. I have a very solid
moment. Some of you probably watched when I was with Brother
Rod Parsley last November in that great healing service
meeting. Man, I don’t know–I don’t know how many tens of
thousands of prayer requests that–I mean, they were–they
were stacked this high. And I guess, what, long as from me to
you or so? And–and it was–us–he and I together
couldn’t reach the sides of it, thousands and thousands of
prayer requests. Well, I already had my point of contact set up.
Amen. AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: I knew. I went ahead and preached
the message that God told me to preach. I’m standing right there
along–right alongside Pastor Rod. All of a sudden, he put his
hand on my back. (Popping Sound) And it lit. (Laughs) Amen. I
said, “Thank You, Lord!” That’s when I raised my faith. What
is a point of contact? It’s something that you prearrange
that–that at that moment–the woman with the issue of blood
said, “If I but touch the hem of his garment, I shall be made
whole.” She said it, she did it, and she was. AUDIENCE: Yes.
Amen. KENNETH: Amen. And I had–I had several things listed
there. (Sighs) I’m just waiting. I’d already preached. I mean, he
and I were praying. In fact, at that moment, I wasn’t even
thinking about it. But the moment he touched me, I said, “I
got it. Glory to God.” AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: On the 8th day of
November 2015, according to Mark 11:22, 23, 24, 25, I was
completely made whole from the roots of my hair to the soles of
my feet. AUDIENCE: Glory to God. Amen. KENNETH: Thank You very
much. AUDIENCE: Thank the Lord. Amen. KENNETH: Don’t ever
change. AUDIENCE: That’s right. KENNETH: Just be like Jesus;
same yesterday, today, and forever. AUDIENCE: That’s right.
KENNETH: And the devil, “Well, you didn’t get anything.” Just
tell him to shut up. He’s a liar and the father of it. He has no
part or lot in this. “Now get out–get out of my face!”
AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: When Jesus said that to Peter, He
wasn’t talking to Peter. He was talking to the devil that was
driving him. AUDIENCE: Yep. KENNETH: When He said, “Get thee
behind me.” Literally translated is, “Get–” He said, “Get behind
me,” is, “get out of my face.” AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: You
don’t–you don’t be talking to Him that way, too. See, you’re
making demands. AUDIENCE: That’s right. KENNETH: And that’s
one–I’m telling you what, Satan knows. He knows. Jesus has–by
His Word has already said, “You resist him, he flees.” AUDIENCE:
That’s right. Amen. KENNETH: And literally translated, “in stark
terror.” AUDIENCE: Mm. KENNETH: He is so afraid of you and so
afraid you’re going to find out who you are and who that is on
the inside of you. (Audience Agrees) He’s a whiny baby.
AUDIENCE: Yes, he is. (Laughter) KENNETH: Oh, he comes on strong.
“Om-nom-nom-nom-nn-nn.” “Get!” “Waah! Waah! Waah!” (Laughter)
AUDIENCE: That’s right. KENNETH: I didn’t say that to be funny.
GLORIA: It’s true. KENNETH: That’s absolutely the truth.
Except you’re going to have–you’re going to have to
take hold of it. AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: Don’t be like the guy
that was in the hospital, and somebody said, “Have you
resisted the devil?” He said, “I ain’t in no shape to antagonize
nobody.” (Laughter) No. That ain’t us, Brother. Get rid of
that. Amen. Glory, glory, glory, glory, glory, glory. Glory to
God! Hallelujah. AUDIENCE: Amen. Hallelujah. KENNETH: “How much
more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those
that ask?” AUDIENCE: That’s right. KENNETH: “Yeah, but how
do I know?” Who just said that? AUDIENCE: Right. Jesus. Amen.
KENNETH: Who said that? AUDIENCE: Jesus. KENNETH: Jesus
Christ of Nazareth said that. AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: And you
want to know how you’re going to know? AUDIENCE: Right. KENNETH:
“Sir. Yes, sir! I’m Holy Ghost Phil. Thank you very much, sir!”
AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: Feelings come later. Then they
come right, too, but that doesn’t have anything to do
with it one way or the other. AUDIENCE: That’s right. KENNETH:
That’s faith in God. But now, see, I’ve already given you
that–that–we’re not basing this on just one verse.
AUDIENCE: That’s right. KENNETH: We’ve already established Mark
11:22, 23, 24, 25, Hebrews 3:1, John 14. Amen? (Audience
“Amens”) Man, we’re standing on solid rock ground here.
