The eighth and the ninth morals of prophet Mohammed last sermon

We will say two morals today from Prophet Mohammed last sermon. The prophet said in last lines of the sermon The first moral is talking about the freedom and responsibility The last sermon of Prophet Mohammed is integrating in all humane morals of universe. The freedom and responsibility come when he said: “O’People… …there is no one will reap except that he will reap upon himself…” mean everyone is responsible for his action and then he will say “…no father will be blamed for his sin mistake and no son will blamed for his dad mistake…” everyone is responsible for his actions and free for his action he will be held account for it this is the moral prophet Mohammed said and last thing he said, ” O’People… …don’t turn to be non-believer after my death… ..You hit each other…” Don’t go back to fight each other non- believers here mean more to be a fight between Muslim which also mean which also mean they dishonest Allah bless on them when he made them a one Uma

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