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PRESENTER: “All humans are born free
and equal in dignity and rights.” So proclaims the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights. But, in practice, human
rights don’t just happen. Governments must take concrete actions
to respect, protect, and fulfill them. That’s why the European
Union has pledged to promote human rights for all,
Europe and the rest of the world. This MOOC– Massive
Open Online Course– is based on Frame, the largest research
project through which leading academics inform students, civil
society, and policy makers on the EU and human rights. The MOOC explores how the EU influences
the global enjoyment of human rights. It identifies what the
EU does well and what it can improve from different angles. First, what factors enable or
prevent the promotion of human rights by the EU, for instance, the economic
crisis or political ideologies? Second, which actors must
the EU engage in order to promote human rights,
the UN, NGOs, business? Then, how do EU policies actually
contribute to human rights? The EU is a formidable trade power,
a major donor of development aid, and a destination of
choice for migrants. But in all these roles, is the EU
a positive force for human rights? Finally, what’s in the EU’s tool box? The EU uses financing, but, also,
hard and soft diplomacy, legislation, international treaties, and many
other means to promote human rights. Do all these tools work, or
will they need an update? Are you interested in these
issues which concern us all? Join us on an exciting journey, and
learn about the EU and human rights.

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