The Hunger Games – Movie Review

we could do it you know intentions here in a different miles along until that point collect and happy hunger games qualified to be death after-dinner aku donvan inevitable last time we need to
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by the fact and over there without any president as an actress is
great in the long island on what’s happening at the hunger games perhaps
you have heard of it if not grace described to you alright sup this is an adaptation about
series in case you know and if if you remember the romance just keep
them in mind because you know under gains the capital’s over all of the districts
in this feature set for in in one of the poor districts inspire ireland happiness shallots years to participate in eight
televised battle to the back because her younger sister is the one
select so she steps up and she can start johnson case and that is a million is
headed for a last minute it was more or less uh… benefits it’s time for a few monthly preview judy troops withdrew contributed between the too grew i think that i know you read the book
have do you think you have to read the book to restate the movie now no act redeemable makes it easier to fill in the gaps
acknowledged y-str um… but especially in this one because i thought that the
after development was a little light because they’re just so many characters right here so much power point there
bracingly criminalists ideology of it is so
intense yet accepted paragraph to explain you know is opposed hobbled up
to futuristic world of their own is distracted all diets two hours and twenty minutes long
there’s an article that long are you throughout the area one thing that i can decided this is sort of nudity and and
and the people who read the book title really they look at our there’s a lot of
talk in the first third of the movie they keep telling the kids all you got
to get sponsors you’re going to stay alive you get sponsors and then once the
games actually start no one sponsors anything like that i’ve heard kind i
don’t have anything but they only get them from woody harrelson right between
the tuesday five august two hundred here’s a scene where you see what do you
how and he’s kinda leading popularity money shaking it
regarding his resume on the first one so this is actually good example of what
the book fills a knowledge because that is the way assam and the also step one of the details of the book liking donation that someone i was going to say
that some somebody tell me why don’t they would have that’s not in the movie
and i’ll get that one of the very few things they left out but yet they did a great people back to
stay in the vicinity triggered an office visit i’m going to get away for those
you guys have not seen it but there is a very emotional relationship that cactus
filled with another competitor day is kind and condensed yes just a moment the when i’m dating a
book actually got choked up right yeah making the movie there is the time to explore that but
those kinda quieter moments that with her and gail with her and say that i think that more powerful to me that a lot of the
action series there i think that will happen is that you
mentioned gail millions worth gets today little stand around and look well so yeah it bodies barnali clearly considered from
that vicinity visa julie walters in the first harry potter ruby right haha but
i’ll be back later on i just went out and selling could relationship greatest
like itself is gonna get to the war in the later boats that form that i think they really in this
one i will say that you don’t have to read
the book op i read about to start out of town today and hibernians andrea terry who
was a part of an american on rick i liked the movie a lot but i was really
good uh… having not really know much about the story now i will say and for those people that know their
refolding show res you know there’s a little bit of the
running headed here less uh… as much as i was the only two genes
richard dawson my with his lawyers right trying a bit about morality here towards
life and releases you is that then land and uh… the tend to the bottom and he
said i think it still does a good job taking the idea of a televised fight to
the deaths and playing with the sleeper sponsorship
but that’s kind of a new concept here i think it does a lot of things really
well and had the road that you see trappist good down with the other guys
in his district from her district staff here the comino and then come to the roles
that they start to play in order to get more sponsoredwhite that somebody who’s obviously plate paid
attention to what happens on say survivor carolina american idol of
signature does as always there’s people who during the audition sequenced right
out the dead relatives were the childhood disease or they give more time
to time right peter is very shrewd about playing the p_r_ game and i don’t know
that any intelligence agency figure i mean she’s not still outlandish uh… a
game show host he couldn’t function on some top-rated prime-time show on the elmo is
that over the top nobody could totally have like the cable like cooking company
penalty with its allies about it this tina davir loophole group you know
someone i think is uh… done really well for the post about a way out where it’s really hard to use it for my
on you can really liked it almost he’s the blood when you’re
watching this that congress is it have any of that yet it still manages to
be so intensely and rain the entire time i think they shocked about the book that
would be our yeah it has never really p_g_-thirteen i would say i was idea i i again coming
into the school admit the book but it was a little cold by the end of
it in terms of index dot like there’s so much plot pom-pom pom-pom plot and that’s great
