The Force is a Brotherhood

On the force… there’s a Brotherhood. Men… …sworn together, by the bonds of duty… …brother and brother, hand in hand… …in my hour of need… …my BROTHERS fight beside me… …fighting…for the Brotherhood…of the Force. On the Force, anything is possible. Brothers, fighting together. But it’s not just brothers… it’s brothers and FATHERS and SONS. All, fighting together, in perfect time. For they have perfected the art of MURDER… into a beautiful dance. They are a fighting…DANCING FAMILY… …of crime-fighting men. Join the Force, and know what it means to have hot, brotherly blood, pumping through your veins. Know the sweet embrace of your brothers, after a hard day’s patrol. Act now! Your brothers need you! Act now! Join us! Join us now! The time is now! Don’t think about it, just do it! Join us, right now! This very second do it now! To join the Brotherhood of the Force, please emit this sequence: HNNNNNN EEEEEEEEA OOOOOOOOH EHHHHHHHHHHHH BLEYUUUUUUUUGH

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