AUDIENCE: Right. Amen. KENNETH: And then we’ve got this
Scripture where He said, “He will.” AUDIENCE: That’s right.
KENNETH: “He will.” AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: Now, if you’ve
got–if you’ve got some kind of active sin in your life and you
know it, well, deal with it. AUDIENCE: Right. KENNETH: Deal
with it. It don’t take you but 10 seconds to deal with it,
because all you have to do is just long enough to read I John
1:9. That’s all it takes. Turn over there. I John, not big
John, little John. (Laughter) But see, John is the author of
both these letters, and he–actually, he–he wrote the
first one concerning his life with Jesus before Jesus went to
the cross. Now, these letters are written to believers.
AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: Amen. Now, notice this, he said, Verse
7, “If we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have
fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his
Son cleanses us from all sin. If we say we have no sin, we
deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” Now, you can be
in the place where you have no known sin in your life. There
may be something there that you don’t remember, you don’t know,
or something like that. Amen. AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: But
when you’re honest in your heart about it, and you pray this way,
“Lord, if I have ought against any, I repent. I just–It’s not
my will to hold anything against anybody.” AUDIENCE: That’s
right. KENNETH: And He’ll reveal things to you about that. And
He’s not one to just slap your jaws and knock you down all at
one time. No, He’ll do you like He did me. He’ll just peel you
like an onion. (Laughs) Oh, what you can handle at the time and
then a little bit more and then a little bit–and then you get
down to the key issue, and you say, “Uh-oh. Yep, You’re right.
Yeah, You’re right. I did it. In the name of Jesus, I confess
it.” Now notice, “If we say we have no sin, we deceive
ourselves, the truth isn’t in us. If we confess our sins,
he is faithful and just,” or righteous, “to forgive us our
sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” When? When you
confess it. Isaiah 43:25, “I, even I, am he who blotted out
your transgressions–” AUDIENCE: That’s right. KENNETH: “–and I
will remember them–” AUDIENCE: No more. KENNETH: “–no more.”
AUDIENCE: No mas. That’s right. Amen. KENNETH: Amen. AUDIENCE:
Amen. Praise the Lord. KENNETH: Hallelujah. AUDIENCE: Lord, yes.
KENNETH: See, He’s not holding it against you. He’s not holding
sin against anybody in the world. AUDIENCE: Right. KENNETH:
I mean, I led–well, I didn’t, the–but one of our partners
did, led a serial killer–this man killed over 20 women, then
he kidnapped her, intended to kill her. Or he wasn’t intending
to kill her, he–he was escaping. They had him trapped
in a hotel, and he sneaked out the back, and he grabbed her
because she was getting out of her car, and he–to get the car,
he grabbed her. And–and she kept telling him that she loved
him. There wasn’t no way he’d kill her. He said, “Lady, if you
don’t shut up, I’m going to kill you right now.” “No, you’re
not going to.” He said, “Well, I–you don’t know who I am.”
“No,” she said, “you don’t know who I am.” (Laughter) AUDIENCE:
That’s right. Amen. KENNETH: Now, when she started out her
front door that–that morning, the Spirit of God said, “Go back
and get your confession book.” She got Scriptures in that and
dates of times when she believed she received and that kind of
thing. See, that–that you–that builds up and helps your own
faith when you do things like that. (Audience Agrees) Well,
and she–she got her confession book, and she read certain
things and then she got in her car and went on about her
business. Well, then he kidnapped her later on that day.
And she said, “Well, if you’re not going to let me talk, let
me–can I play my tape?” He said, “I don’t care what you
do. Just shut your mouth.” (Laughter) AUDIENCE: Amen.
KENNETH: She had one of my tapes in the tape player. So she put
it in. I’m preaching the Word. And he got to listening.
And–and he pulled over to the side of the road. And he said,
“Who said that? Who’s in this car?” And he turns around and
looks in the backseat to see who said that. The Spirit of God–he
heard an audible voice sounded like in the back seat of the
car. AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: “Stephen, this is your last
chance, boy.” And he took it. AUDIENCE: Whoo! Glory. KENNETH:
I baptized him in water in San Antonio in the Bexar County
jail. Glory to God. Hallelujah. AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: Amen.
(Audience “Amens”) And then got him baptized in the Holy Ghost.
