THE GREATEST HUMANITY 🎥- Ultra Trail del Mugello 2017

Mugello Ultra Trail was born with a great aim, to give chance, to the rest of the world to discover our amazing land and all her beauties It was born with that aim, but also with another prime aim, basical to the trail runner, let’s join people I’m a trail runner, I love mountains and i like to run on climp it’s my own second time here because, This place makes me feel good volunteers loves this race, they feel this race all in one into the wild is something wonderful fatigue is nothing compared to what wild gives you feeling your steps treading the leaves watching views, the ridge its wonder Volunteers here lives the race, they feel the race inside and it’s amasing to every refreshment to see them smiles and try to give back them a smile too also if I’m tired, it’s always so nice to share there emotions and feel that people loves this place, they loves the Mugello Ultra Trail My own fist experience as volunteer has been here, to the Mugello Ultra Trail it as been an extraordinary event, it definitelly changed my life I have seen that people, face up to this adventure to be avalable and helful to every runner To make easier to them the race in some way, with a smile, giving them an help it as been an amazing experience to us I think that, who does it, he put his heart on it and it’s something natural as well because any volunteer wants to give up something personal to the race and let’s grow up the race it means that it’s really easy to work with them because we are all on the same level It has been an extraordinary experience to me because it totally changed my life I discovered this race just four years ago and I have never run before I have seen all these runners while they was running in many different extreme situations, someone was feeling pains but still running so I told to myself, let’s begin to run these runners has strong efforts and meantime they was showing an incredible enthusiasm runnig during this race, so I started to run, and this showed me what’s important during a race it helped me to understand better what volunteers should does during the race it helped me to know better what runners needs but the most important thing is the human side, because to get them an encouragement make a smile to them, it really push up their mood welcome to the refreshment is absolutly primer saying them “come on, you can do it!” it makes them stronger and it helps runners, to push on the race We can say surely, that the heart and the beating soul that makes stronger this race are the volunteers thanks to them, this race became a special one of couse, this land is amazing but, surely, there are many other wondeful lands in italy and in the world, where to run but run to the Mugello Ultra Trail means to find something more here you’ll find amazing forests, amazing mountains amazing trails where to run for but also, amazing and caring people this is the biggest pride to us our Volunteers


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