The Man from Earth – Movie Trailer

What if a man from the Upper Paleolithic
survived until the present day you know What could happen the pancreas turns
over cells every 24 hours the stomach lining in three days the entire body in
seven years but the process falters now if a clerk in his immune system led to
perfect detox perfect really well then yeah he could duck decay we were just
talking about a caveman who survives until the present time and he has an
edge today in tenure every woman on the faculty would give anything yeah that’s
secret ah oh I don’t have eyes in the back of my
head I can’t hear flea walking I am not in any way Superman there have always
been legends of such a thing at a creature not quite human taking not the
blood but the life force itself God has spoken through man
to make his word clear you got 4 min of science completely baffling who do you
think I am you are absolutely certifiable you stand alive and tall in
a graveyard that you helped to fill and perhaps this time to die


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