indicate things moving in it’s exciting it’s fun to watch but by the end i felt like i don’t
really know any of these people you know that this is an excellent well she’s
just determined issues will fall and orchid there’s bad we are working hard
at school i had a lot of cheese that’s what happened is that he was world
manifesting great like that i loved watching i thought that she was
surprisingly suffer such a young partnerships she’s terrific i just kind
of elegantly didn’t accuracy stores you sort of felt kind of
like stock capable heroine and that was great used
to doing that but the the script didn’t leave me with anything more to take away
from a politically get stock carolyn these no which is great nobody
everybody i think that’s why i don’t know what revealed but rather the young
women look into this is a role model but on the same for those missing didn’t
read the book they do hurry through a lot of add
characters you know in favor a plot of once wanted what if we keep the promoter
rock i didn’t have an issue with that the only thing that i had trouble with
was really you know i think probably out of this is explained over the books
the idea of each district having to give up too people to compete in the city refusing to teenagers like men and
beginning right but i didn’t really by the white
house that a viable political system white house is that continued private think shutdowns so i don’t
understand how that kept everyone else in those districts approximate watch that color notices you
got it you know that the other thing i wanted
to say is that by want to see the french people from district thirteen tropical
park or to the it arriba which is the best candidate i think that’s gonna be
awesome to shrink from district map we’re gonna house and we should talk like that about the
fact that gary roster activist which is a little expected choice in theory given
the heat rectified tail winds in every sense language is
this a good fit for him do you guys think underdogs same thing and it works
really well because he’s so attached to that kind of story intense is like
really coming into needs a lot of tenderness that here dislikes senior citizens have been
around for prices are per nachiket depressed nation and the ink that makes sense and i think
it is are very high-concept and is that we have been
appointed for the political message to internet regarded it does make some
sense they have made a big action film ride in the attacks are secretive but you got on fire out and then i don’t
know that i wouldn’t do you think it like the with the rich people like
dressed was that not working and we’re not talking one person it like over the top and kinda like army
sexual and what is it reminds could run be a little bit of the holes
in the resume and crazy as silent in the home a disco music awards a lot of beer glitter and you know
issues perhaps or whatever uh… at uh… you know it was a kind of idea was
it wasn’t it was cheesy but along i’ll go with it was just stepped up close from
leningrad with the greatest body is also desirable diana playing the same relief
within precious basically which is teen girls
very godfather uh… but let me know if she’s
compelling argument that the um… that there was on the look good they
were everybody was singh was playing it pretty seriously except for seventy g and those with banks now toby
jones we’re just like that let me like they are going to may not be
not just the book n with their doctors this this is still
a conception intense million and probably a lot and isn’t such a huge and
the cruise the entire time with them yahoo that was me but in many of them
yes so but you mentioned being and you get the pictures so what type of this
bill will this meet the hype and amplified signal i
think it’s it’s like you know what it sounded an accurate
books but it sounds like a really solid adaptation of a blow to report if you’d like to book what it sounds like is that you’re
pretty satisfied with the yet but if you go into a cold you’re gonna like it too interesting and
and and if you’re going to do this to be dragged by you go for it and or any of the dad has to take the
wife of a daughter you-know-what it’s still pretty done and that’s why
jennifer lawrence is asked because everybody like right now there’s a lot
better than of a surplus fucking twilight head-to-head hairs are
lighter but was looking at the home with the little really complain about this or
the supernet pickers about the booklet there were there was a girl in the lobby
efforts like this fifteen-year-old with the people at the child factor with the idea i had like al list
going about all i don’t know what that is that i will probably drive a wedge
issue was so bike super plagued by the people that know every rib in that i can
try to those of the understand the books and movies are different eg drolet but regardless that there are
plastered million other people and see it like this and the next the ticket sales for this pre-sale thinking ahead every single presale for every twenty
movie detective like two thousand sold-out shows you how many great
exactly they they tend to be a world where is that ninety percent well we had to of course may be the
first person who did hahaha that the other day of the evidence actually got a
lot they look like anything like that and really had generally religious in
miami name involving it dot whatever it may have been about
seven-and-a-half it’s like a unity agate seven-point so are harder to seven
point nine which is way lower than citizen tonight and but with all of a lot so house context made a meter for this
group would be a hundred percent liked this is the now accept that completely shut down time maybe i’ll tell you ever in your
favor madam


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