And–and, oh, there’s a long experience there, but then
I–and I told him, I said, “Stephen, you can–you’ve got
some time now, Brother. Get in the Word of God. You can become
a prayer warrior. You can begin to–even to learn and teach a
brilliant man.” AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: And I’m telling you, he
led everybody that come on death row, Brother. He’d lead them to
the Lord. AUDIENCE: Amen. Praise God. KENNETH: Well, Karla Faye
Tucker did the same thing. Amen. She did the same thing. Called
her the ax killer, but she got born again in–in the county
jail in Houston before the trial got started. She–every woman
that came into the women’s death row, Karla Faye gets you saved,
Brother. There was no–there wasn’t any women on there that
wasn’t born again. AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: Amen. AUDIENCE:
Amen. KENNETH: So, see, God–II Corinthians 5 said, “He’s
not holding against them their trespasses.” AUDIENCE: That’s
right. KENNETH: Why? He doesn’t remember them. AUDIENCE: That’s
right. KENNETH: Now they need to confess it. They need to
get–but they don’t need to be confessing the sin before they
get born again. Are you–are you listening to me? (Audience
Agrees) Hallelujah. AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: Amen. Oh, praise
God. Thank You, Lord Jesus. Don’t got to Jesus, “You just
don’t know what all I’ve done.” He don’t know what all you’ve
done? Where you been? (Laughter) “Well, yeah, but He does know
all I’ve done.” No, He’s forgotten it. AUDIENCE: That’s
right. KENNETH: He shed His blood. He took your sin to hell.
He paid the price for you. AUDIENCE: That’s right. KENNETH:
There ain’t no way he can hold that against you now. AUDIENCE:
That’s right. KENNETH: No, no, no, no. But you need to trust
Him. AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: Hallelujah. (Audience “Amens”)
And He’s standing there waiting. The moment you receive Him as
Lord, the Spirit of God is the agent of your new birth, and
He’s in there. He is in there. AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: Now you
need to yield yourself to Him and receive Him on you. “When
the Spirit of God will come upon you,” Jesus said. AUDIENCE:
That’s right. KENNETH: “You’ll receive the Holy Ghost and power
when the Spirit of God comes upon you,” not just the Holy
Ghost, but Holy Ghost and power. That is ministering power, and
it has to do with the ministry, spiritual gifts. AUDIENCE: Amen.
KENNETH: Amen. AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: Hallelujah. Now then,
Tim, how much time I got, sir? Huh? TIM: About eight minutes.
KENNETH: Okay, good. Now then, you confess that sin, and “I
receive my cleansing from all unrighteousness.” Now, the
devil’s going to do his best to get you to remember that. He’s
the only one in the whole thing that remembers it. AUDIENCE:
That’s right. KENNETH: God doesn’t and won’t. Amen. But
particularly if you’ve been in the habit of being guilty about
it, and that just simply comes from not knowing what the
Scripture says, but now your flesh will try to keep doing
that. AUDIENCE: That’s right. KENNETH: But then Romans 8,
glory to God, mm, mm. “There is therefore now–” Say, “Now.”
You can’t say, “Now awhile ago.” AUDIENCE: Nope. (Laughter)
That’s right. KENNETH: Every time you said, “now,” it
updated. “There is therefore–” AUDIENCE: Now. KENNETH: “–now
no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus–” AUDIENCE:
That’s right. KENNETH: But there–that’s not all of the
verse. AUDIENCE: That’s right. KENNETH: “–who walk not after
the–” TOGETHER: “–flesh–” KENNETH: Abraham said, “My flesh
don’t count.” AUDIENCE: That’s right. Amen. KENNETH: Don’t you
know his flesh is talking to him? “Why, you old fool.” Ha-ha.
“Yeah, that’s every old man’s dream. What are you talking
about, you old nut?” No. He said, “I’m fully persuaded, you
know, that God said what He said and I believe Him–” AUDIENCE:
That’s right. KENNETH: “–because He said it in blood.”
Well, whose blood do you think that sin got washed under?
AUDIENCE: Mm-hmm. That’s right. KENNETH: The very pure blood of
God. Hallelujah. Mm. AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: “Who walk not
after the flesh, but after the–” AUDIENCE: Spirit.
KENNETH: “–Spirit,” the Spirit that is inside you when you
got born again. Hallelujah. AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH:
He’s–He’s in there. AUDIENCE: That’s right. KENNETH: That
witness is in there that you’re a child of God. Hallelujah. And
you just–you–no, no. “There is no condemnation to me. Now,
flesh, you’re just going to have to get in line.” But don’t stop
there. Get the next verse. Get the next verse. “For–” Say it.
AUDIENCE: For. KENNETH: “For the law–” (Audience Repeats) “–of
the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the
law of sin and death. I’m a free man!” (Cheers & Applause) Whoo!
