THE HURRICANE HEIST Official Trailer (2018) Maggie Grace, Action Movie HD

There’s a hurricane comin’ We gotta go Agent Corbyn reporting in Six hundred million Vault loaded? It’s all here with about three hundred million of its cousins It’s your responsibility I’m alright at babysitting old money We’re on lock down due to the storm Come on man Oh boy Turn around now Do it This is not good No witnesses What the hell was that about? The treasury’s being robbed Where is she? They need me. I’m the only one with the code We gotta go get my brothe r I need your help Let’s go save the world What in the hell? Well, I am a citizen of Alabama Yeah! We’re about to be crushed by the biggest storm of the century Look out! I knew today was gonna be Let’s load up Go! This is gonna be harsh! What? Here comes the harsh part Here goes nothin’ You better hope not Let’s get the money That thing wants to swallow us whole Hell of a day, ain’t it? Hell of a day!


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