The Human Rights Act in One Minute

Right to life. The government can’t kill
you without a very good reason. Prohibition of torture. The government can’t torture you, not even in a loop-holey American kind of way. Prohibition of slavery and forced labour.
It is illegal to hold anyone as a slave and the government cannot force you to work unless it’s a war or you have been convicted of a crime. Right to liberty and security. You can’t
be held against your will without legal justification and if you’re arrested you have to be told
why. Right to a fair trial. You can’t be tried
in secret, and you’re innocent until proven guilty. No punishment without law. You can’t be
found guilty of something that was not a crime when you committed it. Right to respect for private and family life.
The government can’t spy on your private communications, nor can they deprive you of a home or family life without legal justification. Freedom of thought, conscience and religion. You can think and believe whatever you want, as an individual or as a community, and the practice of those beliefs can only be prevented if they deprive others of their rights. Freedom of assembly and association. You have a right to peaceful assembly and you have a right to join a trade union. Prohibition of discrimination. Everyone has the same rights. And that’s the Human Rights Act.

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