I’m a free man! Come on in, Holy Ghost, I’m here. Glory to God.
Come on! And, I mean, He’ll jump all over you so quick,
I–ha-ha-ha. Amen. AUDIENCE: Hallelujah. KENNETH: Now, a long
time before people learned this and learned–learned how to move
in these areas by faith, the only thing they had to go by was
their feelings. AUDIENCE: Yeah. KENNETH: “Well, I don’t feel
like I got it.” Well, have you–have you received it
before?” “No.” “Then how do you know what it’s supposed to feel
like?” (Laughter) AUDIENCE: Yeah. KENNETH: “Well, I don’t
know. You know, Aunt Doodad’s cousin’s brother–” (Laughter)
“–said that he saw this–he seen this loud-sounding big ball
of fire.” (Laughter Continues) Oh, yeah, we’re in West Texas,
you understand? Big ball of fire, from afar. (Laughs) “Well,
I ain’t seen no ball of fire.” (Laughter) “Or anything else
what more do I got?” By not going to the Scripture, the
devil will fool you with anything. (Audience Agrees)
“Well, I’ll tell you, when the Holy Ghost speaks through me,
then I’ll know I’ve got it.” He ain’t going to speak through
you. “What?” No. No. You’re going to do the speaking.
AUDIENCE: That’s right. KENNETH: It’s your voice. AUDIENCE:
That’s right. Amen. KENNETH: The biggest thing, the most powerful
thing about any human being is their tongue. AUDIENCE: Yes.
That’s right. KENNETH: The power, the authority of death
and life are in the power of the tongue. AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH:
The apostle James, Jesus’ half brother, taught on it in–in his
book, the book of James. And he said, “No man with natural power
can tame the tongue.” You can’t do it. The reason you can’t is
because you don’t know what you say. You say things you don’t
hear. Amen. Gloria said to me one time, she said, “I ain’t
never going in public with you again.” I says, “Well, why?”
“Because of your filthy mouth.” I said, “What the hell did I
say?” (Laughter) She said, “You just did it again!” I said, “I
did not!” I didn’t even hear it. (Laughter Continues) AUDIENCE:
That’s right. Whoo! Glory. KENNETH: Of course, that was
Kenneth B.C. (Laughter) Amen. AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH:
Hallelujah. You know–you know, you don’t hear it. AUDIENCE:
Right. KENNETH: “Out of the abundance of the heart, the
mouth speaks.” Not out of the abundance of the head, out of
the heart. AUDIENCE: The heart. KENNETH: Amen. So–but it takes
supernatural power, but then it goes ahead to tell you what that
supernatural power is. It is the truth that comes from above
which is the Word of the Living God. AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH:
Well, the first step into a place of superiority over that
tongue is to turn it over to the Holy Ghost. AUDIENCE: Amen.
Glory. KENNETH: A born-again person–now, you don’t have to
do it this way, but I strongly suggest it because it–the
reason why is because it works. Ha-ha. Amen. And you know you’re
born again. Jesus said, “How much more, Father, you’d give
the Holy Ghost to those who ask him.” Well, I’m asking.
AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: Now, take a deep breath like you’re
taking a big drink of air. And in your own heart and mind,
you just–you just see yourself being filled with His presence.
And it’s your job to make sound. AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: And you
be determined it’s not going to be English. “I’m not speaking in
English, not–not now.” Haaaaa. Now, that’s my job. It’s
the Holy Spirit’s job to supernaturally give you words.
AUDIENCE: That’s right. KENNETH: And when He moves on you, you
can tell it. “There’s something there my tongues trying to say.”
Well, don’t force it to speak English. Amen. AUDIENCE: Amen.
KENNETH: (Praying in the Spirit) Well, you’re just a baby, you
understand? (Praying in the Spirit) I told you the story
about the–the lady that Gloria and I were ministering to. And
she was–we didn’t know much more than she did that far back,
but we–we taught her how to do it, how to receive by faith and
so forth. AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: And she kept saying,
“Halacaluca, halacaluca, halacaluca, halacaluca.” We
said, “Baby, that–no. That’s wonderful. Glory to God.
Hallelujah.” “Oh, I just–I don’t know, for some reason
I’m just not receiving.” She thought she was saying,
“Hallelujah.” AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: And she’s saying,
“Halacaluca.” (Laughter) “Halacaluca, halacaluca.”
That–that phrase is still in our house today. That
had to be 40 years ago. “Well, halacaluca, everybody.”
(Laughter Continues)

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